What Are The Must-Have Features For A Winning Educational App?

By Ruchir C.

In recent times, the world has become tech-savvy, and everyone is dependent on gadgets. The rise of gadgets and handheld devices will be accompanied by revolutionary features in 2022. We can say that mobile learning is the new normal, and everybody is adopting the skill of learning mobile apps. According to experts, by 2024, the market is expected to expand by $46.9 billion.

Mobile learning or M–learning is online learning administered through portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. This platform consists of an educational portal where students and employees can easily access required resources. Nowadays, documents are uploaded on the portal that is easily accessible to you from anywhere. For instance, you can download or upload any PDF, videos, worksheets, podcasts and webinars. Also, student engagement apps have been beneficial for everyone providing endless opportunities worldwide.

Furthermore, speech-to-text and touch screen facilities have improvised users’ experience completely. The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed e-learning significantly to bring you the shift from traditional education. Mobile learning apps have greatly impacted the implementation of tech services worldwide. At first, everyone was struggling with the launch of online platforms worldwide. But later, guidelines and communication helped everyone change progressively in their fields.

With the ongoing upsurge, the field of gamification is also highlighted among the categories of mobile app development. The development of technology has reformulated the entire educational system. Moreover, technological advancements have embraced the learning patterns of both students and teachers.

Online Education during Pandemic

During the covid-19 pandemic, online learning platforms were adopted by every individual regardless of age and gender in every occupational segment. The sudden change of online learning from traditional learning has affected 100% learning effectiveness of both students and teachers. However, few experiments were conducted through online learning.

Let’s Look Back!

Online education these days has particularly opted for higher opportunities in every segment. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everybody had to adapt to the changes in an online platform to learn everything virtually. The government also introduced some virtual courses, and then the term ‘remote teaching’ was coined to describe the transition of nature to everyone.

All the instructions were given online, and then it was difficult to shift back to the physical classroom. The rate of infection offered a combination of remote learning and face-to-face education. The key principles were leveraged by the instructional design of online education. Because psychological factors affect human behaviour, creating effective instructional solutions throughout. Keeping students engaged in corresponding environments is crucial to attaining targeted outcomes. You can say that the implementation of planning and learning experiences leads to the success of innovative groundwork for contemporary learning incorporating several approaches.

Online learning and the pandemic

New strategies and approaches to online learning have forced everyone to participate virtually on every ground. Instructional approaches have facilitated teachers and students to change their learning patterns and deliver the content. We all shifted to online platforms learning various activities virtually within no time.

Above all, psychological factors helped me earn educational credits through Zoom sessions and other online platforms. We explored the importance of ‘seat time’ by continuously sitting in front of our desktop devices. Interaction is an essential part of learning, especially when you are teaching students where online platforms proved extremely beneficial.


The COVID-19 pandemic had a lasting effect on every sector of the market. But then, too, educators found new strategies to cope with the learning affordances in online education. The purpose of online education changed amid the pandemic supporting the continuity of education in every corner of the world. Online education allows every student to virtually participate in academic programmes and other co-curricular activities. Therefore, it has created a wider range of learning ecosystems throughout the pandemic, supporting distance learning for everyone.

Features of Educational Apps

Businesses worldwide are highly demanded to develop educational apps but only with the help of mobile app development companies. App development company helps you customize your app with all the unique features to address your modernized expectations. The education sector has seen noticeable growth with educational norms and advancements in recent years. We can't deny that the transformation of digital platforms has made classrooms more interactive and convenient.

Consequently, smart technology has converted boring classrooms converting it friendly sessions. Students are more likely to use smartphones and other devices to download and share study files, less time-consuming and effort-savvy. Online platforms are not only for sharing information, but also they are necessary to create wholesome classrooms virtually with the help of mobile apps.

Schools and businesses have now begun with e-learning classrooms extensively. Remote learning has become essential to delivering knowledge and skills to students and employees. Everything coupled with technological advancements has triggered several changes in this field with the help of e-learning applications.

Below are some must-have features of online training apps to enhance users' learning experience.

