Top Camera Filter Apps for Android -Free Download in 2022

By Ruchir C.

You can turn ordinary photos into extraordinary ones with the proper lighting, color grading, and filters.

To achieve a consistent look, it can take many years to master editing Instagram photos. You want your photos to look fantastic today. We will reveal the worst-kept secret of social media and provide a list of the top photo filters available.

Apps that allow you to create styles and apply quick fixes for photos can automatically adjust your images' color, lighting, tint, and size to achieve your vision. Choosing the right photo filter app for your needs is essential to get the best results.

Filters attach to the front end of the lens. Filters can be made from glass or resin and help to limit light entering the camera. Filters are an excellent kit that you should consider having in your camera bag. Below are some key benefits and reasons to use camera filter apps.

Benefits of Using Camera Filter Apps

Add Color and Contrast

Filters can be a great way of improving your landscape photos. Polarizing filters are one of the most sought-after types of filters on the market.

Polarizers are beneficial for several reasons.

Polarizing filters reduce reflections, such as those on glass and water. Polarizing filters can be used to enhance the contrast and restore natural color saturation. A polarizer is helpful when you want to photograph greenery, waterfalls, or woodlands.

More Balanced Exposure

Filters can be used to capture the scene accurately. A graduated Neutral Density (ND), Neutral Density (ND) filter reduces light entering the camera through the shaded gray portion of the filter to record the scene accurately.

Landscape photography is very popular with ND graduated filters. They provide better balance and allow for more natural light.

Modern cameras can produce stunning images with high-contrast landscapes. However, you may have a burned-out sky or a dark foreground. The Neutral Density (ND) graduated filter is here to help.

Give Yourself a Makeover

Everybody has imperfections and blemishes. While I don't think we should be too self-conscious about how we look, sometimes a small flaw in a photo can reduce the impact it might otherwise have. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a job or a life partner; it's smart to use a photo editing app to improve your skin tone and remove redeye effects.

You can also change the color of your skin or alter the shape of your facial features. One of the best features of many photo editing apps is having someone else do the editing. Snapchat allows you to edit photos professionally according to your requests. This results in stunning images that make you feel like a million dollars.

Enhance Images

Photography filters can be used to enhance photography and other types of images.

Filter holders can be customized to fit specific effect filters, such as black and white or infrared filters. Sunset and sunrise filters are two other filters that you can use to create amazing in-camera effects. These filters provide warm colors for sunrise and sunset.

Top Filter Camera Applications for Android in 2022

Photographs can bring back memories and allow us to reminisce. We all want to relive the beautiful memories we have. It could be a beautiful place, a stunning sunset, a sweet smile from a baby, good company, or good food. We want to treasure these memories for the rest of our lives. Smartphones are now our best friends. They have camera apps that make photos look amazing.

Every day, mobile app development companies come up with new ideas to delight their customers. One such idea is to create best camera app for android users. We've compiled a list of the top android camera apps for 2022 that will allow you to capture stunning images of your precious moments. Let's get on with the list.


PicsArt is our top choice for the best photo editing app. It's easy to use and covers all bases for mobile consumer photography. PicsArt offers creative control, great image-editing tools, and attractive filters. You can also quickly create and select fun stickers, combine images into highly customizable collages, add artistic texts, and share. You can also use pre-capture effects, photo tools, and more to make your photos look great.

Remix Chat allows you to collaborate on editing photos with PicsArt's 150 million monthly users. Or, just with friends. The app's tutorials are simple to follow, and the challenges encourage users to submit their creations. Winners are chosen by community vote.

PicsArt has a wide range of photo-editing and collaging tools that are easy for consumer photographers. It allows for creative control while still keeping things lively and fun.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom Mobile is an excellent photo app, Adobe's top-rated photo workflow software. You can edit your photos in depth using the mobile app. Black-and-white filters can be used. Video trimming and effects options were added in the June 2022 update.

The free version of the app includes various editing tools, filters, and an Amount slider that can increase or decrease the effect's strength. Paid users have cloud storage and access to more effects, such as masking and healing. The app has many tips and tricks to help you create great photos. Lightroom Mobile lets you submit your photos to the Discover community of photographers, who might be able to edit your shots. The mobile-only apps are available for $4.99 annually and come with 100GB of cloud syncing storage. The standard Lightroom Creative Cloud Plan ($9.99/month) gives you full access to the app and 1TB of storage.

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The iPhone app is powerful yet simple to use. (Android users, there is an Afterlight App on Google Play. However, it has not been updated since 2014. So we don't recommend it. Afterlight's free edition has a few essential editing tools, such as exposure, contrast, cropping, and saturation. However, many of the best features are only available in Afterlight's paid version. The cost is reasonable at $2.99 per month, $17.99 annually, or $35.99 for an eternity. You get advanced hue saturation and lightness (HSL) filters, tone curve editing, gradients, material overlays, and sharpness.


