What Makes Online Event Booking Apps like Ticketmaster so Amazing?

By Ruchir C.

The rapid advancement in technology has made us quite addicted to it. Hence we expect everything around us to be digitally advanced. The impact of digitization has brought everything to our finger-tips, and most of the credit goes to mobile devices. Whether we want to book a flight ticket or we are craving for food, everything is just a few taps away. On-demand industry is one major industry that has been affected by the digitization.

One most common example that can be cited in on-demand event ticket booking applications that are in high-demand these days. With the advent of event ticket booking applications in the market, the traditional ways of booking tickets have been completely modified. Now users don’t have to wait in long queues to get tickets of their favorite concert or movie. With the help of on demand ticket booking application, they can book tickets just with few taps.

If we talk about another reason, the COVID-19 crisis has also affected the event management companies, making them face huge losses due to fewer audiences. The restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 have limited the audiences’ presence at the event spaces.

Event Booking Applications: The Introduction

Event booking applications similar to Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, and Cvent are in huge demand nowadays as the ease the process of booking tickets for various events including movies, concerts, clubs, or shows. These event-booking applications are becoming a one stop solution, enabling the users to avoid standing in long queues for hours.

As per the people’s demand to want everything on their finger’s tips, the event booking app is fulfilling that. Through these apps, people can easily register and can save the specific event or show on their app to check the tickets, available different seats, and booking the tickets, Event booking mobile apps have made it so easy for users to book tickets without any kind of hassle. It has made it easy for event organizers, as well as they, can now manage the crowd swiftly.

Market Statistics of Event Booking Applications Post COVID-19

  • In 2020, 96% of event planners gathered their audience online.

  • 60% of Android and iPhone owners have used mobile apps to attend events and socialize with others.

  • Event planners report that 90% of them are seeing rapid ROIs from using organizing and event planning software.

  • Event planners can use mobile apps to impress attendees and create brand value.

  • 74% of event tickets have been sold online, a new record.

  • Companies have been forced to stop holding in-person events due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

  • 95% of event managers and marketers have rushed to develop apps for online marking of entry tickets.

  • 80% of businesses realize that event management in person will result in substantial financial losses

  • 90% of technology professionals organized professional meetings online in 2019 and 2020 using the best Android/iOS/web video-enabled events apps and promoted their agenda securely through the app

  • Market analysts found approximately $5 million was spent on technology events in 2020.

These stats show the importance of smartphone event apps in 2022 and the future. Event planning mobile apps will undoubtedly change many event management functions. In addition, mobile event apps, unlike in-person events, will allow companies to achieve their business goals in this crisis.

Event mobile app development is an option for event managers who want to increase their revenues through mobile app development.

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Why Event Booking Apps Like Ticketmaster Are Gaining Popularity?

Like all other applications on the market, ticket booking software benefits customers and event organizers. These are just a few of the benefits.

#Benefits to Businesses

According to an All-Party Parliamentary Group for Events report, the industry is also growing as more businesses realize the benefits of corporate events. The UK's economic value in 2015 was estimated at £32.6 billion. Here are some benefits that event ticket booking apps offer businesses:

Booking Through Calls Not Required

Traditional event managers spend most of their time answering phones and attending to customers. These Events and Ticketing Solutions allow users to be self-sufficient and fulfill their needs through the application.

Real-Time Analysis for the Business

Real-time analytics of your bookings and revenue earned can be obtained. This will all be done via the application, which is very different from traditional methods.

Faster Payment

This is another important benefit of ticket management systems. You can offer many payment options to your customers. This allows you to provide better customer service and increase the brand value of your application.

Maximum Reservations

This is useful if the user changes their mind after purchasing tickets. The ticket will be locked for future users. These ticketing IT solutions allow users to cancel tickets at any time. The ticket will then be blocked for future users. This allows you to increase the efficiency of your ticket booking process while allowing more people to attend your event.

Simple Management of Big Events

It can be daunting to manage customers if your event lasts more than one day. These e-ticketing portal services make it easy to manage all customers and book more tickets simultaneously.

All-time Services

You can provide 24X7 service to your customers with the mobile app developed by mobile app developers to hire. This is impossible with the offline ticket booking process. So book your event even if you're asleep.

#Benefits to Users

Users' benefits are the ability to understand and appreciate why an individual buys a product or service. They may not be directly related to the function or feature of the product. However, these benefits can be tangible.

Get Event Details

You can still call the agency to inquire about details of the event or the performers. All details can be found on the booking app.

24-Hour Service

The app allows you to book tickets at any hour of the day. In addition, potential users can book from anywhere at any hour of the day or night.

Simple Payments

All payments can be made online and users don't need to bring cash to the event. You can also make advance bookings through the Ticketmaster app for Android. This saves them time.

Information About Events

These apps allow you to book tickets for all events in your city. In addition, these apps allow users to view all events and choose the one that interests them most.

Lower Pricing

The ticket price to a sporting or entertainment event or movie is determined by the seat the user selects. The entire seating layout for an event can now be viewed on the app. Users can see which seats are most expensive and the most affordable, as well as the seats sold.

Types of Event Booking Applications

When developing an event booking app, you need to cater to many types of events. Therefore, they require different apps that are tailored to their needs. Let's look at three types of event apps.

Event App for Festival

Festivals take place throughout the year. You can inform users about upcoming events in their area during the festive season. They can register easily for the event by providing all the information they already know.

You can choose to focus on one or create an event booking app that provides all of these services. You can choose which one suits your business model and audience.

Local Apps

Many local events are happening all around us. But the big question is how customers can keep track of all these events. Companies like AllEvents and Meetup can help customers find nearby events either by location or manually. In addition, users can find like-minded people by assisting them to!

