What Are The Best Free Employee Management Software?

By Ruchir C.

2021 has been a tough year for many employees. Every department was directly affected by the COVID-19 crisis; however, HR likely took the largest impact right at the start of the COVID Lockdown Series.

Companies that were able to adjust the most quickly to the fundamental shifts brought about by these developments were those that eventually prospered.

Even after the pandemic has "finally gone," HR-related challenges won't disappear. From mental health issues to remote working methods, Workplaces have set new boundaries and new learning opportunities which will continue to be there.

HR managers must remain accountable for their organizations for greater diversity and inclusion efforts, provide outstanding management to employees working remotely, and offer the ability to train remotely and provide on boarding services for new employees. However, there are many hurdles to overcome in keeping employees motivated and well-being at a high level in hybrid and remote workplaces.

What is an Employee Management System?

A management system for employees is designed to oversee the administrative tasks departmentally and streamline HR.

Employee engagement systems are designed to precisely monitor, evaluate and manage the working hours of employees as well as effectively use human resources. Additionally, it assists in making sure that pay stubs are completed promptly.

In a business, the employees you employ are your greatest assets. Managing them is difficult, especially as the number of staff increases and it becomes even more difficult to manage the total workforce. This is why you require an effective management system that keeps the entire process in order.

The benefits of Employee Management Systems for Businesses

Using spreadsheets to manage HR processes and oversee employees is an outdated practice. As hybrid and remote working models become more popular, HR personnel and employees do not always work in the same place. It could be nearly impossible to manage employees effectively and ensure they are active, motivated, and satisfied in this situation. Suppose remote workers have to communicate with their HR personnel to track attendance or contact their managers daily to report their work hours. In that case, this can affect the overall experience of employees. It's the reason it's important to move towards modern cloud-based systems that give an unhindered working experience for employees no matter where they work.

That's where an employee-management system shines. With easy automation and central information, the employee management system helps employees run their businesses easily. If you're wondering whether an employee management software is worth the money, consider the following suggestions on how this system can benefit the efficiency of your company.

Improve Workforce Management Efficiencies

Using manual processes to manage employees could quickly become a nightmare for the administration. Hand-tracking information is not just a way to increase the chance of human error. However, it also can expose you to the risk of compliance. Suppose you're using unfriendly software that requires switching between different products and opening multiple documents. How can you be sure that you're using up-to-date information? With a unified employee management software that functions with you rather than against you, you won't have to transfer multiple files or change the data keys across various platforms.

Simple and Efficient HR Processes

An employee management system will reduce the time required to enter data manually. This will enable your HR staff and employees to concentrate on working on crucial projects instead of spending time on HR-related emails, spreadsheets, emails, and calls. Every aspect of employee management, from on boarding to recruitment, is easily automated and streamlined, and monitored by using the employee scheduling app.

Safe and Centralized Employee Data

Being an HR specialist, you are responsible for a huge amount of information. Some of the data may be private, and it is essential to handle it with care to avoid violations and sanctions. Other information needs to be recorded to ensure compliance with national and regional labor laws. With an employee management software that is comprehensive, all information associated with your HR functions is centrally recorded and stored on the system. Your company will be ready to conduct an HR audit at any point since all information is easily accessible and accessible from any place. The settings for access control of users permit only those with the right access level to access the information. This ensures that data doesn't end up in the wrong hands.

Constructive Feedback Is Easy

Both employees and managers are apprehensive about annual performance reviews; however, they're an essential element of the development of employees and the success of companies. The reason is that feedback can be asymmetrical as the manager has established their mind about the bias of employees and complacency, and it can take a long time.

Send an individual message to an employee, stating "thank you for your time" or "job well completed in time." Giving an employee positive feedback indicates that they appreciate the hard work they put into it and that their efforts don't go unnoticed. Don't wait until the year's closing just results in missed opportunities. Providing feedback ensures that productivity is maintained and that morale stays high throughout the year.

Mitigate Compliance Risk

Did you know that not submitting an accurate I-9 form when you're audited could result in a fine of up to $16,000 for each infraction? Compliance isn't a guarantee, and with the growing number of audits and regulations of companies, it's more crucial than ever to understand what's required and properly handle regulations to keep your company out of trouble.

Since workforce management systems are cloud-based systems that can record and access information from any location anytime, delivering the complete W-4s, I-9s, and other tax and compliance documents to auditors is only a few clicks. The software programs are notifications of when documents are set to expire, allowing you to be sure that all certifications and documents to comply are in order.

Metrics and Analytics

The value of management systems for employees lies principally in their capacity to organize, collect and store information about employees in an easy-to-use electronic format. However, this potential isn't fully used if the information gathered isn't analyzed to uncover valuable insights that could assist in solving underlying or hidden issues in the business.

The main causes of these issues are overstaffing, excessive overtime, or unusual staff turnover within a particular department. Trends and metrics could be the trigger required to pinpoint the issue's root. Data eliminates confusion from conversations and facilitates frank conversation based on facts. Transparency is beneficial for an organization's bottom line.

Systems for managing employee’s free HR and management staff of the burden of administrative work to focus on the innovations needed to take your business up to the next stage.

Top Free Employee Management Software for 2022

It wasn't all sunshine for the HR sector when the onset of the coronavirus outbreak. The HR industry had to deal with clients scaling or closing and closing down. Still, a large portion of the workforce worldwide was required to shift their operations into the digital world. Remote work appears to be an ongoing trend that could persist even after the pandemic has passed.

With time, businesses and employees have become more familiar with their workplaces and have seen the benefits of their setups. The study found that 51% of workers are more productive at home. This is good news for companies as their remote workforce is more productive in producing outputs. The HR field is adjusting very well to the present business environment. In fact, across the United States, 96% of HR professionals say they are content with how their organization has handled the change in the working environment.

