Want to develop more then Clone App?

Here we list the most profitable clone app ideas that your start-up may want to create in 2022.

Tinder app development

A platform for singles to meet each other, start a conversation and schedule dates.

Build yelp clone

Directory of restaurants and local businesses with content including photos and reviews. These can be added by users and business owners, who can also...

Uber app development

A mobile app connecting drivers and passengers using GPS and location-based services. Provides in-app payment as well as tracking features.

Facebook clone development

Social media and networking marketplace. Allows photo and video sharing, events pages, group creation, video, fundraising campaigns, entertainment an...

Advanced snapchat clone

Offer messaging and multimedia sharing between users. These interactions are available only for a short interval, making it ideal for instant communic...

Advanced popxo clone

An app for women providing advice, information and articles on relationships, makeup, hairstyles, and eCommerce and discussion options.

Build app similar to netflix

A service for content streaming and subscription to watch movies & TV episodes.

Pinterest app development

Online sources to share, post and comment on images and galleries. Can be categorized for searching & purchasing eCommerce products.

Ebay app development

Marketplace platform to buy, sell and even exchange items with secure payment and bidding systems.

Build olx like app

An app bringing buyers and sellers together on a common platform.

Gap like app development

An app to shop online and avail services related to physical stores. You can search, save, share and get products, with barcodes, inventory and paymen...

Build groupon clone

App to save money with virtual coupons. Discounts have a various products from food & retail products to travel.

Build happy fresh like app

Online grocery delivery service. Connect with location-based data and get delivery slot booking and secure payment options.

Create twitter like app

A publishing platform to broadcast media, texts and links to other users. Involve features to improve reach, including advertising and hashtags.

Create app like quora

A Q&A site where users can ask queries and get responses.

Build twitch like app

A social platform to watch and stream digital video broadcasts.

Tumblr app development

Platform to publish and share posts from any device. Users can easily follow other users and do comments while making it a social network.

Advanced airbnb like app

Connects property owners and allow them to rent their homes with tourists and travelers seeking a place to stay.

Make instacart app

Online grocery delivery solution with mapping services that help users in different locations. Delivery slot booking and secure payment services.

Zomato app development

Discover restaurants to eat outside and order. Restaurant owners can feature their outlets, and offer discounts and deals.

Nearbuy app development

Hyperlocal service to save money with virtual coupons. Access nearby discounts on products from retail and food to travel and services.

Build amazon like app

Online retailers and go-to-shop to buy an extensive collection of products. Features involve user reviews, save, barcode scanning, compare and even or...

Fitbit app development

Help users stay fit and healthy by tracking their step count, calorie burn and cardiac readings.

Build duolingo like app

Platform to learn multiple languages through a mixture of courses, exams and gamification.

App like spotify

Provide on-demand options for streaming and downloading the audio content. Feature profiles and categories, artists, offer advertising as well as pre...

Doximity like app development

Online networking solution for US healthcare professionals. This includes newsfeed, secure fax sending, patient calling feature, case collaboration a...

Make scribd app

A digital library, audiobook, ebook subscription service. An open publishing platform providing free trials and subscriptions to users.

Build ola like app

Online platform for transport & ridesharing, connecting passengers and drivers with in-app tracking and payment.

Build espn clone

Get access to the live scores, statistics and latest sports news,.

Eventmobi app development

Event application providing analytic, administrative, and experiential services to the conference and event attendees. Features involve Q&As, calenda...

Uptodate app development

A medicine-oriented and clinician app, offering articles, advice and information to medical experts, students and those who are interested in this top...

Advanced accuweather clone

The best weather forecast application. It helps users to stay up-to-date with a plethora of weather readings for different regions of the world.

Build twilio like clone

Make and receive calls, send and receive text messages through its web service APIs.

Build flipkart like clone

Large-scale eCommerce platform provides a variety of multiple filters, options to buy and sell and categories.

App like zappos

Ecommerce store focused on fashion, clothing and shoes. Users can sign in to get customized recommendations, discount codes and loyalty bonuses.

Make eventbrite app

A simple tool to create, advertise as well as manage events. Audiences can share their experiences of the event on their social media accounts.

Create netmeds like app

Online pharmacy app for Indian users. Features involve online doctor consultations, prescription reminders, medicine purchase and delivery and health-...

Create okcupid dating like app

Dating, friendship, relationship and social networking site. Users answer a line of queries with an algorithm that matches them.

Advanced esignly clone

ESignly is an electronic signature software that allows users to create their own electronic signatures from scratch.

Stripe app development

Stripe is a payment provider that allows business owners to accept many payment methods. These include credit cards, buy now, pay later, and even cred...

Create app like coinbase

Coinbase is an online marketplace that allows you to buy, sell, transfer, store, and transfer more than 30 digital currencies.

Doordash like app development

DoorDash, a technology company, connects people. It enables local businesses to meet the needs of consumers and generates new opportunities for people...

Cruise app development

Cruise is developing the most advanced self-driving vehicle in the world to connect people to the things, places, and experiences that matter to them.

