Frequently asked questions

Idea2App is an app development platform/builder that allows you to create software applications with minimalist 4-step approach. Just choose your desired features and platform, and we will offer you AI enabled tools to customize your web or mobile app with future-ready technology.

You need to have a competitive edge for your business as the competition is on rise. Idea2App can easily handle all your end to end development needs. With Idea2App you have the opportunity to create applications that are integrated with Artificial Intelligence.

Around 78% of the projects by SMB are stuck and are not completed successfully. So you need a reliable partner or platform that can create result-oriented projects for you. Idea2Apps offers reusable tools that can help you with creating software solution to cater to your business needs.

It doesn’t matter you are from which industrial background. Idea2App platform offers solutions that can be built with all latest technologies So be it healthcare, financial, banking, or any other industries, create solutions for your business easily with idea2App.

Starting from native iOS or Android application to cross-platform mobile application as well as mobile responsive websites, you can create robust solutions depending on your requirements and needs.

No. As you know not applications are same, so are our solutions. You can customize the applications by integrating specific features and functionalities that you want. The application will be completely unique with unique features.

Stay rest assured. We are available round the clock, i.e. 24/7/365. So if you are stuck anywhere just connect with us on our social media handles or drop us a mail at and one of our support executive will get back to you as soon as possible.

No worries. With Idea2App app builder you can change the requirements any time whenever you want. Idea2App offers a wide pool of solutions so you can switch anytime during the development if you want. However, the price will be affected according to the changes.

Just share your existing project with us and the upgradation you want in your existing model. We can integrate you desired functionalities in your app without any hassle. For more you can contact us at

This is why Idea2App is different from other app builders. With the AI-enabled functionality, you can easily create high-end projects with just 4 step approach.

Of course! If you are stuck with any fund issue, we can keep the project on hold for some time. And whenever you want, you can resume the project from the last stage it was left.

Our support is available for you round the clock. So if you face any issue while building the application, you can get in touch with us on our social media handles or you can mail us at

You can choose from dozens of templates for your application. By selecting the desired template, you can convert your idea into reality in just a few steps. However, if you do not find the template as per your need or requirement, you can connect with us and our dedicated team of developers’ will help you in creating the custom software for your business.

Idea2App offers a wide options of features that you can use while creating the application. In case if there are some specific feature that you want, you can connect with our development team and they will help you.

Once you have integrated all the desired features and functionalities and satisfied with the final product. Prior delivery, you will see the final price of the product.

Your project will be divided into various milestones. Each milestone contains a specific completion phase of your project. So after paying the first installment, you will be able to see your project completion as per the milestone decided for the first installment.

To make the payment method easy and flexible for you, we have multiple payment options such as credit/debit card, PayPal, IMPS bank transfer, and various other.

With the final product delivery, you will also get the source code of your software. You and only you will be the sole owner of the source code. So do not worry, all the credential and rights of the code will belong to you.

Once you have selected the template and requirements from the platform, you can see how the software is going to work for the end users. However, there are some documental formalities that you have to complete before we hand over you the complete project with all credentials and code.

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