Easy Login with Dashboard

While developing an educational app, you need to ensure that users can create their profile easily within a few steps. After a successful login, users can operate their dashboard, entering all the required details. A dashboard is the virtual display of every data, primarily focusing on essential information such as KPIs. In several cases, the dashboard is configurable, allowing users to choose the data according to them. This includes charts and graphs to visualize numbers.

Moreover, the benefits of the dashboard include the ability to identify the latest trends by measuring efficiency easily. Generating detailed reports can help users make informed decisions. Users must be given total visibility of actions related to systems and campaigns. Users also find data outliners and correlations useful if they are quickly identified.

Testing Knowledge

As we all know, testing is the most crucial element of the learning industry, and every educational app performs the same. An efficient educational app allows students to perform quizzes and mock tests, enhancing their ability to focus. Technological advancements are used for instant assessment to track students' performance over time. This helps boost students' engagement, fulfill knowledge gaps, and support deeper learning.

Increase flexibility: Through personalized learning, you can motivate students to invest in their education by becoming investors.

Improve Feedback: You can improve feedback on your learning apps by acknowledging knowledge gaps and understanding the real needs of each pupil.

Recognize and cater for differences: When you make a healthy environment in the classroom, it becomes easier for students to process everything efficiently and effectively.

Understand the importance of emotion: Educators are always aware of students' emotions impacting their overall learning performance. It is sometimes difficult to understand various emotions amongst students, so the technology helps assess teaching methods. These teaching methods are designed so that students can communicate easily and directly with the teacher with a balanced emotional state.

Consolidate learning: Students can also create podcast presentations and podcasts for their studies. In contrast, learning produces valuable resources for the students.

Offline Mode

We have seen that remote villages are highly affected by a lack of electricity and internet connectivity. This makes it difficult for students to study through online classes and continue their studies. So you can upload the study material on the portal, from where the students can download the modules offline.

Offline learning modules enhance the participation of learners globally without travelling or attending classes daily. Therefore, reducing the dropout rate will augment the company's experiences with better outputs, investing in time and money.

Push Notification

Push notifications are a must-have feature in every mobile app, considering it a vital element for on-demand services. This keeps the audience engaged with the latest activity and version of the app. Push notification provides comprehensive information so that the users can prepare themselves for future activities. Enabling messages related to updates and alerts of new schemes will approach specific users.

This feature is approachable to teachers, students, teachers, and the management team to send important messages from the educational app. Nowadays, educational apps have a simplified login process and can efficiently convey timetable meetings and alerts to students. With little pop-ups with plenty of ways, students and teachers can efficiently get information or details of students' attention. It also aids users by updating the app's performance and personalizing your e-learning experience.

Live Tutorial & Session

The development of mobile educational apps must host interactive sessions and tutorials to practically and theoretically polish students' skills. Offering live tutorials greatly helps interact with students and teachers by asking live questions for further details. Students will be able to get relevant answers through live sessions.

  • Depending upon the discipline, there are several types of tutorials:

  • Discussion-based tutorials focus on a deeper exploration of the topic content via discussions and debates.

  • Problem-solving tutorials are commonly used in math, science, and engineering, focusing on problem-solving assessments and quantitative reasoning.

Review and Q&A tutorials are meant for students to ask questions about the course content and their given assignments. The instructor ensures that students prepare for their exams in time. With a guiding presence, Teaching Assistant (TA) consolidates students' learning.

File Sharing

An educational app that has the feature of file sharing helps share files and download files such as documents, PDFs, images and videos, etc. You can share a bulk of files with your friends and other students whenever your expert shares it online. It is convenient for every student to study from anywhere by interacting with their peers.

An education app supporting different file sharing with more extensions will be used by various organizations. Employees will be able to access related files depending on the user's environment. The files are shared between two computers which are stored in one computer so that you can access them at your workstation.

Public Cloud computing is commonly referred to as "the cloud." This type of computing stores, accesses, and shares data, programs, and files over the Internet. Therefore, the cloud is beneficial for both small and large business owners.

Real-Time Text Chat & Video

The professional educational apps offer real-time text chat and video chat with the development of features. Students can interact with each other by asking queries to make easy discussions with their peers. With the help of video chatting and texting, students will be able to take advantage of features like zooming into a selective image.

