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Have you got a unique app idea? You need to get it on paper and turn it into reality. Build it without knowing codes, languages, and even without spending huge money.

Assurance of a Guaranteed price

We are also committed to a timeline as well.

You will never pay more. We offer you to make weekly payments if it is done quickly. The best we do, we don’t start from scratch. With a moderated approach, we split apps into different features. You just select and customize them as per need. It makes it economical, flexible, and quicker.

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Code you need

Dedicated testing ensures higher performance.

On busy days, you get irked with a lot with every pending work you need to do under timeline. This time, a pending technical project would pain you more. Here, our dedicated tool and process will help. Our automatic code analysis picks every minimal mistake to add security, high performance, and quality. After then, it is rechecked by developers as well. It does not take more time, as they just need to keep focusing on building the app more engaging, performing, and rich.

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Everything is under the rock...Let's uncover!

24*/7 support system

You can keep a check on everything at any time. In which stage your app is, how it's progressing, you can get it simply through the dashboard. Add changes like extra features to your app whenever you need them. It is quite easy to pause, check, and reassess your project with one click.

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Scale your cloud budget when you need

Scale your cloud budget when you need.

We don’t limit you to old and unprotected credit card facility. Create a wallet to spend with our cloud partners (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Alibaba, Digital Ocean, and more). It is easy to fix spending limits and control your usages through our dashboard. Control your billing.

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What if you deserve more?

We build efficient, high performing, and dedicatedly tested software with our human-assisted AI tool.

Free and quick prototypes

Turn your idea into reality, in just a few minutes. Easy to check, test, and refine your app. Use it to raise money without spending valuable time and money.

Dedicated support

We are committed to providing a dedicated solution at any time. Continuous monitoring of your software, fixing bugs, and make updates, keep your software high performing.

A big vision

We help you to scale up exactly to your visionary goal. Your journey to excel needs a way away ahead of your competitors. Work on your vision, and build the idea into an app with Idea2App.

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