What is the Need for Mobile Super Apps in the USA or Europe?

By Ruchir C.

Apps are becoming more popular than ever, with many new apps being released daily to compete for your attention on Google Play or the App Store. Super apps are a new category that combines multiple apps' functionality into one package. These apps are becoming increasingly popular because they don't require the user to download or maintain multiple programs and still provide all the functionality that one might need.

You can find an app for almost everything starting from, food delivery, booking doctor appointments, booking movie or flight tickets, or reserving hotels. Imagine that instead of switching between multiple mobile apps for different services, you could have one platform that covers all your needs. This type of app is no longer the future. It's possible that you don't even know it, but it's the super app.

Mike Lazaridis, Blackberry's founder, coined the super-app in 2010. It is a closed ecosystem that offers a seamless, integrated, and efficient experience that users can use every day. Twelve years later, super-apps are a reality. They have taken the financial services industry by storm in South and East Asia.

But, this could soon change. Revolut and PayPal, two of the largest western companies, are making significant progress. This could indicate that there will be more. Financial incumbents should invest more in super-apps, especially regarding data and customer journey. Their competitors could disintermediate them.

What is a Super App?

Imagine a single app that includes all of the functions of Facebook, Uber, DoorDash, and Venmo. It also has AirBnB and Lime. WeChat users spend 35% more time than Instagram users, while Gen Z users only spend 53 minutes on Instagram.

Super apps have quickly become a success story in other Southeast Asian nations. Users can buy medical insurance and movie tickets and subscribe to video streaming services via Grab from Singapore. Gojek Indonesia users can use ride-sharing apps, order food, play games, and book massage appointments.

Mike Lazaridis, the founder of Research in Motion (RIM), a company that created and manufactured Blackberry smartphones, introduced the term "super apps." He defined them back in 2010 as "a closed ecosystem" of apps that users would use every day because they provide an integrated, contextualized, efficient, and seamless experience. This is futuristic thinking.

USA and Europe Mobile App Development Market Statistics

The United States is one of the most profitable app markets worldwide. The United States continues to lead mobile app innovation, with several of the world's most downloaded and used apps.

The market statistics for the USA show the following:

  • The total revenue from the App market is expected to reach US$108.10bn by 2022.

  • The expected annual growth rate of total revenue (CAGR 2022-2026) of 8.77% is expected, leading to a market volume of US$151.30bn in 2026.

  • The App market's in-app purchase (IAP) revenue is expected to reach US$55.90bn by 2022.

  • The projected revenue from paid apps in the App Market will reach US$0.75bn by 2022.

  • App market advertising revenue is expected to reach US$51.43bn by 2022.

  • In 2022, the App Market is expected to have 14,537.7 million downloads.

  • The current average revenue per download is estimated to be US$7.43

The market growth for Europe App Analytics is expected to be 18.5% CAGR over 2018-2024. App analysis markets are in high demand due to increasing business interest in mobile advertising, the growing penetration of smartphones within developing countries, and the widespread use of mobile and web applications.

There has also been a significant investment in analytical technology and large investments. The market for app analytics will be constrained by the lack of data consistency and open source alternatives. The market will also benefit from a shift to customer-oriented marketing, leading to more profitable opportunities. There will be a greater focus on BYOD growth and higher ROIs.

  • The total revenue from the App market is expected to reach US$43.61bn by 2022.

  • The total revenue will grow at 9.61% per year (CAGR 2022-2026), resulting in a market volume of US$62.95bn for 2026.

  • The App market's in-app purchase (IAP) revenue is expected to reach US$22.95bn by 2022.

  • The projected revenue from paid apps in the App Market will reach US$0.87bn by 2022.

  • App market advertising revenue is expected to reach US$19.79bn by 2022.

  • In 2022, the App Market is expected to have 26,421.8 million downloads.

  • The current average revenue per download is US$1.65.

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What is the Need of Super App Development in Countries Like USA or Europe?

