What Makes Online Event Booking Apps like Ticketmaster so Amazing?

By Ruchir C.

The rapid development of technology has gotten us addicted. We anticipate that everything will be technologically enhanced. Thanks to digitization, we now have better access to everything, with mobile devices receiving most of the credit. Whether we are hungry or need to book a flight, everything is at our fingertips. The on-demand industry is one important sector that has been impacted.

One good example is on-demand ticket-booking software that enables you to purchase tickets for events. With the advent of ticket booking applications, the conventional approaches to purchasing tickets for events underwent a significant transformation. Users are no longer required to wait in long lineups to get tickets for their preferred movie or performance. With the on-demand ticketmaster app for android, they can now do so in a matter of clicks. 

Another reason is that the COVID-19 crisis also affected event management companies. They are now facing huge losses because they need more attendees. COVID-19 has imposed restrictions that have reduced public attendance at events.

Is Ticketmaster an Industry Monopoly?

Ticketmaster is one of the top ticketing and booking businesses in the entertainment and arts sector. It oversees the sale of tickets at venues all over the world, including museums, theaters, stadiums, and other places. Colleges created it in 1976 to market concert tickets on their campuses. The business has grown into a global force and the de facto leader in event ticketing. Currently, Ticketmaster dominates the market for resale tickets. Private parties who resale tickets using its site are charged a service fee.

Before the COVID-19 epidemic, the corporation sold nearly 500,000 tickets internationally. What ramifications does this have for regulators and event attendees, and how did Ticketmaster come to hold such sway?

The History of Ticketmaster

They were able to sell attendees' tickets as a result. In addition to charging clients a service fee, Ticketmaster generated revenue by leasing its services to other businesses. At the time, Ticketron dominated the American ticketing market. It was a division, a former mainframe corporation that failed in the early. Midway through the 1980s, the company passed Ticketron thanks to aggressive marketing and rewards for venues that use Ticketmaster. It had agreements and was a significant participant in the US, with deals in over 90 cities.

The corporation sold more than 52 million tickets annually and earned more than $1 billion. Through Allen's efforts, Ticketmaster became an information technology firm that offers online ticket sales in addition to those at physical affiliate stores.

To build an online entertainment guide that sells concert tickets and related products, InterActive Corp., a key player in digital media, bought the majority of shares in Ticketmaster and CitySearch. smaller ticket-selling companies throughout the 2000s. In 2008, Ticketmaster separated into a separate company.

To secure the exclusive rights to market concert tickets for Front Line talent, Ticketmaster acquired Front Line Management, a renowned musicians management and representation organization, the most significant event organizer in the nation. It also intended to introduce a custom ticketing platform. When the two businesses announced a merger in 2009, this rivalry ended a year later.

Anti-Competitiveness Claims

After its ticketing system crashed during a presale for  upcoming concert tour, Ticketmaster made headlines. Many people who attempted to buy tickets could not log into their website. Customers and fans criticized Ticketmaster for its monopolistic and problematic ticketing system. According to report, a considerable number of customers trying to buy  tickets at the same time caused the system to fail. However, supporters and ticket buyers continued to express their annoyance and rage on social media, demanding an end to the Ticketmaster monopoly. 

Event Booking Apps The Introduction

Event booking apps are top-rated as they make it easy to book tickets for many events, including concerts, shows, clubs, etc. This allows users to save time and avoid long lines.

The event booking app fulfills the demand of people to have everything at their fingertips. These apps allow people to register, save and view the event, check available seats and book tickets. This app has made it easier for event organizers to manage crowds quickly.

What is the Market Share of Ticketmaster?

According to a study, ticketmaster app controls more than 70% of the live event ticketing market and more than 80% of the market for concerts and live performances. It is feared that it would misuse its market dominance, harming customers or utilizing unreasonable terms.

 Market Research for Event Booking Software After COVID-19 

  •   96% of event organizers found their audience online. 
  •  60% of iPhone and Android users have used a mobile app to attend events and socialize. 
  •  90% of event planners claim that adopting organizing and event-planning software has quickly increased their returns on investment. 
  •  Event organizers can employ mobile apps to wow attendees and boost brand value. 
  •  The percentage of event tickets sold online has reached a new high of 74%.
  • Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies have had to cancel their in-person events.
  • Marketers and event managers have quickly created apps that allow online entry ticket marking.
  • 80% of companies are aware that ineffective event management can result in significant financial losses. 
  •  90% of IT workers used the top Android, iOS, and web video event apps to conduct business meetings online. Additionally, they used the app to promote their objective safely.
  • analysts predicted that spending on technology events would be around $5 million. 