Companies that recruit have embraced HR systems that function effectively with a digital workflow, which has produced positive outcomes. However, some challenges remain, the most significant being employee performance. However, the modern HR platform's capabilities can help solve this issue and speed up the hiring process using build in EMS.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a trusty tool used by many companies worldwide. It assists HR departments and employees in managing their recruitment processes with key features that track applicants and team collaboration and even CRM.

The free version comes with essential features like scheduling interviews, features for managing candidates, and email management capabilities. Its own, as a whole, is very useful and useful. If you're looking for an HR platform that is fully-fledged and that you can use, you should consider giving the premium plan a shot. It is good to know that the company offers the opportunity to try a trial period for free. You can test the ZOHO Recruit premium features for free cost.

In addition, there are premium features that allow you to post open positions, track the status of applicants, review resumes, and maintain databases. Furthermore, you can use it to build your careers web page. If you're interested, test it for free.


Gusto is among the best alternatives available when you require HR software to handle various important human resources jobs in your company.

The tool provides a complete payroll system that includes the ability to track time, tools for managing employees' financial and health insurance and benefits, and modules to help businesses stay current in compliance with legal requirements and compliance. Gusto will make it easier to hire and the on boarding process for employees. Gusto also has an HR team to help in any circumstances.

Gusto provides dental, medical, and vision benefits. It can manage FSAs, HSAs, 401Ks, and college savings. It can also provide insurance for life and disability. It operates similarly to an HR outsourcing business. It can provide small-sized enterprises with benefits that they might not be able to get.

More than 200,000 companies currently employ Gusto. It's an excellent choice for businesses that require a complete solution to take care of your company's largest HR challenges.


BambooHR is a company that aims to add a human touch to human resources. It collects data on your employees and provides them with specific insights and functions.

BambooHR is a system that stores all employee data in one database and offers businesses an all-in-one software platform that allows you to access and manage employees' records, track the applications of employees, review and evaluate your employees' performance and even automate the tedious administrative tasks. BambooHR has a mobile application, which means you can stay on top of HR while traveling. It can handle vacation and payroll requests as well.

BambooHR's software comes in two versions - Advantage and Essentials. The first is limited to basic HR management and self-serve employee options. In contrast, the Advantage package includes on boarding and hiring capabilities, advanced workflows, branding and customization options, and more support. Additionally, you'll have to pay for payroll, time tracking, and other performance management features.


Workable is a different HR software program that eases and enhances the process of recruiting. Since a company is as good as its employees and employees, it makes sense to ensure that your hiring is as efficient as you can.

Workable allows you to post advertisements for jobs to over 200 job boards at once, which means you'll get applications quickly. It also has over 700 words that can be used to create advertisements and job descriptions. It is possible to use this tool to screen applicants anonymously and lookup vital data on applicants. Workable's data can be used to choose better which candidates are suitable for the right job.

This tool will automate a lot of the repetitive tasks associated with hiring, and it allows you to organize, track and control your hiring process. Offer letter templates that work and communications features that ensure that everyone is updated on the hiring process.

If you're looking for a specialist tool to help you locate the best candidates, conduct interviews, and then choose candidates who will be the best candidates for open posts, there's nothing more effective than Workable. However, like numerous HR software tools, you'll need to pay more for a better quality of service if you need more features. Pricing is available only upon demand.


If you want to boost employees with more enthusiasm, boost employee engagement, and improve overall performance, you'll appreciate this software. The platform lets you set specific goals and outcomes for your team and each individual. Thus, you're able to support your employees to work more effectively.

The FactoHR is the best solution for managing employee performance for HR professionals thanks to its user-friendly interface, affordable pricing, and other features that it has to offer. It allows you to create projects, review cycles, and track the performance of each project.

Through FactoHR, you can create motivating appraisals, credit your team, and receive comments from your team.

It is possible to begin by creating goals and specific objectives for an individual project. Then, use customized metrics to align goals and outcomes.


PeopleStreme, the performance-management software, lets you track employee development in performance, set goals, and align to the overall strategy to increase overall performance. Reviews, one-on-one sessions, and reporting in real-time are all accessible.

PeopleStreme scored top scores in the UX section of the assessment criteria due to its beautiful contemporary, sleek, and user-friendly interface. Everything in the app is visually appealing, from the color scheme to the maps. It will look stunning on any device, whether a smartphone or tablet.

The system's inability to recognize the same candidate who is applying for multiple posts within the company is among the biggest weaknesses of the PeopleStreme system. Duplicates aren't identified or categorized, making them difficult to discern.


PeopleHR have an online interface designed to simplify every HR procedure and provide transparent pricing while offering transparency in pricing.

The app's dashboard allows you to automate many tasks, such as employee turnover reports and sickness monitoring, to approve holiday requests. It can even track new job candidates and display jobs on the most popular sites for recruitment.

PeopleHR offer a wealth of information that can reveal the amount of time you've saved when using this software and suggests the best method to proceed with your choices by demonstrating what other businesses have done in similar circumstances. The system is a sleek performance management system that allows you to manage employee reviews and 360-degree feedback. The software is compatible with PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones so that employees can work from anywhere.

PeopleHR includes experts on staff who can guide you through the program. It's simple to master. Add this to its simple pricing, which is determined by how many people are covered each month, and PeopleHR is a great option for those who are not well-versed in HR software.

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In short, an employee management system can provide an organization with numerous tools to help with efficient management while paying attention to employee satisfaction and engagement.

If properly used and used fully, it can provide companies with an efficient and automated employee benefit management system that creates a healthier employee environment.

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