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Our Event Management Mobile App Development Offerings

Our apps are an essential factor in attending events and provide users with a better user experience. We allow attendees to network with other attendees. We also use the concept of gamification to improve the engagement of participants.

Trade Conferences

We offer mobile application development services for business and conference events that aim to increase the number of guests to the stand. Engage the guests by displaying all products and services.

Business Events

We have highly skilled Mobile Event App developers that provide application development services that help manage large crowds, keep the brand's image clear, and manage the entire event smoothly.


Make sure your guests aren't wandering across the conference halls to find their particular conference. Provide them with instant information about their conference with our services.

Customized Event Management App

As a leading event app development firm, we employ an experienced team of event apps developers, designers, and QA specialists who can provide specific event management applications tailored to clients' needs.

Entertainment & Sports

We provide event management solutions for various industries to control crowds, audience engagement, invitation procedure, and other issues. We enhance the services offered by apps by the integration of AR.

Event App Maintenance

Our app development company for event apps offers post-launch maintenance and support with a timely update of the application. We provide flexible customer support to ensure the app is easy to run.

Flawless Registration Process

Flawless Registration Process

To attract as many users as possible, you need to make registration as easy as possible. Offer your user the option to sign-up using their social media account contact number, email, or phone number. Users can link their social profiles to their profile pages after you've added a profile feature with interests. Most social media sites analyze their users' interests to suggest similar events to their users.

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Event Feed Optimization

Event Feed Optimization

Once your users begin using the application, they could become overwhelmed by the number of events available. It's your app's responsibility to improve the event feed and recommend events based on the people's interests. You may use different APIs to sort, aggregate, and personalize the information about events if you want to.

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Listings and Schedules

Listings and Schedules

This feature lets users keep all information about events in their hands. Many people prefer a simple calendar or schedule where they can track every gathering. Furthermore, they'd prefer to look up forthcoming concerts, parties, trade shows, and other events on their smartphones.

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Search and Categories

Search and Categories

Suppose people are searching for an event in particular and want to know about a specific event. In that case, they shouldn't go through an endless number of dates. To be a user-friendly application, your app must separate your events according to groups, like parties, movies, and various other kinds of events. Use the filtering system, for example.

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Events Tracking

Events Tracking

The app should display the events and coming ones that attendees have tickets to. You can, however, expand the functionality of your app by letting users track the events they enjoy or would like to attend. Create a custom waitlist to notify users whenever tickets become available for sold-out events.

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Engagement Features

Engagement Features

Live responses from the audience such as polls, surveys are now an integral component of a successful app for events. To create a loyal following for your apps, creating feedback and establishing a relationship with the users is essential.

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Benefits of our Event Mobile Apps for Your Business

Event management applications have revolutionized the process of organizing small or large events. As a reputable mobile app development company for events, we have created a range of apps for event management for various organizations. Let's take a look at the advantages these apps can provide. These are the top benefits:

Timely Management of Multiple Tasks

It is possible to track the status of any small task scheduled for a specific occasion in a matter of moments. They can keep track of the progress and ensure that tasks are completed on time. They can provide engaging opportunities through contests and polls, reminders, etc. Using the application.

Efficient Communication

The application for managing events includes a chat and call feature, which allows for seamless communication between event organizers, anchors, managers, anchors, technical staff, third parties, sponsors, etc.

Get Everything at an Instant

The apps provide the complete schedules of events and related documents, videos, profiles of team members, sponsors, team members, and more. All in an instant.

Feedback for Improvement

The apps allow users to give feedback and evaluations of events management services that help organizers, planners, etc., to recognize their areas of improvement, then work on them and help make their business successful.

Data Analytics for Tracking Sales

Our event mobile applications can be used to monitor crucial data regarding sales. The business owners can examine their operations from various angles and get an in-depth understanding of how they can expand their business and generate more sales.

Build Strong Network

These apps help post-event engagement by allowing companies to establish groups, manage important profiles, post ads by launching conversations, and, in turn, create networks that are strong even after the event is over.

Frequently asked questions

To focus on your business's marketing and operational aspects, you'll have to join forces with one of the Event App Development Companies to advance the development process.

Yes, our app allows bulk registration and payments. We make it easier to select and pay for registration. We provide partial payment options and early discount coupons, price coupons, and discounts on bulk orders.

Our services for developing event apps include a variety of options. Still, some should be added, for example, venue details, listings of events, the option to purchase tickets in-app, contact download ticket option including the map, seat reservation option, ratings, reviews, and a contact option.

We make sure that your app for managing events is safe by adhering strictly to code standards and taking measures to ensure that data security is not compromised. To ensure your software remains secure and reliable, we ensure that your code is clean and free of errors.

The answer mostly depends on the type of technology and features you wish to include in your app for planning events. But, the cost of developing an event planning app can range from 5k to 150k USD based on the level of complexity of the app. In addition, the price of an app that helps you plan events development can be dependent on the location of your mobile app development firm.


Client We Feedback

I wanted to build my eCommerce app to extend my brand reach, and I found Idea2App. It is really a great platform to built a highly engaging & custom app. Great Platform, Highly recommended!


Awesome service! I got my app built easily with top-notch specifications. Also, I would like to appreciate their great customer support that made it easy for me to filter amazing options for my app.


I did not have any knowledge of coding and that was limiting me to build my own online app. Idea2App provided me easy access to develop my app without coding. Thank You, Team!


I would really like to recommend Idea2App to those who want to bring their unique idea into this competitive IT world. This is the best app building platform to create a highly intuitive and engaging platform shortly.


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