Conference and Business Meetings

Apps are essential for conferences and business meetings. Event organizers can manage large-scale events and reduce the time spent coordinating with attendees. You can create event booking apps that target companies and tailor features to meet their needs.

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Features That Makes Online Event Booking Applications Like Ticketmaster Popular in the Market

Your event planning app's core features will be the foundation of your app. However, integrating more advanced features into your event planner app development solutions can make it stand out in the marketplace. These are the most advanced features.

Location Tracking Feature

Without GPS navigators, mobile event app development is a waste of time. Apps for in-person event scheduling must be built with GPS or location-based capabilities. The event location can be tracked and reached by attendees using GPS connectivity.

Although integration of this feature in event apps may take more time for top iPhone and Android app developers, it will increase app performance, quality, functionality, and speed.


This is a great feature that you should integrate into your mobile app. This feature allows users to save or add the top events they attended. In addition, the feature will notify users about any future events.

Chatbot Assistance

Today, Artificial Intelligence and other co-technologies occupy more of the mobile app development market. 90% of mobile apps use AI and Machine Learning Analytical capabilities.

The AI-powered Chatbot feature can take your event app to the next stage. AI virtual chatbots in event apps respond accurately to user queries 24*7 and improve app personalization.

AI chatbots can also help people book tickets and find the best event. Machine learning algorithms (ML) would use search data to identify patterns and recommend events that match their interests.

Live Audio Streaming

This feature is the most powerful you can add to your mobile event app. This feature allows you to broadcast live video with high resolution and allow your users to view it from any location, at any time, without disrupting the network.

QR Code Reader

This feature allows organizers and attendees to verify in-person events' authenticity quickly. In addition, event management companies can soon verify and authenticate virtual tickets using QR code scanners.

Third-Party Plug-Ins

Integration of third-party plugins such as Google Digital Payments and Search Bars, Google Slides, and YouTube will enhance the functionality of your event ticket booking app.

We have now looked at the essential features that help answer the question of how much it costs for an event management app and ticket booking app to be built. After that, it is time to move on to the next functional element.

Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence in Event Ticket Booking Applications

AI has allowed businesses that use mobile platforms to personalize their marketing strategies.

Let's look at a few uses of AI in ticket bookings online:

Facial Recognition to Check-In

Facial recognition technology has seen significant progress in the past ten years.

Event organizers might allow attendees to check in with only their faces using strong AI capabilities. It will match the ticket to the person's face and provide any additional information they require. This will ensure no more lost keys and similar issues during check-ins.

Using Power of Data

AI in Events gathers, organizes, and analyses user data during an event. Data can be used to improve future events and participation.

AI and BI (Business Intelligence) technologies may be used to determine the percentage. You can use this information to decide sign-ups, the duration of an individual's presence at specific sessions, chat activity, and other pertinent indicators. These data could provide valuable information that can be used to improve future events.

AI Matchmaking

One of the most accepted uses of AI is to give event participants personalization and suggestions. For example, participants in a trade show should fill out a survey about what interests them. AI will then match them with booths and businesses closely matching their interests.

Improved Communication

While the technology is not yet fully developed, AI has contributed significantly to the translation industry. AI has helped to make translation tools more efficient and precise and removed linguistic barriers from events.

Chatbots are another way AI facilitates user communication. For example, Chatbots can be used to answer questions at actual or virtual events.

Monetization Models of On-Demand Ticket Booking Applications Like Ticketmaster

How can you make money from your event booking app?

There are many ways to get back your investment money. Some even have a higher valuation. These are the methods that many event management entrepreneurs follow.


An app can introduce an advertising model that allows you to make money by showing event ads or videos to customers. An additional payment option for in-app advertising can be added based on how many clicks the app receives.

Add Service Fee

You can charge a fixed service fee to event managers for each ticket booked through your application. You can provide a breakdown to your customers during checkout, so they are as transparent as possible. This is the most popular model for aggregators and allows them to provide the best service possible for their customers.

Premium Version

This is the best way to monetize your app and give your users a great experience. Your application can be entirely free, and users will have access to features that allow them to plan and manage events efficiently. You can also define your premium model, subscription-based or annually. Users can choose which payment tier they prefer, depending on their needs.

Third-Party Advertisements

Mobile app solutions are famous for displaying or showing the ads of other businesses. These ads can be paid and increase event booking app revenue.

Feature Coverage

You can also book event booking apps to place specific events at the top of your homepage for a set amount. These fees are expensive and can be a great way to generate additional revenue.

Special Screening Fees

Some ticket booking apps offer unique screening options for their customers. Users will need to pay an additional fee for this option. However, if users request a special screening, it can increase your app's revenue.

Cost of Developing an Event Booking App Like Ticketmaster

To manage your overall budget, it is essential to understand the total cost of mobile app development. When discussing the app cost, you should consider factors such as the number of apps, complexity, custom features, the time required, location, experience, and development time.

All these factors combined would result in an estimated cost of event ticket booking app development like Ticketmaster app at $15,000 to $40,000 for core features. This is an estimate, and it could fluctuate depending on the factors discussed. For example, it will cost more if you need a mobile application compatible with Android and iOS.

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The Key Takeaway

A ticket booking app is a great way to increase your business' profits and reduce costs. A mobile app for ticket booking can help retain customers by allowing them easy ways to book tickets in advance or at the last minute. You can hire an event management app development company to help you build an app that fulfills your needs or you can also purchase Ticketmaster API for quick processing.

A ticket booking app for mobile devices can increase the company's value. You can keep customers coming back by allowing them to book their tickets on the go. A company specializing in event ticket app development can help you create a custom app at a reasonable price.

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