Grow your food business with a food delivery app like Uber eats, or Grubhub.

Build your own ecosystem. 

Gone are the days of conventional food orders by the customers. Now, they do not want to sketch their dining out plan at weekends. Rather, they are in dire need to have an on-demand food delivery system. So, why do not you grab this opportunity? Get your food delivery app and add more customers to your business.

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The growth of customers exclusively depends on the quality of experience. An app needs to add a rich user experience, dynamic features, the latest technology, and problem-solving idea. Idea2App is a custom app development platform, helps to build a competitive
on-demand app for your business.

Idea2App turns your idea into a profitable reality and enriching experience. Integrating high-end technology ensures uninterrupted functionality. Add order tracking, real-time delivery dispatch, in-app payment, automated order management, and many more features with the food delivery app solution.

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Know About App

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One of the fastest growing industries

Food Delivery industry builds the most competitive market led by P2C (Platform to Consumer) services. Businesses have added billions of potential revenue while operating the business with gig economy.

151,526 Million USD

Market size value in 2021

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182,327 Million USD

Revenue forecast in 2024

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965.8 Million Users

Online Food Delivery Users By 2024

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Key Players

Just Eat, Grubhub, Delivery Hero and Deliveroo.

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Features List

  • Easy on boarding

    Quick and easy login through email or social media accounts

  • Intuitive user interface

    Smooth and rich user experience with managed restaurant listing for the customers.

  • Moderate search

    Easy to find delicious dishes, specific cuisine, or restaurant.

  • Easy order tracking

    Customers can get the real-time status of their orders.

  • Multiple payment options

    Customers can pay easily through the latest payment options.

  • Takeaway option

    An option to order, pay and choose time for an offline takeaway by customers.

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  • Real-Time order requests

    Real-time order assigned to the nearest delivery agent.

  • Navigation

    Delivery route navigation shows an easy and time-saving route.

  • Easy interface

    Easy to manage multiple deliveries from the single interface.

  • Delivery and payment history

    Delivery agents track their last order deliveries, payments, and other valuable metrics.

  • Delivery information

    All information about successful delivery of an order. It adds scalability.

  • Accept or reject orders

    Delivery agents can reject or accept orders as per their availability.

  • Push notifications

    Agents receive notifications for every new order they receive.

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  • User registration

    Every partner restaurant can register and login to serve customers through the food delivery platform.

  • Order dashboard

    A dashboard manages every incoming order, processing, deliveries, cancel orders, etc.

  • Business information

    Restaurants can add or update business names, order hours, photos, contact details, etc.

  • Manage menu

    Every partnering restaurant can add or update food items, their price, and quantities anytime.

  • Tracking payments

    Allows tracking all due and successful payments details in one place.

  • Direct communication

    Restaurants can respond to feedback. Build loyalty of the customers.

  • Promos and discounts

    Allows restaurants to run various deals, promos, or discounts for customers.

  • Useful insights

    Actionable insights of business performance help to grow customers.

  • Customer information

    Partnering restaurants get relevant data on online customer base.

  • Help and support

    Real-time support enables restaurants to fix issues when customers find it difficult to place orders.

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  • Restaurant management

    Admin can add, edit, and manage all restaurants in one place. Update locations, service areas, and other information for seamless operations.

  • Menu management

    It allows easy classification and organization of updated info of restaurants. Build a smooth and successful order delivery.

  • Order management

    Allow actionable analytics by tracking all food orders with every key metric.

  • Categorization

    Easily classifies restaurants by price, cuisine, offers, delivery. Add easy business operation.

  • Customer management

    Get customers' details, and preferred cuisines and restaurants by them.

  • Payment record

    Allow setting commission rates for restaurants. Easy payment scheduling.

  • Performance and feedback

    View the performance of restaurants, customer feedback, and follow ups.

  • Deals and offers

    Allow to add or approve new deals, promo offers, and discounts from partnering restaurants.

