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Grocery apps are a reasonable alternative for traditional stores. Why would you wait for the next customer, when you can drag the crowd to your online store? Get your customer attended 24x7, without breaking your sleep of the night.

Idea2App gives you an advantageous platform for building an on-demand grocery app like Postmate or InstaCart. What it needs t to be there is just an idea of a powerful app for serving on any platform.

With the great hike in the mobile time usage bar, it is comprehensible to move with the market direction toward online solutions. The long queues are no more interesting or worth it when a customer can order from the comfort of the sofa. Choose several competitor apps or the most potential one.

Idea2App impressively picks the top features for you. Integrate them onto your brand new app or go for cloning the existing marketplace. Idea2App cares for the rest of the technical efforts.

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Grocery App Development Services

Automate order management, Real-time delivery tracking, Delivery dispatch, and many more with a powerful grocery app solution. Looking for an app builder? Why do you bind your ideas to limited features with ordinary app builders?

Idea2App is a tremendous platform for building far more impressive app development. The hybrid platform has the potential to transform your blur tech idea to the actual product with just a few sets of feature integration.

Choose your app niche, scroll through the common features, and integrate them into your app. Make your app as rich as you want and as powerful as your business demands.

Idea2App is suitable for every kind of grocery app development solution. Be it cloning apps like InstaCart or building your own customized one. Make your interactive app regardless of the technical sophistication.

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Grocery Service Clone
With Mobile & Web Version

Grab more customers, beat more competitors with the downright app.
Offer your customers the flexibility of ordering groceries both from the web and mobile.

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Top growing market in 2020

Grocery app delivery market has reached 92 percent growth in past few months. App can be a great advantage even if you are not supermarket.

USD 190 billion

Market size value in 2021

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USD 1.1 trillion

Revenue forecast in 2027

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70 % by 2022 in USA

Buying Groceries online

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Key Players

Amazon, Walmart, Kroger

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Features List

  • User Registration

    Users can register on the app through social media or their personal email id.

  • Manage delivery address

    Efficient GPS automatically locates the customer. But you can also allow customers to manage the delivery address manually.

  • Browse Products

    Scroll through a long catalog and select from the wide range of grocery items. Each item is given with its description, for a better window shopping experience.

  • Easy search

    Sort out the appropriate choices and filter out the most essential ones as per your choice.

  • Payment Integration

    Customers can choose from the multiple payment gateways, with the sense of secure transaction.

  • Cart

    A most default and soul feature of any store is Cart, which is more enabled with the AI-enabled features.

  • Schedule Delivery

    Scroll through a long catalog and select from the wide range of grocery items. Each item is given with its description, for a better window shopping experience.

  • Reorder

    No need to make a long list every month when you can just reorder your previous list, with just a few tweaks. Go easy and swift.

  • Order Tracking

    Build trust within your customers with real-time delivery tracking and receive alerts for the status.

  • Discount

    Woo customers with occasional discounts and offers. Make the reason for returning to our first buyers.

  • Account Setting

    A section for managing profiles, payment details, and gets a notification.

  • Rating and Reviews

    Let customer leave the feedback for improving service and share other why you are best.

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  • Multiple Delivery Options

    The user can manage the multiple deliveries from the single panel. It is highly valuable for handling a large number of orders.

  • View Delivery Route

    View the route of delivery for the different locations.

  • Push Notification

    The push notifications let you know when the order arrives.

  • Accept Or Reject Orders

    The user can accept new orders or reject them upon availability.

  • Real Time Tracking

    Users can track the drivers in real-time. This also helps in avoiding unwanted happening.

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  • Login

    The vendor can log in to the dashboard for managing the things there. He can serve customers through this platform.

  • Manage Info

    The data on the screen can be managed with the driver panel. With all info on screen, the vendor can make an informed decision.

  • Inventory Management

    The vendor can manage all the products available to the customers. This shows all options to add customers.

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  • Order Alerts

    As a customer orders the delivery of any products, an instant notification reaches the vendor. The real time notification can help the vendor in getting into action.

  • Manage Order

    Vendors can manage the orders. Manage orders which are coming, under process, dispatched, or scheduled.

  • Payment Tracking

    View all the payment transactions and pending payment details for better management of the account. Alongside, you can handle receipts.

