10 Popular SaaS Development Ideas

By Ruchir C.

You might have observed that SaaS has been a top choice for lists of top business models for a few years. This is the reason SaaS companies are enjoying the highest levels of their success. The model has been used by major companies such as Google, Apple, IBM, Adobe, and smaller companies. In the article, we'll describe some of our experiences developing the SaaS company and look at SaaS product concepts built on existing successful services.

Nowadays, a variety of businesses are shifting to cloud computing, and the increasing popularity of SaaS solutions isn't going to fade down the road anytime soon. Clearly, this change was prompted by the pandemic affecting the world, forcing companies to work remotely. This means that using the software as a solution is currently extremely sought-after.

It is essential to have a superior technology asset to gain access to the top leads. An approach-oriented base should back it to make your life simpler. Additionally, features must be top-of-the-line and simple to understand. It's a system in which large corporations such as Google, Adobe, and IBM are proficient.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Don't be. We've created this blog to provide a reference to help you with your SaaS product ideas. You'll need to think about your ideas, but there's an inventory to work from. Therefore, continue reading to know about, what are examples of SaaS and the benefits of SaaS application development.

What is a SaaS application?

The idea of software as a service has been around since the 1960s; however, the first SaaS applications appeared around the turn of the millennium.

SaaS is an acronym for "software as a service," meaning that you must pay quarterly, annually, or monthly costs to access a particular software instead of purchasing an actual license. But the difference between SaaS and traditional applications extends beyond price. There is no requirement to install the SaaS software on your device. Instead, you can connect to it via an internet browser or cell phone.

It also means that you can access it from any place around the globe, so there is Internet access. From a development perspective, this means that users can run apps regardless of developers constantly developing new versions.

Cloud infrastructure is the reason that cloud infrastructure makes SaaS apps accessible. SaaS applications run in a cloud-based environment. the cloud that is public or private is the place where a SaaS application is created and then deployed.

Benefits of SaaS Application Development for Businesses

If you're wondering whether you should build a SaaS application by 2022 or later, it is important to be aware that experts forecast that the SaaS market will expand to $716 billion before 2028 because SaaS will comprise nearly half of the digital business. Thanks to the rise of cloud-based software and cloud computing, more than 80 percent of apps will be SaaS by 2022.

Rapidly Scaling

There's no need to wait a long time to increase the capacity of the cloud service. There is no need to purchase the required equipment, meaning you won't need to spend time buying and setting up an IT infrastructure. You can include more active users in the system in line with your company's growth without worrying about hardware advancements. Cloud systems were developed to guarantee maximum efficiency and are designed to meet your requirements.

Reduced time to benefit

Software as a Service (SaaS) is different from the conventional model because it is software (application) that can be installed and set up. It is easy to set up the server to run an example of the cloud, and within a few hours, you'll have your software ready to use. This will cut down the time in the process of installing and configuring and will help to eliminate the obstacles that hinder the process of the software's deployment.

Easy to Use and Perform Proof-of-Concepts

SaaS services are simple because they include best practices baked into the software and sample code. It is possible to do proof-of-concept or check the software's capabilities or the new feature before its release. Additionally, you can run more than one example of different versions and make the migration smooth. Even in large areas, you can use SaaS services to test the software before purchasing.


Selecting SaaS can lead to significant savings for many reasons. For one, SaaS eliminates users' upfront expenses to pay for installation and purchase. In addition, ongoing costs such as maintenance and upgrades are not a problem. Instead of spending huge amounts of cash on hardware resources, SaaS apps are easily downloadable and practically maintenance-free from the end of the user.


If you are using the SaaS application, there's no obligation to handle maintenance issues, as it is the provider's responsibility. Because of this, the chance of experiencing downtimes is low since the provider has a highly competent team. Generally, all issues are solved within the shortest time.

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10 Trending SaaS Development Ideas

Most SaaS start-up ideas thriving in the marketplace today have earned their places through solving B2B issues. So, studying the SaaS software problems you face in your sector today and how software development can assist in solving them is a great method to develop SaaS start-up concepts. Here are the top 10 examples of SaaS development concepts for 2022:

High-Quality CRM tool

Managing customer relationships is popular software companies today can't live without. Its primary goal is to bring together various departments within the same business in one platform and increase efficiency. Web tools help you organize your notes, statistics, and other tasks within one system.

A majority of top-quality tools are hosted on the cloud. Although the market today is flooded with cloud-based tools, it's ideal for your company. There are many choices, but it isn't easy to select the most suitable one. You can review the existing tools, evaluate their advantages and disadvantages, and create your own.

Rental Property Management

Property management is stressful, particularly in the case of multiple properties or being an agent for the property. The idea is to design an application that can assist the owners, property agents, tenants, and the property joint management body in:

  • Collection of rental, reminders for payment, and payment receipt.

  • Integration with electronic payment systems and e-wallets for seamless collection of payments.

  • Repair and maintenance.

  • Feedback and complaint management.

  • Commission Management

Team Collaboration

Due to the outbreak of pandemics that was averted, software for team collaboration has become an attractive business model for SaaS start-up companies. The global trend toward digitization of business and the growing demand for data sharing via visuals such as intelligent conference rooms fuel this development. In this field, many profitable SaaS applications are being developed.

The market is keen to expand and introduce new great business concepts. Today, companies can access various tools to help manage projects and boost employees' productivity. Better communication between teams, as well as project management productivity, are all made possible through online collaborative tools.

Sales Tracking App

Tracking sales is an essential requirement for any business which handles the sale continuously. It is much work to manage this manually. If you're skilled in this field, creating an app for tracking sales is possible. It can help users automate various operations and sales-related tasks.