Opensea clone app

The largest and most trusted digital marketplace for crypto collectibles, tokens (NFTs), and other non-fungible tokens. Find, buy, and sell exclusive ...

Build faire clone

Faire is an online marketplace that allows retailers to discover the best independent brands and their next bestsellers.

Build brex like app

Brex is a fin-tech company that provides corporate credit cards to early-stage companies and reimagines financial systems so the growing company can r...

Reddit like app development

Reddit allows you to connect with other people and have endless conversations and human interactions whether it is news, sports, TV series, or the Int...

App like gusto

Gusto provides modern benefits and payroll tools to help growing businesses create great work environments for their employees via an integrated platf...

Build gitlab like clone

GitLab is the DevOps platform that empowers organizations to maximize their overall return on software development including delivering software more ...

Razorpay app development

Razorpay is India's first financial solution company that allows you to accept, process, and disburse payments through its product suite.

Scale ai app development

Scale helps machine learning teams create high-quality ground truth data, which speeds up the development of AI apps.

Ginkgo bioworks like app

Ginkgo Bioworks employs the most advanced technology of biology to produce better products using its cell programming platform enabling the growth and...

Rippling like app development

Rippling allows businesses to manage their entire HR & IT operations including payroll, benefits, computers, and apps.

Benchling clone development

Benchling is a cloud-based software company that creates tools for digital DNA sequencing editing and sharing.

Fivetran like app development

Fivetran improves data-driven decision accuracy by constantly synchronizing data from source apps to any destination. This allows analysts to work wit...

Build deel like app

Deel is a global payroll platform that allows businesses to hire remote talent or independent contractors through a tech-enabled self-service process.

Build rappi like app

Rappi is an eCommerce store that delivers products by partnering with many restaurants and stores to offer a variety of products to customers.

Zapier clone app

Zapier allows you to automate repetitive tasks between multiple apps, without the need for codes. Zapier tells another app what to do or how to perfor...

Build meesho like app

Meesho, India's fastest-growing internet commerce company, allows people to resell their products through their social networks.

Checkr clone app

Checkr searches both public and private databases to find records that match the full name, address history, and date of birth of the candidate.

Relativity space app development

Relativity Space created a new way to design, build, and fly rockets. Our first rocket was Terran 1, which is the first-ever 3D printed rocket.

Build messagebird like app

MessageBird specializes in developing software that connects businesses to clients. They offer a platform that unites multiple communication channels ...

Create app like retool

Retool is a low code platform that makes it easy to create internal tools that business teams need, such as custom apps, dashboards, and admin panels.

App like convoy

Convoy is a digital freight network that moves millions of truckloads. It also designs innovative solutions to address supply chain inefficiencies.

Goat group clone app

GOAT is the global platform that allows you to style your sneaker through its technology that allows you to purchase apparel from the most prestigious...

Create flock safety like app

Flock Safety is a public safety operation system that enables law enforcement and communities to collaborate to eradicate crime, protect privacy and r...

Build flexport like app

Flexport is building the platform for global logisticsempowering buyers, sellers, and their logistics partners with the technology and services to gro...

Slack clone app

File sharing and instant messaging platform, focused on enhancing communication and team collaboration.

Create foursquare like app

A platform for localized venue information and review. Easy to check-in to listed locations, listings and advertise.

Visada clone development

A customized makeup and beauty recommendations app.

Parenttown clone app

A simple tool for parents to track, log and share information about their babies. Post your questions to experts while connecting with others.

Shoto clone development

Share galleries and pictures among friends who you see in your images. Registered users get notification if they will be displayed in the album and ca...

Instagram like app development

Video and photo-sharing social networking service. Features involve direct messaging and ′Stories′ that help some media to only remain acc...

Vlc app development

An open-source cross-platform multimedia player to access multimedia files for free.

App like dark sky

Web and mobile-based application offering hyper-local weather forecasts. It makes it easy to get past and future weather data.

App like dropbox

File hosting service that offers file synchronization and collaboration, cloud storage, personal cloud & client software.

Create mixpanel like app

Software track user interactions with mobile and web applications.

Pivotal tracker like app

Enable project management with Agile tactics. Offer real-time collaboration bug tracking, problem resolution, and delivery progress.

Walgreens like app development

Request repeat prescriptions through barcode scanning and get reminders for medication.

Marco polo like app

Instant video messaging app allows users to have one-to-one as well as group conversations. Send texts & images, and chat face-to-face or with no limi...

Starbucks clone app

Connect online store to the physical store, to encourage interactions and easy transactions between the two. Provides discounts, loyalty rewards and a...

Build family locator like app

Location-based service for family members and friends to share locations. Users can communicate, share images, and follow each other.

Create realtor like app

Real estate site for sellers, buyers and renters. Involves options for financing and valuations.

Zillow clone app

Property and real estate marketplace. Provide listings with prices and valuations, for purchase or rent. Involves advertising options and add-on servi...

App like cnn

Provide easy access to weather, news, and sport from CNN. Watch your preferred channels live and get alerts.