Virtual classrooms have changed the one-on-one tutorials by interacting with students digitally. There are plenty of options to approach virtual platforms, such as video calling. Chapter-wise, audio and virtual presentations can be added e-learning app to improvise engagement and downloads from the audience. The development of retention rates empowers live streaming in schools and educational institutes. Advanced learning offers real-time, on-demand materials assisting learners is growing.

Psychological Impact on Students’ Performance during Pandemic

After the closure of schools and universities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the urge for online learning expanded worldwide. There was a rapid transition in the education system under unexpected circumstances. Several people faced challenges from face-to-face to remote education. Further, the dimension of online teaching was included in the transition when the offline platform was significantly affected during the pandemic.

The New Normal

The education sector was severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic staggering 1.53 billion learners worldwide. With the schools closing in 184 countries, it is still unclear that until when social distancing will continue. Due to an exceptional nature situation, the emergence of online classes took charge to provide endless opportunities to support actions for students.

Digital Classrooms

So far, the most effective tool is online teaching platforms which maintain access to keep everyone engaged with learning. According to Sutton Trust, 15% of teachers reported that over more than a third of students didn't have access to electronic devices or internet access.

The government provided laptops and tablets to disadvantaged families by the Department of Education. Amongst the department included children and young adults who couldn't access electronic devices and internet facilities.

Curriculum Recovery

For almost six months, pupils faced unavailability of schools. Above all, the curriculum was the one that helped everyone to complete the learnings they missed. The departments had to reconstruct the curriculums effectively to recover curriculums in a well-developed manner.

Social Distancing and Cleanliness

After the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, everybody practised social distancing. Schools and institutions took the precautionary measure to keep students safe such as:

  • Students maintain two meters distance from each other.

  • If suffering from any asymptomatic or symptomatic symptoms, PPE was recommended.

  • Hand sanitizing stations were implemented as compulsory.

  • Designate walkaways were created for no close contact outside the classrooms.

  • Particularly, there has been an emphasis on whether students were washing their hands regularly or not.

  • All unnecessary staff gatherings were prohibited.

Pupil Rotation

Pupil rotation was also an important factor in keeping students in the education sector. Large gatherings were eliminated as per the government guidelines to learn distance from each other.

Long-Term Influence

Society had to work harder to help children adapt to new norms in the post-lockdown world. On the other hand, schools determined that students effectively communicate by offering blended learning (a mix of online and in-person) even after the pandemic was over.

During the lockdown, online education and technology have proven to be superheroes. We've all been placed under house arrest, but we're still involved in schooling. Students have been unable to maintain contact with the outside world due to the lockdown, and the lack of exposure is clear. The switch to online classes was the sole respite for the student's mental health. Teachers made certain that kids` learning was not jeopardized. Therefore they went above and beyond to discover answers and build new learning settings for their pupils to ensure that learning never stopped.

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Thanks to technological advances, the e-learning business has grown steadily over the last two decades. And with improved accessibility and education programs that meet the needs of people of all ages, it keeps getting better. Thanks to educational applications, learning has never been as exciting and complex as it is now. The features of the educational mobile app are useful, and we encourage learners to download them to increase their learning opportunities.

Idea2App is a mobile app development company made up of young and experienced developers. In various projects, we have worked on most of the advanced features of mobile educational apps. Contact a specialist for future educational app project development, advice and guidance.

Study planners, reminders and alerts, podcasts, and small interactive tasks that test your skills in a fun way, while users don't have to complete long dissertations are some of the fascinating things to include in your educational app. Ultimately, you need to design an app that will help your customers. As we often say, the goal is to be essential to your customers. This can be achieved by providing the above functionality.

Developing competitive exam apps for schools, colleges, or educational institutions is no longer a luxury. It is now a necessity. This helps educational institutions contact students and show that they understand their needs and preferences and streamlines the operation of many departments.

However, many institutions are reluctant to use mobile apps for various reasons. This can be due to the associated costs, process complexity, and general capabilities that cannot be implemented in-house.

Education is digital, and the best educational apps already dominate the App Store. Therefore, if you want to compete effectively, there is no doubt that the educational features of these mobile apps will help. In addition, you must be keen to learn about the latest innovations. In addition, you need to use your imagination to present something unusual to the learner.

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