Additionally, it is ideal if the app you choose to use offers various reporting options. It's difficult to find software for sales tracking that can fulfill the needs of an entire sales team. To design the perfect software, you must examine the market, evaluate the most effective apps, and create your solution!

NFT Marketplaces

At present, NFTs are booming. Therefore, one of the most effective SaaS products for 2022 is the creation of the NFT marketplace. An NFT (also known as a Non-Fungible Token is a type of information that can be used to create an electronic representation of any specific item. For example, it could include photos, paintings, videos, music, gifs, or music. Simply put, anything that is at least different. Developing an NFT SaaS-based market will allow you to develop new, unique technology solutions for business.

Video Creation and Editing

Another fantastic software for an idea for a start-up service is to build your video editing and creation services. Video editors and designers beginning their journey into video rendering can take advantage of this program. Digital marketing is growing in the current climate. The most effective way to boost traffic is video content that can boost the organic reach by 157 percent. Real-time rendering is an excellent option to improve the visibility of a business's website.

However, it's an unproven field. But, since the video rendering technologies used by start-ups are considered among the best SaaS applications and are only an issue of time. It's well-known that video content can dramatically boost organic traffic, and many firms use it to improve their web presence.

Database Management

SaaS database management is known as DBaaS, Database-as-as-Service. It could be a lucrative business model, considering that most businesses require database management software. It is an online database system allowing businesses and users to access their data anywhere.

Database management systems are a good fit for the SaaS model because of their cloud-based nature. Cloud-based DBaaS applications can be connected to other business software applications, allowing access to data on the move. This means that users will always have data if needed.

OKR Tracking

OKR is a reference to Key Results and Objectives. It can be used to assess the performance of the activities of an organization. It offers dashboards that show regular reports and the progress of the business and assist them in staying focused on their objectives.


Telehealthcare allows doctors and healthcare specialists to offer online consultations and prescriptions for patients. The worldwide Telehealthcare market is expected to be worth $185.66 billion in 2026, according to a report in Fortune Business Insights.

Thus, creating your SaaS application for this market could be very profitable for your company. Telemedicine has been known to provide accessibility and convenience for patients and doctors. The initial companies that have been founded on this topic comprise videoconferencing, mobile health solutions, as well as remote monitoring of patients.


As businesses worldwide are evolving into digital solutions, keeping their accounts for data and financial transactions consistent has increased dramatically. E-invoicing can be described as providing secure and seamless transactions for B2B and B2C transactions.

Therefore, you can take advantage of various fintech start-up ideas which help increase the efficiency of invoice management and decrease fraud. Automating invoices improves the accuracy of transactions and helps save many resources for businesses.

How to Build a SaaS Application from Scratch?

Now as you are aware of some of the best business ideas and software-as-a-services examples, time is to move on to development process. The process of creating SaaS applications is typically based on these steps:


Planning is essential for constructing a successful app. The success of\\an SaaS application does not rely only on the use of the appropriate technology but also on a thorough study of the market, analyzing the intended audience, defining the goal of your application, and considering the primary aspects. That's what you must begin with when making plans for SaaS application development.

Although planning is typically an issue for the stakeholder, you may consult an expert development company for assistance. A reputable IT company will provide company analysis (BA) assistance to study your situation and offer you the most efficient solutions to get into and grow in your desired market.

Define Revenue Channels

How do you plan to earn money through the SaaS solution? It is crucial to answering this question before starting a big software design and development program. This is among the most important steps in building SaaS applications since it determines the structure of your software product. It's something that isn't easily removed, so think about it.

The most popular methods to earn money include advertisements, subscriptions, and the freemium model. If you plan to create an online marketplace, consider the possibility of introducing selling and transaction fees.

Choose the Technical Stack

The technology stack is a set of frameworks, programming languages, and tools used to develop software. Technology today offers various services that you can choose from. Therefore, deciding what to do to create a SaaS product and determining the right solution stack is challenging. A different issue is based on the specific requirements of your business. In the end, there needs to be more than a one-size-fits-all solution to the issue of the best frameworks and tools to employ when creating the SaaS product.

Plan for Security and Reliability in Advance

Although the potential for profit from using SaaS to run your business could seem, the software model as a service can also be a source of issues with security and reliability. The primary difference between SaaS and traditional applications is that SaaS apps run through the cloud. Therefore, it is essential to select a trustworthy cloud service provider.

Cloud service providers that are reputable, like AWS, will do everything they can to ensure the security of their customer's data. They go the extra mile to ensure the security of the data in their data centers and implement the most secure methods.

Find Experienced Developers

After you've sorted your requirements and are ready, your next task is to search for competent and skilled developers. SaaS application development requires lots of technical know-how, so picking the right developers is vital. Take, for example, the developers who have experience with SaaS applications. They will be able to understand this complicated development process. They also can better handle errors.

Start the Development

In the course of developing the product, stay in contact with the team working on development to ensure you have the same view of the features of the product and its requirements. Apply any Agile methods for continual development and testing and a rapid time-to-value.

It is also logical to begin a marketing campaign to create an audience of faithful users who anticipate the product's arrival.

Production and Maintenance

Only when the QA team has completed beta-testing and inspected the production server will an app be deemed ready for release. The testing of user acceptance, which is the method of testing your app using early adopters, will help you know the market's response to the app.

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The Key Takeaway

As we said before, ideas are endless. Every day is a new opportunity to discover new concepts, ideas, and entrepreneurs. The SaaS is the best method to develop and give form to these concepts. Here are 10 SaaS examples that one can begin now since it is the perfect moment to start. These ideas help or provide you with new ideas that can be further improved.

SaaS businesses are expanding at a rapid rate. Investing in developing a SaaS software development concept will bring you huge satisfaction if executed flawlessly. We suggest that you talk to our skilled SaaS developers. They will help you shape your concept to bring its highest business benefits.

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