Build fox news like app

On-demand news and broadcasting services, offering a comprehensive live or recorded services for global audiences.

Nytimes clone app

Provide journalism and breaking news to users on any device. Features include audio, 360 videos and augmented reality.

Zedge app development

Offer notifications, alarm sounds, ringtones, and HD wallpapers to personalize your tablet, phone, or other mobile devices.

Build skout like clone

Dating and social networking platform for users to browse and connect. Criteria is decided on the current location, profile information and live broad...

Create grindr like app

Online dating and social networking app geared towards LGBTQ+. Features involve chat, picture sharing and location sharing through geolocation.

Build whatsapp like clone

A simple messaging app providing end-to-end encryption. It connects through an existing mobile phone number of the user to enable text and media commu...

Build lyft app

Ridesharing app which acts as an aggregator platform that connects both passengers and drivers who use taxi services. Offers cost splitting, in-app pa...

Build zara like app

Online marketplace providing clothing for men, women & children. Link to the inventory to make it easy to search, filter and update information about ...

Build asos like app

An ecommerce platform delivering clothes and fashion products. Customer accounts come with AI sizing assistance. device sync and AR features.

Zalora like app

Fashion marketplace providing products of local and international brands, with recommendations customized to the preferences of users.

App like zalando

Online fashion store selling shoes, bags, clothing and accessories from various brands.

Waze clone app

Sat-nav and navigation service for travelers and drivers. Maps provide directions and destinations, while users can add real-time updates about traffi...

Build walmart like clone

Online shopping portal for buying, browsing and selling products. Upload inventories, reserve items, compare prices, make payments, track and manage o...

Create app like offerup

Buy, sell and chat with other users locally. Listings have profiles to create trust when arranging transactions.

9gag clone app

A rich online community and media platform of users. Watch, upload and share videos, memes, GIFs and viral rich media.

Build tripadvisor like app

Travel, tourism and entertainment platform for individuals and businesses. Carries user-generated photos, reviews and ratings. Easy to feature listing...

Webmd app development

Online publisher of information related to health and wellness. Involves tools that use databases including, WebMDís Symptom Checker and local health ...

Youtube clone app

Upload, send and check video content. Provide user profiles to create channels as per the interests and preferences. Also, add comments to develop onl...

Build app like poshmark

Online marketplace sell and buy pre-owned fashion items. List, categorize and set terms for flexible shipping and refunds.

Lazada like app

Online grocery delivery service. Offer location-based services, secure payment options with delivery slot booking.

Shein clone app

Online shopping portal for women′s fashion. Advanced search functionality categorization to allow users find, sell or buy what they want.

Letgo app development

Allow to buy and sell pre-owned and used items. Includes location-based services for communications and local transactions.

Telegram clone app

A messaging app providing encryption, self-destruction and syncing across devices. Involves video/photo sharing and editing options, and other options...

Wish app development

Mobile shopping app providing huge inventory and discounts. Includes delivery, payment customer service options.

Create app like uber eats

Connects drivers and restaurants with customers who want to get cooked food to their location.

Bumble like app development

Location-based social, networking and dating platform. Users can easily control and swipe who they connect with.

Create calm like app

A mobile app designed for reducing anxiety and stress among users. Works by introducing and encouraging meditation and mindfulness methods.

Build app similar to lovely

Dating app where users can have a control on how long they can be anonymous while chatting.

Strava like app

Easy to running/cycling activity and track fitness levels through GPS or location-based services. Analyze progress & performance, save bike trails.

Booking.com app development

Price comparison aggregator which helps users to find the best deals for hotels, flights, and vehicle hire.

Shpock clone app

Connect both sellers and buyers of used and pre-owned products. Uses GPS and location-based services to search local listings and complete transaction...

Trainline clone app

Bus and train app to plan travel. Get live train times, tickets (seat selection) and price alerts.

Create club factory like app

Digital marketplace providing various discounted products to the customers.

Houzz app development

Interior design and decorating application. Features involves home interiors and exteriors, videos, image library, articles, community discussion boar...

Build trulia clone

Real estate and property listing platform. It includes neighborhood data to search and make informed decisions.

Flipboard clone app

Gather, read and share discussions, news items, and other relevant stories as per the selected interests, categories and filters.

Feedly clone app

News aggregator for web browsers and mobile devices. Easy to customize newsfeed, media updates and share interests from multiple sources.

Create smartnews like app

Newsreader brings trending and popular articles from across the web. Check headlines, edit options in settings and read offline.

Plantsnap like app development

Identify trees and plants by caputuring through your mobile device. Includes image sharing options and connect with users.

App like kik

Instant messaging mobile app to send and receive messages, mobile webpages, sketches, photos, videos, and other content. It needs usernames, not email...

Linkedin clone app

Professional networking platform to create an online CV/resume and make connections. Features involve job postings, job search, messaging, plus indust...

Build fitnessfirst clone

Offer fitness advice, programs and support to users. Easy to build relationships, track progress and set goals. You can link to membership of a physic...

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