Why Invest in Alcohol Delivery App Development?

By Ruchir C.

Imagine you're about to throw a party at your home. Still, amid the chaos and hustle, you didn't have the alcohol and beverages for your guest. What are you going to do? It's likely to be a stressful time. However, there's no need to be in a panic.

We can't stop thinking about the advantages of using the internet-based Alcohol delivery service. The app for the delivery of drinks is bringing a revolution to the delivery of the food and beverages business. People can now take orders for soft drinks via food delivery apps. Now, they can also order their preferred alcohol-based drink on the internet.

Users appreciate it if they get their favorite drink delivered to their door, which is why the need for developing alcohol delivery apps increased. After covid-19, this desire has grown exponentially and led to the development of many online alcohol delivery services. The lockdown was a time when everything was banned. There was a restriction on drinking out. People suffered much in obtaining their favorite drink since, until then, online beverage delivery apps weren't very well-known. These apps are earning huge revenues thanks to their amazing capabilities and services.

How COVID-19 Affected the On-demand Liquor Delivery?

The web is never more potent than during the outbreak of coronavirus. While the world went into lockdown, many customers logged on to the internet, resulting in an enormous increase in the alcohol industry on e-commerce.

People worldwide have been forced in their homes to stop the spread of the dangerous virus, so they switched to different websites to purchase their most loved alcohol. This has dramatically enhanced the model of delivery on demand for liquor.

Why Investing in Alcohol Delivery App Development Beneficial?

Let's talk about why you should invest in the development of apps for alcohol delivery. What are the primary factors that make the sector of liquor delivery an extremely sought-after industry in the world?

The global alcoholic beverage market is anticipated to surpass $1,684 billion by 2025. The vast increase is due to the rise in the demand of consumers.

With the help of the app's creative features for alcohol delivery, you can draw increasing numbers of customers and generate huge profits quickly. The available apps offer a better return on investment, provide cashless transaction services to customers, and allow the admin to monitor each day's sales and transactions.

In response to the escalating demand for alcohol, the US government has allowed the legal sale of online alcohol. The government has enacted bills following the user's requirements and has allowed on-demand alcohol delivery for its citizens.

Working on On-Demand Liquor Delivery Applications

An app that delivers alcohol allows liquor retailers to provide an online shopping platform using the application. This app allows consumers to browse various liquors, including vodka, whiskey, beer, gin, wine, and more.

After the client has selected the preferred brand and variety of liquor, he can quickly schedule the delivery date of his purchase. The delivery could be made from the retailer's point of entry, or he may employ a third-party delivery service to handle all deliveries.

Let's look at how Drizly, a renowned Boston-based app for liquor delivery, works. Also known as "Amazon for alcohol' this excellent liquor app witnessed a 30% growth in sales during the COVID-19 epidemic.

  • After users have downloaded the application, users must make a profile to begin shopping.

  • Drizly collaborates with more than 1,000 brick-and-mortar liquor stores across Canada and America. It allows customers to select their preferred liquor from local stores by pressing a button.

  • When the customer has placed the order, the store's partners at Drizly will prepare and package the items.

  • The package is collected by Drizly's delivery personnel, who deliver the package within an hour to the customer's doorstep.

Common Features of Online Alcohol Delivery App

Here are a few of the most commonly used characteristics of the various panel of liquor delivery applications:

Users/Customer Panel

  • Social Sign-up/Login

  • Browse Products

  • Filters (navigate through the various categories of products)

  • Place an Order

  • Order History

  • Discounts and deals

  • Different payment options

  • Track Order

  • Push Notification

  • Feedback

Admin Panel

  • Log in and register

  • Liquor store management

  • Customer management

  • Management of price and product

  • Management of order

  • Management of payments

  • Real-time report

  • Discounts and deals

Store Manager Panel

  • Registration

  • Modifications to the categories of drinks

  • Take advantage of free discounts on snacks

  • Control prices

  • Rating and reviews of products

  • Control store earnings

  • Create reports

Delivery Manager

  • Manage delivery executives

  • Manage order deliveries

  • The assignment of orders

  • Answering customer queries

Must-Have Features of Alcohol Delivery Application Development

In the preceding section, we've discussed the fundamental elements that must be included in any online alcohol delivery app. However, we'll now discuss the more advanced features that ensure your app appears more user-friendly and allow you to provide more options to your clients.

