Clone Kinemaster app or enhance it more.

Edit your videos and make them more fantastic with Video Editing App like Kinemaster.

The interesting photo/video editing app such as Instagram, PicArts, Snapseed, and Prizma, have made users addicted to the editing tools. Add the impressive features and make even the generic clips a fantastic one. The interesting filters also work on the real-time video capturing moments. You can view a preview before saving the actual video, put some effects, and can edit with frames and tools.

Educational and professional videos are much more leveraged with the liveliness of videos and detailed editing patterns. The slow-motion tool and background editing tool give impressive enhancements to the videos, which is a handy tool for every level of videos. For businesses, video editing app development is a pragmatic approach for the investment.

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Video Editing
App Development Services

Develop a video editing app and add amazing revenue to your business.

Embark upon the Idea2App platform and transform your video editing app idea into a live application. Idea2Apps takes out the features from different trendy apps. Different apps offer different features such as instant video preview, video stickers, animation, styles, video trimming, video speed enhancement, text addition, and social media sharing.

With Idea2App you get complete control over the arrangement of features and scalability of the app. You get amazing feature ideas on the run that you can integrate into the app and can enhance the existing app.

Build a fresh new powerful app or extend the existing one to different platforms. Leverage the power of the latest technologies, and set your business free from the code behind the interface.

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Know About App

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Billions of Industries

Build a million dollar business plan with the AI enabled video editing app with rich features like Kinemaster. Woo your app users with freemium and sell your premium service for amazing customer base.

$15.66 Billion

Kinemaster Revenue

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77% Market

Kinemaster Industry

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48% Market

Download Revenue

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23% Market

Physical Revenue

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Features List

  • Signup/Sign in

    Sign up and make your account in the app. Set your preferences and access all previous edit history from here.

  • Email verification

    Verify your account with email for 2 step verification. This makes your account private if in case your mobile is lost.

  • Make movie

    Make a video or catch sights. You can build movies out of several videos.

  • Multiple themes and styles

    Choose from the range of multiple themes and edit with the chosen styles.

  • Upload music of your choice

    Add music to your videos according to the mood.

  • Video post

    Make video posts from the therein and show filtered videos to others.

  • Save post in album

    save video post to a private album and hide the secret information or dear moments.

  • Variety channels

    Get the most out of the variety of channels.

  • My Account

    Manage your account, purchase a subscription, take premium plan, and enjoy more features.

  • My album

    Create your album, save your edited videos. Manage all the videos from a single place.

  • My movies

    Create movie from several videos. Trim them, give some animations, and create an amazing movie.

  • Coupons

    View your coupons and enjoy the coupon for accessing the premium features.

  • Subscription

    View your subscription plan and change the Subscription plan for accessing the advanced features.

  • Settings

    Set the settings and change the appearance, filter availability, set preferences and edit the output of the app.

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  • Register or Login

    Login to the apps through secret credentials.

  • Dashboard

    Use the dashboard for receiving all the updates and details of the features.

  • Manage users

    Manage users of the app and limit the roles. Render features as per the plan.

  • Manage themes and styles

    Add more themes and styles or delete the existing ones if they are not being used.

  • Manage subscription

    Distribute the membership plans and edit the subscription offers.

  • Manage coupons

    Gift coupons and promo codes for tempting customers.

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  • Real-time and analytics

    View entire analytics depending upon the app and user data.

  • Integrated payment gateway

    Integrate the payment gateway, and allows users to make payment.

  • Edit recorded or old videos

    The app allows working with recorded or old videos.

  • Sound effects

    The app offers soundtrack editing features. Add voice to video, filter the existing audio voice, or add some effects.

  • AI

    AI works wonder when added to audio and video editing app.

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Click Capture, Kinemaster and upload!

Do you want to show your status to the world? Give a quick editing through app like Kinemaster and achieve a celebrity status.

Customize your idea

Build and Customize

Build an app and customize it to become exceptional. Idea2App can leverage you with the potential of a large set of features, which are taken from the most trending competitive apps. The building and customization of the app are easy with the advanced hybrid platform. Give your Kinemaster like video editing app, the power of AI for better editing, better enhancements, and better face recognition.

Customize your idea

Benefits of Kzinemaster App Development with Idea2App

  • Benefit Icon

    Customized cost factor

    For custom video editing apps you keep adding features.

  • Benefit Icon

    Customizable feature

    Idea2App transforms your raw idea into a well-trained app, but still it lacks many aspects.

  • Benefit Icon

    Timely delivery

    No delay is guaranteed with Idea2App. An app like Magisto is no hard deal with Idea2App.

  • Benefit Icon

    High performance

    Idea2App is not less than the dedicated development.

  • Benefit Icon

    Unlimited features

    Features are no limitation with Idea2App. You get the recommendations for the latest features.

  • Benefit Icon


    Test your app on different platforms and ensure the optimization for different devices.

Benefit Icon
  • Benefit Icon

    AI recommendation

    Idea2App is the AI-based tool that offers the most trendy and updated features to be...

  • Benefit Icon


    Forget about the underlying technology; forget the drawbacks of custom app development.

  • Benefit Icon

    Custom development

    Combing the abilities of custom app development and app builder, Idea2App...

  • Benefit Icon


    Idea2App runs over the finest app-building capabilities with the latest technology.

  • Benefit Icon

    No code/Low Code/Custom development

    Develop an app with Idea2App and focus just on refining your idea.

  • Benefit Icon

    Competitive performance

    Competitive features render the competitive performance to video editing app.

Some similar Apps

Power Director

One of the most popular free video altering apps for apprentices and expert. The app is stacked with number of features that make Power Director an exceptionally convincing app.


The remarkably famous android video editor app, loaded with all primary functions such as cutting, trimming, adding music, and themes etc. Also, the app offers some in-app purchase including subscription.

Adobe Premier Rush

The cross platform video editing platform, specially designed for social media content creators. Users can process their video, make them better and upload on social media.

Frequently asked Questions

Idea2App offers customization and cloning possibilities. You can build a clone app and can also customize the existing features to make your app rise. The feature panel is easy to pick and integrate.

Idea2App can deliver the clone app in the minimum default time, whereas if you need some customization or some sort of complex AI base integration to our video editing app, it may take longer. Another reason for the long duration of development can be the cost. For faster product delivery, the app may cost higher. Also, the cost varies for the pay per use and licensed model.

Yes, you can get the demo project. Once you specify your requirements and select the features you want, you can order an MVP model for your app.

Idea2App offers dedicated support for the customers. The post-development dedicated support and maintenance is available. You can always communicate with our technical salesperson for solving your queries.

Yes, you can order the app faster with a slight scale up to your app cost. 

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