A super app that is well executed can be a key to achieving market dominance for businesses. These are just a few benefits super apps provide to businesses.

Mobile Experience

China is well-known for its mobile-first society. This is because their citizens first came to the Internet via mobile devices. This was because the Google search engine was shut down in 2010. The nation had almost no desktop experience. However, the smartphone market in Asia is larger and more affordable than in any other region.

These are the reasons for the rise in super app demand. Most importantly, the fact that mobile devices have a limited storage problem has influenced users' behavior toward installing super apps.

Priceless Wealth of User Data

Super apps can collect many data across multiple services. Brands can use analytics to improve customer experiences and track consumer behavior to develop a marketing strategy. These apps have access to an unimaginable amount of consumer data. They know how to use it to provide a better customer experience.

These data can even be used to improve operational processes such as transactional and social data to help risk-assess loan applicants and target customers who need financial products. It is well-known that banks with siloed information and mainframe technology estates have difficulty getting a clear view of their customers.

Increased Customer Base

Super App Development is not only beneficial for existing customers but it can also be used to help companies gain more users and reach a larger market with minimal effort. Suppose a company requires a Tech Vendor only to create a social media app that has communication features. In that case, such a firm will only have customers willing to use their phones to communicate with friends and family. The super app may also be integrated with other functionality, such as ordering food, so that the above business could gain new customers in the F&B industry.

Reduce KYC Costs and Improve Onboarding

Automatic sync of financial and social data can help achieve this advantage. For example, take FinTech apps. To run KYC or AML checks, FinTech Mobile App users must pay large amounts to multiple vendors. The Super App allows the business to only pay once. This means that even if the user completes KYC and AML for GrabPay, it does not need to go through the same processes for Grab Insurance or lending. This reduces the cost of acquiring new customers.

Improves Customer Loyalty and Stickiness

Before super apps, customers would only return to an app when using that service.

If a consumer hails rides only a few times per month, for example, they won't use your app as much and may even delete it from their phone. It's not a service they often use, so the consumer may not feel a solid connection to your brand.

It's unlikely they will uninstall your app if they use it daily to order food and shop online. If you launch a ride-hailing offer in your app, consumers will likely use it to hail a ride. They already have the app on their phones and are familiar with your brand.

In short, customers will become more loyal and use your services more often, which will raise the LTV for each customer.

Exponentially Scale Revenue

Super apps have the main benefit of scaling the value of a user to the number of users. Super apps can be considered a collection of multiple apps a single user could access in one day.

Instead of marketing to more people, you are showing your users who already trust and like your brand that you can now solve other problems they have.

Your conversion rates for similar products will increase because they are already loyal users rather than cold prospects.

This will result in a decrease in the cost of acquiring a customer and an increase in revenue.

Data Privacy

Hackers can find it a dream to have all of their financial services in one app. This open system allows users to access many customer data, assets, and sensitive data. Companies should ensure that super apps are safe from fraud and other threats, such as man-in-the-middle attacks while providing a seamless and frictionless customer experience.

Companies should not only protect their mobile apps but also integrate strong authentication directly into their apps. Apps can quickly authenticate users using facial recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprint readers. They can also securely onboard new customers using behavioral biometrics and other digital identity verification tools.

Successful Use Cases of Super App Development

On-demand apps and smartphones are well-known in Western countries like the US and most of Europe. Are they missing the Super app experience? No. Let's look at some ideas below.

Uber's quest for the first super-app in the West - Uber wants to offer many services through one app, including transport, grocery shopping, banking, and even hot meals. Uber wants to be the super app GoJek in Southeast Asia.

Reliance Jio, a telecom giant, and Facebook are looking to create an app similar to WeChat. Economic Times reported that the app's key features include gaming, social, digital payments, and booking flights and hotels.


