25 Top eCommerce Business Ideas for Small Business

By Ruchir C.

The pandemic was triggered by unexpected events that created an impact that will not be forgotten soon. Even today, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still evident in many ways of living. In addition to the health risk, the disease affects the operations of small-scale businesses, large corporations, and even the global economy.

But, after two years of suffering from the epidemic and living with various virus strains, companies are returning to business. Despite the huge closure of businesses and the global recession, there is an increase in the number of online businesses as individuals discover innovative ways to earn an income.

The process of setting up a brick-and-mortar store could be costly and lengthy. But what if you could alleviate the stress and still create a lucrative business? Thanks to the internet and technology, one can operate a successful business from the comfort of home with a minimum or no capital investment. There are hundreds of online business ideas that can help anyone to earn a good amount of money.

25 Best eCommerce Business Ideas for Start-Ups or Small Businesses

You might have an idea of how to create an eCommerce website, but you need to figure out what products you'll be selling. Today, you can purchase virtually anything online. You may be nervous because you have a few entrepreneurs to sell your products. Certain market segments are experiencing an increase in spending, but others are flourishing.

There are many options for home-based businesses today. In this article, we look at some of the best. Some might require you to make specific arrangements, whereas others can be completed online.

1. Buy Products in Bulk and Sell Them on Third-Party Stores Online

Many businesses are based on buying goods in bulk and then selling them in small quantities to earn profits.

Perhaps you've been on a trip to another country and came across some unique items that aren't readily accessible in your area however you feel an interest in. You may have stumbled on a particular market and figured out the best way to reach it.

If these items are relatively simple to store and deliver or store, you might have good home-based business ideas with low investment.

2. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is the simplest way to start an online business without the need to purchase all the products upfront. Use Dropshipping software to discover hundreds of items from suppliers and sell them online. Sell to customers around the globe while also advertising your brand, all without investing in manufacturing or warehousing costs. It is only necessary to buy inventory once it is delivered to a real customer. Dropshipping works well for many online stores, from a boutique online to a women's clothing store, a jewelry store to a one-product shop.

The primary reason that people tend to be drawn to Dropshipping is the fact that they don't need to keep inventory. If, however, keeping inventory isn't a problem (maybe there's room in that closet), You can think about buying wholesale items.

3. Website Flipping

Flipping websites is one of the latest business concepts that have enthralled everyone, from parents who work at home to recent graduates. It involves buying an operating website, and enhancing the design and content of the site, after which it is sold at a profit.

There are a variety of sites where you can purchase and sell websites for profit. Marketplaces like Shopify's Exchange are one example that offers the possibility of buying eCommerce websites which you can then further enhance by using SEO, content marketing as well as other methods. If your website starts to earn more money than the time you purchased it, you can put it for auction in the market.

4. Car Parts

The average car contains around thirty thousand parts, which includes all the bolts and nuts which keep it all together. In the B2C and B2B segments, searching for the automotive part online has become more well-known. With sales already up by 11% from 2020 until 2021, light-duty auto aftermarket sales are expected to grow by another 8.5 percent by 2022, bringing the total to $356.5 billion, according to two car associations.

To distinguish your business from others, consider selling car parts that fall into certain categories, like electrical parts, service components, and exterior and interior parts. You can also sell more sophisticated parts to mechanics or offer hydraulic lift kits, neon light kits, and other tools for auto enthusiasts who want to make their own.

5. Non-Precious Jewellery

Although the majority of consumers prefer shopping for expensive jewelry in person - and you'd like to feel, see and feel things that could be worth thousands of dollars, non-precious jewelry is an excellent possibility for eCommerce. The materials used are ceramic, wood silica, silicon, plastic, and clay, which are only some of the components from which this jewelry can be created. The abundance of suppliers and the item's size make it perfect for Dropshipping, which means it's unnecessary to carry stock.

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6. Print and Sell T-Shirts On-Demand

Another Dropshipping option, printing on demand, leaves the logistics of shipping, inventory, and fulfillment to a third-party supplier. In contrast to the Dropshipping business model, the emphasis here is on the possibility of customizing your products with your designs to create something unique.

T-shirts, hats, cases, skirts, hoodies, bags for totes, and more can be used as a canvas to express your creative side. Developing funny phrases for developers or references that appeal to cat owners is possible. If there's enthusiasm and pride in a group, it's possible to create a T-shirt company you could start.

There are many printing-on-demand platforms to use. Many are compatible with your Shopify store to ensure smooth order fulfillment. Always get a trial of your item (often available at a discounted price) to ensure that your customized products appear professional.

7. Home and Furniture Décor

There's no need to watch many home-themed shows that air on Discovery+ to cash in the booming market for furniture. Home decor sales are predicted to be $662.45 billion at the end of this year. They could increase to $805.75 billion in 2026, based on ResearchandMarkets figures.

You may be a carpenter, interior designer, or reseller. You can make your passion an income-generating business idea by learning to sell furniture online. You can develop, source, or fabricate your items. Partner with a dropshipper to offer a variety of linens, ceramics, and other furniture items from around the globe, without having to take charge of storage or shipping your own.

8. Offer Online Services

It's even easier than products to begin selling online. However, the difficulty is finding the right time. "Time can be money" is not more true than when you're operating a service-based company.

Creative professionals, such as marketers or designers, could work as freelancers or consult with other businesses while juggling several clients. They often work working remotely from their home office, with occasional trips. Others could operate based on appointments and bookings to directly offer their services to clients.

Businesses based on service usually require lots of networking and referrals from friends and family to attract suitable clients. However, satisfied customers will likely continue to use your services in the long run.

9. Beauty Products

Although online cosmetics sales were recently down according to 1010Data, they were still well above levels before the pandemic. The sales from the top beauty retailers have increased by 36.7 percent in the last two years.