  • Customer Details

    A vendor can get all the customer information. This encourages successful delivery. From the same dashboard, vendors can respond to customers, grab opportunities, and build loyalty.

  • Help And Support

    Integrated with support and help for sorting out queries quickly and keep customers satisfied.

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  • Order Tracking

    A vendor can track orders. He can see the details about customers, purchased products, delivery time, and scheduled address.

  • Manage Store

    Effortlessly manage all your stores from the single interface.

  • Manage Listing

    You can edit, add, update, and delete products and offer price changes as much as possible.

  • Manage Customers

    You can manage your customers with the complete details of their name, address, contact numbers, etc.

  • Manage Offers And Discounts

    Keep updating new offers and attract new customers, for building loyalty.

  • Inventory Management

    Manage stock and add products, quantity, prices. The easy management of inventory is possible.

  • Create Multiple Users

    Share rights to manage the grocery app for various functions. Management of the app is easy with several users having permission.

  • Payment

    Manage payment details, share commission with partner groceries, and schedule transactions.

  • Feedback

    Collect feedback and make your service better with reviews.

  • Notifications

    Email, push notification,x, and SMS for reaching out to customers.

  • Reports

    Apply Data and business intelligence for fulfilling target and lower down the cost.

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  • Shopping List

    Users can upload the grocery list. All lists in items are delivered as per the scheduled time.

  • Track Expenditure

    Make strategy through analysis of monthly, grocery expenditure.

  • Shopping List Reminder

    The reminder for grocery shopping list upload can be set.

  • Barcode

    The details of products such as price, ingredients can be scanned.

  • Logistic Integration

    Third-party logistic expertise can be used for earning customer loyalty and doorstep delivery.

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Scale up your business with some new idea

You can’t open and explore apps of all your competitors. Instead, render this responsibility for Idea2App, and it comes up with, what’s best for you.

Customize your idea

Customize your Web with new Features

Customize the app with brand new ideas. No more monotonous similar looking app. Customize the features and integrate them with the new business concept to stand out from the crowd.

Customize your idea

Benefits of building Grocery app with Idea2App

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    Browse Products

    Choose from a wide variety of food and grocery products with descriptions for making the right decision.

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    Quick Search

    Find items easily with intuitive search, and sort features.

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    Multiple Payment options

    Pay with secure third party payment options.

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    Push Notifications

    Get deal alerts, special discounts, and other updates.

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    Manage information

    Manage your profile, addresses, delivery address, payment details, and notification settings.

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    Give ratings and feedback for the delivery and help the vendor make service better.

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    Order Tracking

    Track ordered products in real-time and know the status.

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    Schedule delivery

    Customer can schedule delivery as per their convenience.

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    Avoid the delay and reorder the previously ordered grocery list.

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    Upbeat Features

    You get the recommended features from the most trending apps.

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    No delay

    With AI-enabled Idea2Aapp you get the scalable timeline for your product.

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    Light weight Apps

    Idea2App Live TV and Video Streaming App builder can help users create lightweight...

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Frequently asked Questions

The grocery app development cost is scalable with the number of features and development hours. The cost varies from feature to feature. If you are looking for a clone app like tomato, then the cost may be less but if you want to build a custom solution with Idea2App, the cost varies according to the complexity of the features. For knowing more, you can contact with our technical salesperson. 

The duration of the app depends upon the factors like code development, UI designing, admin dashboard, development, and deployment. Also, it is greatly affected by the complexity of the features. If you are looking for a set of amazingly unique features, the duration of development is also increased with associated research and development.

The business model of the app is determined by the type of your business. If you are a grocery store owner, then the app can be a powerful medium to increase the sale and grow market size.  And if you are setting up the marketplace, then you can charge the stores for listing and sell their product. You can also earn on each business order and can take convenience charges. Alongside, your app can also earn with the paid and sponsored ads. 

Yes, Idea2App offers the full flexibility for feature customization. You can customize the features and can integrate them tom your app. 

The implementation of the app is taken care of by our team. You no need to worry about the deployment and implementation part. Idea2App technical team takes care of that. Apart from that, the backend part is too easy. You can set up the whole store within few hours. 

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