Grab, a Southeast Asian technology company, launched one of the most popular super apps in April 2019. Its headquarters are located in Singapore and Indonesia. The Cayman Islands was the place where it was created. Over 670 million people use Grab super app to get essential daily services in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Grab. Initially, an on-demand taxi service called GrabTaxi has grown to be a successful platform. It has expanded its services to include logistics, booking hotels, food delivery, and banking services. Grab combined multiple on-demand services in one app and became one of Southeast Asia's most popular super apps.

Grab claims that Grab is responsible for the region's long-term economic empowerment. As a result, many businesses were inspired to create super apps.


Careem, a car-hailing company part of the American Uber, is called Careem. It is headquartered out of Dubai and operates in more than 100 cities across 15 countries, including South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Africa.

Careem users can use cars, Hala Taxi, Bicycles, Food, courier delivery, and Shops services in Dubai. In Lahore, users can now access Transport, Delivery, and Recharge. The same goes for Career Shops. Because the company has different retail partners, it will allow you to order different products if you're in different places. In an interview with CNBC, he also stated that COVID-19 had made the following statement: "Many people who used to go out and do things in the offline world are now forced into doing things digitally." We believe we are in a solid position to emerge as a digital platform that can be stronger.


Rappi is a prominent candidate for super-app platform in Latin America. According to financial experts, Rappi, worth approximately $3.5 billion, is today one of the most valuable start-ups in Latin America. It started out offering food delivery. Rappi now offers many services, including e-scooter and payments. Rappi currently allows you to request a delivery man to deliver something to you that you have forgotten or to walk your dog. You can also purchase clothes and pay for services. You can also watch live concerts, listen online to music, and play video games.


Revolut Digital Banking has released version 7.0. This is another step toward creating a super app for financial services. What if all your financial needs could be handled in one place instead of multiple apps that can be used for saving, investing, and budgeting? Revolut 7.0 will help you do just that. These are some exciting features you can look forward to in the app very soon.

  • Pockets make it easy to manage your spending. Revolut will pay your monthly bills if you just put some money aside.

  • Subscriptions feature allows you to view all subscriptions from one place. You can see when they need to be sent, what trial subscriptions are ending, and even cancel a subscription you have forgotten about.

  • More stock information includes analyst suggestions, financial information, and stock performance comparisons.

  • Social trading automatically copies trades made by top-performing traders at Revolut. You can also follow the trades of your friends.

  • Groups will make it easy to organize a trip, whether you share it with friends or not.


Grab isn't the only one in Southeast Asia looking to be the top super app. GoJek, the strongest competitor, has expanded beyond its Indonesian market.

GoJek began operations on mobile as a motorcycle ride-hailing app. This Indonesian start-up also offers food delivery, fintech, and massage services.

GoJek is valued at $5 billion after additional funding from well-known investors such as Temasek Holdings in Singapore and Tencent Holdings, a Chinese tech giant.

This super app business model is now much more than its initial offerings. It covers everything you need, including entertainment, lifestyle, and finances. GoJek can expand regionally with one app, and it can be localized in each market. This makes GoJek unique depending on where you live.


Truecaller is an application that allows users to identify spam callers and filters similar text messages. Truecaller's platform has been expanded to include messaging, recording phone calls, payment services, and more in recent years. Truecaller boasted 200 million monthly active users in February 2018. Truecaller also reached 100 million daily active users in April 2018. This is an exciting phase in India's market.

Many companies want to turn their one app into a super app. The battle to create a super app for India could be a rematch of the Chinese market battle between Pony Ma's WeChat and Jack Ma's Alibaba. Each country has its own needs. Each platform must adapt to meet that demand.

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The Key Takeaway

We believe that super apps such as dating apps, on-demand delivery applications, etc. will be the dominant trend for consumers and businesses in the coming decade. It is important to ask banks whether they understand how super apps will impact their business and whether they can react quickly enough to super apps.

Modernization is a key factor in modernizing the business sector. You must keep up with the market by adapting to the trend of launching your venture digitally via platforms. We have already seen the success stories of super apps. As super app developers, we offer the best solution for your company, meeting all of its requirements and putting you in a prominent position.

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