These figures demonstrate the growing significance of smartphone event apps through. Numerous facets of event management will alter thanks to mobile event planning apps. Companies will be able to accomplish their business objectives in emergency scenarios thanks to mobile event apps, which are not achievable with face-to-face events.

Event mobile app development is something that event managers should think about if they want to improve their revenue.

Why are Apps for Booking Events like Ticketmaster becoming more Popular?

Like every other software available, ticket booking software has advantages for event planners and attendees. These are merely a few advantages.

Benefits for Businesses

According to report, the industry is expanding as more businesses see the advantages of corporate events.

Booking through Calls Is Not Necessary 

The majority of their time is typically spent on customer service or answering phones for traditional event managers. Users can be independent and use the application to fit their demands thanks to these Events and Ticketing Solutions.

Real-Time Analysis of the Business

You can get real-time analytics about your bookings and the revenue you have earned. The application will do all of this, which significantly improves over traditional methods.


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Faster Payment

The ability to provide payment options is another advantage of ticket management systems. Numerous payment alternatives are available to customers. You'll be able to provide better customer service as a result, and your brand value will rise.

Maximum Reservations

This function is handy if the user changes their mind after buying tickets. For future use, the ticket will remain locked. Users can cancel tickets at any moment using this IT solution for ticketing. Future users won't be able to access the ticket after this. By doing this, you may increase the effectiveness of your ticket-ordering procedure and invite more people to your event.

Simple Management for Big Events

If your event is longer than one day, managing all of your customers can be challenging. This e-ticketing portal service makes it simple to manage all customers simultaneously and book additional tickets.

All-time Services

You may provide 24x7 customer assistance by hiring mobile app developers. When purchasing tickets offline, this is not feasible. Even when you are asleep, reserve your event.

Users Get

Users gain from being able to comprehend and value the reasons behind their purchases of goods and services. These advantages might not always be connected to the use or attribute of the product. These advantages might be observable.

Get Event Details

To inquire about the details of the event and the performers, you can call the agency. The booking app has all details.

24 Hour Service

Using the app or ticketmaster login you may purchase tickets anytime and from any location. Additionally, prospective customers can make reservations for tickets at any time and from anywhere.

Simple payments

Online payments are possible, and you don't have to bring cash. Advance bookings can be made through the Ticketmaster app for Android. This saves them time.

Details about Events 

You may use these apps to purchase tickets for any local event. You may view all events on these apps so you can pick the one that most interests you.

Lower Pricing

The ticket cost for a sporting, entertainment, or film event is based on the seat the user selects. On the app, you can see every seat in the house for any event. Users of the app can view the costs and sales of the various seats.

Event Booking Applications

When creating an event booking software, you must be able to accommodate many types of events. They need apps that are tailored to their particular requirements. Let's look at three categories of event apps.

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App for Events at Festivals

There are celebrations all year round. During the holiday season, let users know about any planned activities in their neighborhood. By providing all the information you are already aware of, you can quickly sign them up for the event.

You can either concentrate on a single service or create an app that provides each one separately. You can select the most closely that matches your audience or company model.


Everywhere in the nation, there are a lot of regional events taking place. How clients will keep track of all these events is a crucial concern. Customers can find nearby events manually or by location using Meetup and AllEvents. Users can assist others in finding folks who share their interests.

Meetings for Conferences and Business 

For conferences and business meetings, apps are essential. Significant events may be managed, and the time spent coordinating with guests is reduced by event planners. Apps for booking events can be made specifically for businesses and geared to their needs.

The Market Share of Ticketmaster and Other Online Event Booking Tools

Your event planning app is built on its essential features. By adding cutting-edge features to your event planning app development services, you can increase market competition. The most advanced features are those.

Location Tracking Feature

Without GPS, developing mobile event apps is a waste. Mobile event apps that support scheduling in person must have GPS or location-based features. Attendees may locate the event and get there by using GPS connectivity.

Top iPhone or Android app developers may need more time to include this functionality in event applications, but the apps' performance, quality, and speed will all improve.


You should include this feature in your mobile application. Users can save and add popular events using this functionality to their mobile app. Users will also be informed of any upcoming events using the function.

Chatbot Assistance

In addition to other co-technologies, artificial intelligence now makes up a growing portion of the mobile app market. 90% of mobile applications use AI and machine learning analytics.

You may grow your event app to new heights with the help of chatbots powered by AI. Artificially created virtual chatbots for event applications can answer user questions around-the-clock and enhance app personalization.

