Which Is the Best Way to Build an Event Management App?

By Ruchir C.

Socializing has been a normal part of humans since the beginning. We enjoy going to events as well as organizing events. We love to meet with friends, whether we are our familiar ones or meet new ones. At any moment of the night, there will be an event in any part of the globe. The events may have various motives and topics. Still, they all have something that they share: they are all benefited from ever-changing technology.

Today, there's an app to check your email news, weather, banking, or just chat with your online friends. Planning events is a huge market for opportunities in terms of revenue and opportunities. Customized event management app development is a hot issue on the market as its popularity is exploding through the roof. The numbers for event-related apps are promising. If you're looking to create an app for your event, we will discuss the process of developing it within this article.

Tools for managing events are something we are passionate about discussing. This is primarily because experiential marketing statistics demonstrate that using software to manage events can increase attendance by 20 percent, productivity by 27%, and profit margins by 20-30%.

With so many free tools for managing events available today, there's easy to see why event planners are looking out for the options available.

We've identified the best tools for planning events based on real reviews of customers, their respective scores on top software ranking websites such as Capterra, and the notable features we're certain event planners will appreciate. Before we begin, we'll give you some tips on picking the best event management applications for your next major project.

This article will discuss how you can create an app for planning events successfully. We will first discuss certain essential features and planning apps already on the market to gain an idea of the people and their expectations.

Apps for planning events have proved to be a reliable method of engaging the audience, providing a better experience, and improving the efficiency of an event organizer. It's no surprise that the market for event technology is expected to expand by 10.65 percent between 2019 and 2025, as per Mordor Intelligence.

What Is an Event App?

Planning an event is several complications. Event apps are software programs specifically developed to offer high efficiency and assist in the planning of events, no matter the scale. The main focus of every event is its management, and these apps can help manage these events through their effective tools. Event apps can significantly improve the experience for participants, and event planners can boost their profits.

These apps are highly modern in terms of functionality and features. In the past, an event could be attended by many people when it provided quality content or had a topic to attune people with similar preferences. These apps for events have completely changed the game. You can now inform your attendees about final-minute changes or updates via the application. Developers of apps for events are more focused on integrating sophisticated features beyond the initial concept and the basic function of letting the venue know the time of the event. The development of apps for managing events market is predicted to exceed fifteen million US dollars by 2025. It will grow at an increase that is 11.60 percent. Making an app for events could be beneficial in the current time, based on the market's current growth market.

What Are Essential Event Management Features?

The advent of smart technology is disrupting the global event industry significantly. A survey conducted early revealed that 80 percent of event planners utilize mobile-specific event apps to boost reach and increase awareness levels. The benefits of using digital event management solution are evident to the present crowd of event planners, and 4 of 10 event planners employ these platforms.

The competition is intense, and with the number of corporate events growing on a year-on-year basis, the responsibility falls on tech companies to develop software solutions that provide worth to event organizers. Here, we'll examine the essential features that an excellent event management system must contain:

Budget and database management

With this program, managing budgets is made much easier. It lets you monitor your business's funds and expenditures. It also allows you to re-estimate costs at every step of planning your event. You can also track transactions and deals, keep the entire details, track invoices, and manage them.

The database used for budget management is generally thought of as the basis of event management software. It consolidates all the data obtained during events like registration, analysis of the industries, or getting guests. The system allows the creation of mailing lists, guest lists, or calendars of events. The budget and database modules store all necessary details in one location for you to access at any moment.

On-site functionality

During your event, the most important aspect would be the software's capability and ease of use for managing events. With this program in place, you can effortlessly manage meetings, make lists of attendees, or change the details on social media right on the spot. The software will also allow the creation of real-time reports that give your employees greater control over the continuously changing circumstances. The reports must be able to locate key details like the number of people attending and timetables and revenue.

Staff recruitment management

Alongside the event management software, you will require competent and experienced personnel to organize and manage an event. Event management software must also let you quickly locate and recruit additional people to join your team should you require it. For instance, our staff management software lets users manage their staff and seasonal employees on a variety of levels and assists in recruiting.

Attendee management

To increase your efficiency, the program should include an element that lets you handle all issues related to the attendees. It is essential to offer participants the option to sign up and purchase tickets on the internet. It's a fun and efficient method of helping attendees get to the event. By displaying the attendees' list, you can manage the various aspects of your event, such as keeping track of the attendees who have registered and giving them the best possible service.

Furthermore, using the list of guests and participants, the staff can keep the number of people who attend the event in check and distribute essential items like badges, brochures, labels, and schedules to everyone who requires them. You can also build an online community that allows participants to connect and share common memories through the event management software.

Campaign management and event marketing

Event management software must also include tools that simplify the process of advertising your event. This program should enable you to control all of your social media and mailing lists, and blog sites in one place. To make your promotional campaigns successful, you must also establish an online social network. Make it easy for people to interact with one another to share memories and stories to attract their attention.

Marketing Statistics of Event Management Application

The way events are organized changed in how they are presented in the last year of 2020. In the first quarter of the year 2020, no one would have thought of organizing an event online; however, fast ahead to the conclusion of 2020, and we realize that virtual events are on the rise. In addition to virtual events, physical events are returning to their original schedules following the relaxation of authorities.

