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Our Custom Healthcare App Development Services

With leading healthcare app development services that we offer, we aim at scaling telemedicine to offer support healthcare infrastructure that is currently under the pressure of the ongoing pandemic. Our experienced healthcare app developers help in building innovative digital solutions for connecting patients conveniently and safely.

HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Apps

Being a leading healthcare app development company, Idea2App comes up with HIPAA-compliant healthcare mobility solutions having advanced features. Some of these include secure payments, e-consultation, EHR syncing, IoT-enabled activity tracking, wearable connectivity, diagnosis, and audio-video messaging.

Healthcare Mobility Solutions

Our dedicated healthcare development solutions offer you with anywhere and anytime access to information. It helps in reducing the overall healthcare delivery costs while increased provider and patient satisfaction. Our healthcare mobility solutions encompass a wide range of feature-rich apps for delivering better care throughout.

EHR/EMR Integration & App Development

To maximize the efficiency of clinical workflow, we can help you in building interoperable healthcare applications across the core EHR systems. This helps in optimizing record demographic information along with patient vitals and evaluating important complaint charting. We are a leading mobile healthcare app development company for ensuring 100% HIPAA compliant solutions.

Telemedicine App

Telemedicine App

At Idea2App, our innovative telemedicine app solutions help in enabling healthcare systems, providers, and practitioners to boost the overall practice efficiency. COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the role of technology in the healthcare industry by positioning virtual care as an important part of future-readiness.

Our HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software solution helps healthcare practitioners and providers deliver secure and reliable healthcare telemedicine solutions. Our solutions help in providing improved alternatives to traditional healthcare models.

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Healthcare CRM Software

Healthcare CRM Software

Healthcare CRM helps in systemizing interactions with providers and patients. Moreover, it also helps in personalizing medical service promotions, improving care quality, and patient satisfaction. Idea2App can help in employing healthcare CRM for gaining in-depth visibility in relationships with the patients while influencing them across different communication channels –live chat, website, social media, call center, and so more.

Healthcare CRM enabled smart and targeted referral management for building long-term relationships with the respective referring professionals. Therefore, professional like primary care physicians can maximize the inflow of patients from the referral sources.

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Online Pharmacy App

Online Pharmacy App

With Idea2App, you can easily build on-demand online pharmacy or medicine ordering app for providing affordable and convenient access to OTC medicines, prescription drugs, and healthcare products. We work closely with e-pharmacy startups, hospitals, and pharmacy chains for creating a seamless medicine ordering process.

Online pharmacy app developers at Idea2App believe in rapid innovations. We continue developing new products for the entire pharma industry for improving the quality of life for our clients and the entire population in general. We deliver custom, on-demand pharmacy app development services for independent pharmacy chains, pharmacies, and online medicine delivery startups.

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Fitness & Wellness App

Fitness & Wellness App

With our advanced, feature-rich fitness and wellness apps, it is quite easy as well as convenient for dieticians, personal trainers, and nutritionist to deliver the best-in-class healthcare solutions. Developing a fitness app requires ample efficiency and accuracy for providing the user seamless experience with ample assurance. At Idea2App, we comprehend the need of the modern health and fitness industry and deliver the needed solutions.

Our experienced fitness and wellness app development team has the capability to come up with one-stop fitness app solutions based on the customized requirements of the healthcare industry.

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IoMT-enable Healthcare apps

IoMT allows healthcare providers to enhance the medical devices for ensuring real-time intervention solutions. IoMT refers to Internet of Medical Things. These are a dedicated system of medical devices with advanced applications to collect vital healthcare data.


Revolutionize your healthcare business with advanced AI/ML solutions. With Idea2App, you can now integrate Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the healthcare system for improved organized management and accurate data-driven decisions, reduced costs, and better care for the patients.


Blockchain has a wide range of applications in the healthcare industry. With Idea2App, you can assure data integrity across different parties as organizations seek to ensure the health status of employees and customers. Blockchain in healthcare can help in managing EMR or Electronic Medical Record data seamlessly.

Image Recognition

Our innovative facial recognition technology aims at identifying an individual based on the unique skin texture and facial landmarks. The algorithm then checks the same against the database on multiple matches. The procedure is quite easy and helps in automating the healthcare industry.

Frequently asked questions

The development time will depend on factors like the requirements of the app, technology implementation, the type of healthcare app, and so more.

The cost will depend on factors like the integration complexity and the application that you wish to develop.

Healthcare apps help in digitizing the manner doctors will be delivering healthcare to the patients remotely. At the same time, patients can maintain a track of the overall health specifications.


Client We Feedback

I wanted to build my eCommerce app to extend my brand reach, and I found Idea2App. It is really a great platform to built a highly engaging & custom app. Great Platform, Highly recommended!


Awesome service! I got my app built easily with top-notch specifications. Also, I would like to appreciate their great customer support that made it easy for me to filter amazing options for my app.


I did not have any knowledge of coding and that was limiting me to build my own online app. Idea2App provided me easy access to develop my app without coding. Thank You, Team!


I would really like to recommend Idea2App to those who want to bring their unique idea into this competitive IT world. This is the best app building platform to create a highly intuitive and engaging platform shortly.


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