The beauty industry is undergoing its transformation, with niche markets receiving the attention and recognition they've deserved for a long time. Some products cater to people of various races, organic beauty products designed for those who have sensitive skin, as well as natural cosmetics are among the most sought-after sub-markets.

10. New-born Products

Babies are adorable, and dressing them in cute outfits is fun. These are undisputed facts. Each new parent will have an intense desire to pamper their child with all the finest things. This gives savvy entrepreneurs an excellent opportunity to market new-born items. This business is also designed to work with social media since the cute-as-a-button content will do marketing for you.

11. Wooden Toys

Two words describe the return of toys made from wood: nostalgia and nature. The public is conscious of the dangers of plastics and is seeking biodegradable alternatives. The wooden toys are also stylish and remind us of images we've seen from our grandparents and parents as children, making us feel warm. When you start an online store that is primarily focused on wooden toys, it will be able to provide both sides of the story.

12. Become a Virtual Event Planner

Virtual event planning can be an excellent business option if you love managing meetings and connecting with people. With a growth rate of 23% per year, the rapid increase in corporate events and the adoption of online tools to conduct meetings will keep the market growing rapidly. If you're a virtual event’s organizer, you'll organize virtual events, networking opportunities, and educational events for businesses worldwide.

13. Become a Social Media Management Consultant

In April 2022, more than 4.65 billion people will be active around the globe. That's close to 60 percent of the population of the globe. With YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, TikTok, and all the other social media platforms accessible, companies need help managing their social media accounts.

14. Sell Homemade Products

If you're an artist (or have a friend), you should consider turning your hobby into a profitable business. Even if it's necessary to make your items elsewhere, such as in an office, commercial kitchen, or workshop, you can store and sell them at your home.

15. Online Grocery and Foods

The success of this industry, similar to that of the online grocery sector, is dependent on vendor relations and continuous efforts to expand the number of customers. But, due to the vast selection of goods and the correspondingly large market they target, it will likely remain an excellent eCommerce start-up concept in the years ahead.

16. Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are in fashion. Suppose you've got an eye for design or enjoy displaying your work on tangible items. In that case, it is among your most innovative business concepts.

Before you search for potential clients, you'll have some designs prepared. Tools such as Photoshop and Canva help you design custom cards. You'll also need to buy the necessary supplies for greeting cards (ink, paper, etc.).

17. WordPress Support

Many websites on the internet are run on WordPress, and nearly every WordPress website owner needs support. If you're acquainted with the details of the platform, you'll have plenty of chances to earn money.

Clients can reach you to correct their CSS, find and fix security issues, and more. While you can use platforms such as PeoplePerHour or Upwork to start gaining clients, we suggest creating an individual website that lists your services. This will allow you to avoid commissions and establish high-quality relationships with your customers.

18. Stock Photography

Suppose you can take great candid photos or have recently completed an image shoot with someone close to you. In that case, you can become a stock photographer by registering as a sole proprietorship in your name.

19. Sell Second-Hand Items Online

A great business concept for newbies is to offer second-hand and thrifty items on the internet. Instead of throwing away old or cluttered items, many people are now willing to sell these items to other users. Second-hand products include everything from home accessories to clothing and electronic items. You may focus on various products or select one specific area of preference.

20. Sell Pre-Owned Items

As concerns mount about the environment, many people are changing their habits to help promote sustainability and increase sustainability. This website idea presents an opportunity to create an income-generating business in the comfort of your home by selling used items in your garage, similar to an outdoor yard sale.

21. Grow an Audience You Can Monetize

Suppose you're a content creator with a significant online following or have considered creating your own YouTube channel, blog, or Instagram account podcast. In that case, you could increase and grow your audience by using one of the ideas listed previously in this list.

Andrew Finn co-founded Wait but Why, a blog-turned-business. After accumulating more than 371,000 customers and millions of visits, the brand developed digital content tailored to an already loyal customer base. Now, wait for Buy Why is a fully-fledged e-commerce site that has physical and digital items to buy.

22. Instagram Consulting

Suppose you are a pro at figuring out the secret of Instagram engagement. In that case, consider making yourself an Instagram consultant. Customers will pay you for writing appealing captions, responding to comments, writing attractive bios, and much more.

It is possible to monetize your services by charging a certain amount per hour or developing a project. This is the ideal business model for digital nomads since everything can be controlled from smartphones or laptops.

23. Headphones

The market for earphones has been steadily growing over the past few years and is expected to grow in the coming years. In 2022, total revenues for earphones in the United States are expected to be $5 billion. In the world, the market is expected to be worth $18.2 billion before 2023 and will grow by a 6% rate in 2024.

24. Beach Toys and Towels

Snorkeling is the second most well-known beach activity, following walking, which makes inflatables for the beach a popular option for people who prefer to be in the sea. Since sunning is the most popular beach activity, mats and pillows for the beach can help in boosting your business's online sales.

25. Bracelets

For starters, the jewelry market is estimated to be worth as high as $71.3 billion! Setting up an online wristband company for your business will allow you to be part of the multibillion-dollar industry and focus on a particular specialization. You can sell a broad range of wristbands.

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The Key Takeaway

Suppose you're enthusiastic and enthusiastic about starting your own online business. In that case, selecting a lucrative e-commerce business concept is first necessary. The 25 profitable business ideas and make money apps discussed above will assist you in deciding on what you'd like to sell. However, planning and research are essential for making any business plan work.

The possibilities for an online business are endless and all-encompassing. Most office-based jobs can be performed online, through freelance or remote work. Technology's advantages mean that successful online businesses continue to grow and expand, creating an international marketplace. If you're considering changing your career path and would like to create your own business go through our suggestions at least a couple of times and think about the numerous ways to begin a profitable online business right now.

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