  • Notification management

    Manage push notifications, email, SMS to communicate with customers and partners.

  • Payment management

    Handle all integrated payments channels in the back end uninterruptedly.

  • Data-Driven insights

    Get comprehensive data-backed reports. Accelerate growth.

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  • Order from website

    Allow the customers to order from the website also; let’s build a responsive website.

  • Live chat

    Allows In-app messaging; connect with customers. Respond live to customers' feedbacks.

  • Orders through social media

    Leverage your app, and receive orders through social media platforms.

  • Logistics management

    Add third party logistics platform; timely delivery. Earn customer loyalty.

  • Customer management

    Get customers' details, and preferred cuisines and restaurants by them.

  • User Engagement

    Add Social feeds and engage customers through advanced in-built features.

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Integrate the existing app with distinctive features

Grow your business in a new way and develop the app that looks fabulous and makes a fantastic impression. Don’t wait for the some magical creative ideas. Just pick few ideas easily and rest Idea2App will handle.

Customize your idea

Being digital is not magical, Idea2App makes it the one

Your existing app too can impress the customers and engage them for added revenue. Monotonous apps are more negative than beneficial for revenue. Introducing modifications can really turn the tables.

Customize your idea

Benefits of building Video Streaming App with Idea2App

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    Cost Control

    The cost factor depends on the features you add to the app.

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    Quality Check

    Idea2App stamps out the problems of custom app development.

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    Prompt Delivery

    Time-bound app development transcripts the dedicated process.

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    Lightweight app

    You can build an optimized app that loads faster with.

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    Uninterrupted navigation

    Idea2App build smooth, streamlined, and quick navigational apps.

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    Custom /Low code/ No code development

    No coding knowledge is required to build an app now.

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    Scalable capabilities

    Idea2Apps actively combines the features of app builder and custom app...

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    Up to the minute features

    Idea2Apps leverages the customized apps with the latest relevant features.

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    High Efficiency

    You need a quality performance app to get the best return on your investment.

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    Live testing of app on devices ensures quality development phases.

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    Competitive performance

    Idea2App builds the finest on demand food delivery app, aggregator app.

Some similar Apps

Just Eat

The popular online food delivery service provider with the expansion over 13 countries. Solves the problem of long waiting time.


Find your nearest outlet and order food anytime anywhere.


Food Delivery service provider with its customer base over 200 countries. Customer can order the food over minimum charge.

Frequently asked Questions

The food delivery app development cost is scalable as per the features. Alongside, the cost also depends on the two options. One is to pay as you use. Here you rent the service from the company and charged the bill as per the use. Another model is the licensed application development, where the company develops a custom app for your organization. 

Idea2App offers this amazing functionality. You can get the app with the limited features as early as possible, where the cost of app development a little higher. Whereas If you are conscious about the cost, then you can extend the date of final delivery and work with the MVP.

However, a normal app delivery can take a little time with your specific requirements.

The app development duration depends on the following factors:

  • Size of the app
  • Type of the app
  • Advanced customization features
  • Cost flexibility (Idea2App exclusive)

Yes, Idea2App provides custom support after-sales. We are not done with the development. Rather, Idea2App offers the amazing Buy Back feature. Buyback is the exclusive feature of Idea2App and ensures support for your product. You can always contact our sales person whenever you face technical issues. 

The business model of the food app delivery is to charge the customer a certain price for delivering the food at his home and his comfort. Some apps also offer listing for other restaurants, where paid listing and promotional marketing can give a huge success for the app.

On-demand food delivery app development with Idea2App imposes no hidden charges. The cost of an app is decided upfront on the single go and we ensure the set of best features within the decided upfront cost. 

Absolutely yes, Idea2App is made for offering the complete modules of features, which are available in the competitive market. You get the number of competitive app features in our panel, where you can add as many features as you like. You can always contact our technical sales contact team for knowing more and solving queries. 

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