As per the findings of Bizzabo, more than sixty percent of marketing professionals prefer using an event app to boost attendance rates. Ninety-eight percent of event planners prefer sessions and agenda features in their event app, says an analysis by Event MB.

Benefits of building an Event Management App

The advantages of event planning app development are endless, like checking in on the event, looking around the location, and requesting various questions to the Chatbots. Mobile apps are likely to become an integral component of every event shortly since most attendees will be comprised of Millennials and Gen-Z. Here are some typical benefits of event apps.

Aesthetic Experience

Users can purchase tickets, sign up themselves, check-in, and via an app on smartphones. The convenience percentage will boost the number of people who engage.

Social Networking 

The events are an opportunity to meet different people and form an online network. The participants benefit by becoming acquainted with a broad assortment of possibilities for business. Organizers profit from the free publicity and showcase their management abilities to get the next deal.

Social Media Promoting

You can always live to stream your event via different social media platforms, which will increase the popularity of your event management app and draw more customers and potential customers. You can also inform customers and users about the most recent updates to the event by posting the details on your app's social media accounts.


There is a wealth of electronic devices that can be used during an event. You could attract sponsors for these electronic items and then promote them to boost the revenue numbers.

True Feedbacks

Event applications with a feedback function help get immediate feedback about an event, and the event organizers don't have to go to the extreme to get the results of their particular event. The data provided by these apps help event organizers improve their planning and marketing strategies in line with feedback.

How to Build an Event Management App?

Making an app for events has its own set of challenges and difficulties. With the size of the market and the large number of people who use it, it makes sense to build an app for events. There are plenty of opportunities. And with the right functions and features that meet users' expectations, the app will succeed in the major leagues. This is the general method of creating an app for events.

1. Find your niche

The first step in developing an app for events is to know the purpose of your app. You must be clear about your goals and expectations from the undertaking. There are a variety of apps for events on the market. You should pick your preferred niche before another step. The most popular kinds of event-planning apps available comprise:

  • Party Planner Apps

  • Trade Conferences Planning Apps

  • Applications for planning corporate events

  • Apps for Festival Guides

  • Wedding Apps for Event Planning

After choosing your area of expertise, you can take the next stage, a thorough market study. You'll learn many facts that will help create your plan. Learn about your competition and their strategies for market entry. These details can help you create your road map for functional purposes, which will make it easier to follow the process.

2. Decide the Implementation Plan

After you've gathered the information on the various kinds of apps for events and the most popular contenders of this type, the next step is to determine the platforms you will use. In the age of technology, there are many different ways to use the same platform. You may choose iOS development, Android development, or even a web-based app. Opting for a mobile-based app rather than a website-based application is suggested because it offers many advantages and features users consider helpful, like offline access, such as maps, maps, etc.

3. Get Your Requirements Straight 

The next step on the development path is defining the general requirements of your platform. To create an app for events that is awe-inspiring to clients, you'll require an array of basic and advanced functions. The features may differ for your app since events apps come with a range of features, and the set of features must be in line with the business model you have established. We've outlined some of the features you need to think about in event management app development.

Details of the Event

Participants can obtain full details on the program and learn about the agenda. They can also find information on the program's schedule and the present speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Book Tickets

Users can book their seats at an event using this feature. This feature lets users book tickets for the entire schedule of events they want to attend and be informed about every reservation in one location.


The purpose of events is to create connections. This feature allows users to make connections with others via chat. Make sure to add the possibility of peer-to-peer and chat in a group.

Interactive Maps

Attendees can determine their directions during an event by using this tool. The map will direct users to the closest exit and other facilities available at the time of the event. You could incorporate Google maps to help provide directions to those attending.

Real-Time Analytics

Reading how your guests can provide you with an understanding of their preferences. Then, next time, you can enhance your services according to their preferences. This feature allows you to analyze the user's real-time behavior. It retrieves information about how people use the application and what they do at the event.

Query Booth 

Event events generate a variety of questions. Some are about the process, and others are about the process and the directions. Your app must have an area for queries to answer the user's questions concerning the event. It could include a chat feature that responds to the questions and concerns of the guests.


If a user buys a ticket for the event but cannot attend the event or attend the event because of a variety of factors, the app must offer live streaming of the current event via the app. This can serve as a means of monetization.

4. Design, Build, Test, and Launch

Once you've got all the elements of the development puzzle, now is the time to put them all together to complete the puzzle. Employ a fully-fledged event mobile application development company that can provide you with an expert team. Explore your idea thoroughly and create a stunning user interface for your mobile app. UX/UI design is the first thing a user is exposed to on your app. you must make it appealing and easy to use.

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All-in-one software for managing events is essential for anyone who wants to stay at the top of the game in event management.

A smooth event using the appropriate technology for managing venues makes event planning and teamwork coordination easy to manage and will ensure greater participation. Additionally, it can assist you in getting an advantage over your competitors in the industry.

Achieving success with the perfect event is about being organized, managing a variety of important elements, and overseeing other people and their duties. Technology and the internet have created a wealth of tools to plan events that keep you updated on your team's work and provide potential attendees with the most amazing online or hybrid experience.

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