Retrica is the best camera filter app you should consider installing. If you are looking for vintage- or cross-processed images, then Retrica might be the right app.

Retrica was designed to be easy to use and has no manual controls. The Retrica comes with more than 100 filters that offer various effects and hues.

Retrica, unlike other Android camera apps that apply filters at the processing stage of the process, allows you to apply the filter right at the moment of capture. Retrica lets you see the live preview and allows you to select the best filter for your needs.

Retrica's camera controls are not intuitive, making it an excellent camera app that delivers quality and instant results.

Key Features:

  • Over 100 filter effects

  • Use the Random Filter button

  • No cost

Camera MX

Camera MX is an Android camera application that anyone can use. It is easy to use and simple to understand. It is packed with great features, and the controls for the camera are excellent.

It is one of the most popular Android camera apps. The software is updated regularly by the developers so that it doesn't feel outdated. It is always up to date with the newer competition. Each update feels like an improvement, unlike other apps.

Although the photo capture modes are not very advanced, they offer excellent quality. The video recording was also excellent. An FX menu with a variety of filters and overlays is also included.

Camera MX has several photo editing tools that are standard. There are many editing options, including white balance and contrast. GIF mode adds an extra layer of fun to this camera app.

Camera MX is a great free photo and video filter app. It can't do all. It does what it can do well.


VSCO is better known for its image editor rather than for taking photos. You can enhance your images with the built-in photo editor. This app has many filters and effects and granular settings to enhance your photos. This app can also be used as a video editor. This app is one of Android's most influential and advanced video editors.

It is important to remember that not all features are free. Although you can download the app and use it, you will need to subscribe if you want access to all of its features. VSCO subscriptions are not inexpensive. If you don't use VSCO for work or other purposes, you may not be willing to pay the subscription fee.


It is important that you have an intuitive interface. This will allow you to snap photos quickly and easily, regardless of how complicated it may seem. ProCam X is an excellent choice because it has simple controls. You can switch to manual mode, which includes all the adjustments and switches you would expect from a camera app.

ProCam X is our favorite camera app because you can customize the settings quickly and efficiently when you enter Manual Mode. You can toggle HDR mode quickly with a drag-and-drop interface or switch between RAW and JPG modes by simply tapping.

ProCam X is available in a "Lite" edition. However, it unlocks all the features of the full version. This allows you to try the app before you commit your hard-earned money.


Snapseed is not for casual users. It's for professional photographers who must spend time creating the best images while on the move. Snapseed has an extensive selection of editing tools, including special edit brushes and an excellent selection of film-related filters such as Retrolux, Lens Blur, Double Exposure, and Retrolux.

Snapseed is an excellent tool for detail-oriented photographers. We tried different settings and enjoyed exploring the various exposure, color, masking, reshaping tools, and brushes. You can edit or remove any edits (including misspelled text) by going into the Stack (the layers that contain edits). You can also use a Stacks Brush to create an effect on a small portion of your photo. You can also save the Stack of edits that you have applied to a photo as a "Look," which you can apply to other photos or share with other users.

Snapseed's traditional tools and non-destructive editing make Snapseed a top choice for serious photographers who need to fine-tune their photos. Snapseed is available for free, and there's no premium version.


EyeEm is an online community that allows fellow photographers to share their work and browse others' work. EyeEm is the best android photo filter app. EyeEm was launched in 2011 and had over 13 million users.

EyeEm, a stock camera app that is also great for the community, is an excellent alternative to EyeEm. EyeEm also offers 50% off for all photos sold by its contributors.

If you love the idea of selling images, this is the best android photo app. You can register on the platform to start selling mobile images.

The app does not have an inbuilt camera. However, you can use other camera applications on your device with the EyeEm app.


Snapchat lets you chat with your friends and share stories. However, most people use the app to take selfies. Snapchat's unique lenses and face filters are what made it so famous.

Do you want something different? Snapchat lets you create your own Snapchat face filters by changing various settings. You can also use filters created by other users. This is why Snapchat is one of the most popular filter apps.

Snapchat offers text overlays, Bitmoji and World Lenses to add finishing touches to your photos.

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The Key Takeaway

These free filter apps are amazing! This trend continues: high-end apps for editing and taking photos are in demand. Entrepreneurs have an excellent opportunity to capitalize on this trend by creating a user-friendly, exciting camera app.

Photographs can bring back many memories. One picture could hold many memories that will last a lifetime. These android camera apps can help you capture the best images of your most memorable moments.

We are available to help you if you have an idea for an app and would like to talk with experts about it. We can help with all your questions, including the cost of developing a mobile app, which features you should include, and what platform to use.

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