Social Login/ Sign-up

We have previously discussed this as well; however, to enhance the experience, it is possible to permit your users to sign up for the use of any platform on social media. This can facilitate easy and speedy registration of customers.

Cloud Management

This feature allows you to store all relevant information like user's orders or offers, delivery details, and other details of your liquor delivery company all in one location, making the process easy and efficient.

Rewards Points

Rewards points allow customers to go to the same spot again because they accumulate spending points. These various offers can be a powerful marketing tool that helps to retain the client base.

Push Notifications

The feature will keep customers informed of all important information regarding their order status, discounts, birthday gifts, special offers, or information about the restocking process. This feature will allow you to increase the app's value if a customer hasn't taken any activity for a few days. It can help them keep in contact with users.

Age Verification Document Upload

This feature should be integrated within your app since it will let customers add vital documents for age verification in their profiles to ensure they're qualified to purchase alcohol on the internet. This will also help avoid negative consequences for you should you offer alcohol to anyone younger than 18.

In-App Chat

With the help of in-app chat, customers can easily talk to the delivery person without leaving the application. They can check the status of their order and assist the delivery agent in quickly reaching the customer's address.

Behaviour Tracking

The behavior tracking system helps in understanding the patterns of purchases and preferences. It can help discover the unique needs and preferences of customers. The information can be used to customize users' experiences. The store manager will regulate the ads according to the needs and provide relevant alerts to users.

Multi-Payment Gateway

It is crucial to offer different payment options for customers for quick and straightforward payment. The customer should choose to pay with debit and credit cards, electronic wallets, PayPal cash on delivery, etc.

Voice Command

A new feature that allows your customers to make orders via voice. The users can simply speak and have their orders processed quickly. It works precisely like Siri and Amazon Alexa.

Heat Map

Heat maps are among the most important aspects of the alcohol online delivery application. They permit the app's owner to see and analyze regions with the hottest pickup orders, high-volume orders, and drop-off locations. This data is helpful for them to put their delivery personnel in areas that are highly demanded and to avoid delay.

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Monetization Strategies for Alcohol Delivery App

How can you earn money through your online alcohol delivery application?

This article will show how to make money using the app to deliver alcohol. Earning good profits through your business is something we all strive for. That is why it's crucial to be aware of the various strategies to monetize your business:


One of the most basic monetization methods accepted by all online delivery and ordering applications. You earn a commission on each purchase you make using your application.

Featured Listing

The app owners provide a top place to liquor store stores to ensure that they are on top and receive the attention of customers right away. The app owners pay an agreed-upon amount to place the store's name at the top of the list.


You can show advertisements for the various brands of alcohol and other stores with a large following via your alcohol delivery application. You may charge for the platform for advertising to the other brands.

Sell Additional Products

You can create your online store to sell the items such as wine glasses, beer mugs, and other similar products. This will grab the customer's attention and allow you to generate a profit from your app for alcohol delivery on demand.

Factors Influencing On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App Development Cost!

The cost of mobile app development depends on various crucial elements. The main cost drivers of app development are the strategy for building, development platform, compatibility with devices apps' functionalities, security testing, hosting, and maintenance. In the end, the structure of a company will determine the other ad-hoc costs.


The cost of developing mobile apps will be affected by your choice of device, iOS or Android. The better option to create an app on iOS or Android depends on the target audience you want to connect with. The extensive market and audience research conducted by the mobile app development firm can assist you in deciding which kind of device is best to concentrate on.