AI chatbots can also assist users in making reservations or locating the finest events. Machine learning algorithms (ML) are a class of algorithms that use search data to detect patterns and recommend events that match user interests.

Streaming live Audio 

One of the most compelling features you can add to your mobile events app is this one. High-resolution live video transmission is made possible by this capability. It is accessible to users 24/7 from any location.

Read QR Codes 

Attendees and organizers may immediately confirm the legitimacy of live events thanks to this. Event management businesses will soon be able to authenticate virtual tickets by scanning QR codes.

Third-Party Plugins

The functionality of your event ticketing software will be enhanced by using third-party plugins like Google Digital Payments and Search Bars, as well as Google Slides and YouTube.

We've now examined the essential components that will enable us to determine how much a ticketing and event management app will cost. The following helpful component is at hand.

Case Studies of Artificial Intelligence in Event Tickets Booking Applications

Businesses that use mobile platforms for personalization can now benefit from AI. Let's take a look at some uses of AI for ticket bookings online.

Facial Recognition for Check-In

Facial recognition technology has advanced significantly during the last ten years. Event planners may only use powerful AI skills to allow guests to check in with their faces. It will identify the person on the ticket and give them any extra information they require. This will stop critical loss and other similar issues from occurring again when guests check in.

Using the Power of Data

During events, AI in Events gathers, sorts, and analyzes usage data. This information can be applied to improving participants and upcoming events. AI or BI can be used to determine the percentage (Business Intelligence). This data can be used to calculate registrations and the length of time a person spends attending a given session. Along with other essential metrics, chat activity. These data can offer insightful knowledge that might be applied to future events to make them better.

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AI Matchmaking

AI has the potential to personalize and offer content to event attendees. One of the most common applications of AI is this. At a trade event, attendees can answer questionnaires about their interests. They will be connected via AI with shops or booths that closely match their interests.

Improved Communication

Even though the technology is still in its infancy, AI has significantly impacted the translation market. Language barriers between events have been removed, and translation tools have become more accurate and effective thanks to AI.

Another method AI enables user communication is through chatbots. Chatbots can respond to inquiries regarding real or imagined events.

Monetization Models for On-Demand Ticket Booking Apps Like Ticketmaster

How can you make money with your event booking app? You have a lot of choices for getting your investment money back. Some things are worth more. These are the primary strategies event management business owners employ.


A mobile app may provide an advertising model that enables you to display videos or event advertisements to customers. You can add a second payment method for in-app advertising based on how many clicks an app receives.

Add Service Charge

Every ticket that is purchased through your app may be subject to a set cost from event managers. To be honest with your customers, you can break down the pricing for them at the checkout. Aggregators typically operate on this paradigm, which enables them to give their clients the best service possible.

Premium Version

This is a great way to make money from your app and provide a great user experience. You can make your app completely free and give users access to event planning and management tools. Your premium model can be subscription-based, annual or both. You can select which payment tier you prefer depending on your needs.

Third-Party Advertisements

Ads from other companies are frequently seen or shown in mobile apps. To boost revenue from event booking apps, these advertisements can be purchased.

Feature Coverage

For a set fee, you may also use event booking tools to add specific events to your homepage. Although these fees may be highly pricey, they may bring in extra money.

Special Screening Fees

Ads from other companies are frequently seen or shown in mobile apps. To boost revenue from event booking apps, these advertisements can be purchased.

Coverage of Features

You may also use event booking tools to add specific events to your homepage for a set fee. Although these fees may be highly pricey, they may bring in extra money.

Fees for Special Screening

Some apps for buying tickets provide their users with distinctive screening choices. Users will need to pay an extra price for this option. Users can ask for specialized examinations to boost their app's income.

Development of an Event Booking App Similar to Ticketmaster

In order to manage your budget, it is critical to understand the total cost of developing a mobile application. When determining the cost of your app, take into account elements such as the number of applications you require, complexity, specific features, the time necessary, location, experience, as well as development time.

These elements taken together would result in an estimated cost of $15,000 to $40,000 for the creation of an event ticket booking app with the essential functionalities. It is merely a projection and is subject to vary based on the variables. If you need an iOS and Android-compatible mobile app, the cost will be more.


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An app for buying tickets is a terrific method to boost revenue and cut costs. If customers can purchase tickets online or in advance, their loyalty will increase. You have two options for speedy processing: either employ a business that develops event management apps or buy the ticketmaster API.

The value of the business may rise with the development of a mobile ticketing app. If customers can purchase tickets from their mobile devices, they will be more inclined to return. A business that specializes in creating event ticket applications can create a custom app for you at a very reasonable cost.

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