Walking through any major city center, you could be surprised to see that most people carry Apples around their necks. Unexpectedly, the world's smartphone operating systems market share data reveal that Android is a significant advantage over iOS.

Type of Business Model

Consumers pay around $22.6 billion for mobile apps across the globe. In addition, 178 billion apps are downloaded each year. This number is expected to reach 258 billion in 2022. These figures indicate the amount of money spent on various areas of development of mobile applications.

The main elements, like the business model, the target audience, and other services, assist in defining the design of the app's budget. The development time of an app for a business is more extensive than the model for a consumer app. The complexity required by business applications increases, as will the time needed to finish the process. As time passes, the price of doing business will also increase.

Internal Infrastructure – Backend and API

When discussing the factors that influence development costs, it is important to consider the internal structure of mobile apps and their backend. The backend encompasses everything server-related, including databases and interior, technical architecture, etc. It's all the things that users aren't able to see when using an application.

Another aspect we must consider is API or an application programming interface. API. APIs create a link between your app and certain third-party services: an online payment processor or a messenger system that holds health records or other data, etc. They all have various levels of complexity. And they are all free; however, if you're looking for an individual build, it is recommended to allocate 30 percent or more of your budget for building one (for instance, when you wish for a connection between a device or management software to your application.)

Application Testing

There is no longer a time when developing apps was the only task to be completed. They need help throughout the day. Mainly when they encounter bugs, testing should be performed in every stage.

Keep in mind that one test is never enough. Continuous testing is required to ensure that the app is functional and current. This procedure's cost depends on the amount you're willing to invest.

It's based on the software you're using for testing or hiring a team of testers. The decision is based on the application you're creating.

App Development Team

The value of apps differs according to their function and deals with the primary business function. Therefore, based on the quality and complexity of the application, businesses could set up an internal team that includes the most skilled app developers.

Furthermore, companies can depend on any agencies that develop apps. In addition, hundreds of app developers work as freelancers to assist businesses. Three of them provide the same services. However, the difference is in the rate of use. The cost and time to deliver the three solutions are pretty different.


The User Interface and the User Experience are the faces of your application. Thus, investing in hiring the best talent for UX and UI can be instrumental in ensuring the success of your application. Additionally, this can help improve your application's user experience and convert curious users into regular users.

In this case, various factors affect the price of developing mobile apps' UX/UI.

Think about how many screens your application should have to offer seamless interaction. Your wireframes must contain a button layout that is clearly defined and easily identifiable, and users' flow between pages must be seamless.

These factors directly affect the number of times designers need to develop an application. The longer they have to work to build their app, the higher the cost of developing your app.

How Much Will It Cost?

We have defined all the elements that can affect the total cost. Based on that, we can estimate the expected costs for building an online delivery app for liquor could be between $25,000-$60,000. However, opt for application development for only one platform, which can be Android or iOS. The cost will be considerably less for the core features and advanced features.

Beyond the previously mentioned factors, in addition to the above-described factors, the hourly price is the most significant factor that could affect your total budget.

Here are a few different hourly prices of developers based on other countries. Let's check out.

  • USA Developers based in the USA for the USA: $80-$100 per hour

  • UK Developers based in the UK pay between $50 and $75 per hour

  • Europe located developers between $40 and $60 per hour

  • Australia located developers 50 to $70 for an hour

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The Key Takeaway

Now is the time to end the process and decide what you'd like to see from your online delivery of alcohol application.

Online delivery services are well-known and secure today. Everybody prefers shopping on an online marketplace because they are easy to use. There are numerous popular apps for the delivery of alcohol that we've discussed previously. Consumers are looking for more apps to ensure they can get their drink of choice anytime, wherever they want.

On-demand apps have dominated the market and are meeting the consumer's demands as quickly as possible. Take action now if you intend to invest in an alcohol delivery app.

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