Care for people, they need you.  Build online medicine delivery apps like Medscape, or One mg.

Healing takes time, that where people need help. Who doesn’t love to be loved or need someone who takes care of them? Today, people are garnering the need for online medicine delivery. The patient adds their profile, select medicines, and order and get their medicine delivered at their home. It’s time to take a lead, build your medicine delivery app.

You have an idea, and we lead it and develop it into a successful product. Now it is easy to build a highly dedicated, competitive, and problem-solving app for any platform.

Idea2App helps to add the latest competitive features, and dedicated user experience to your app. Every integrated feature builds long term potential for your vision. Therefore, keep your idea; we will transform it into an excellent product.

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Medicine Delivery
App Development Services

People find no time to get out buying medicine in between busy days. They prefer a source to order medicines at their home to save time. What does it lead for you? A much open opportunity to following the latest demand. So, either you choose to customize or clone the app, we build perfection for you.

Idea2App offers a hybrid platform to build your idea into a stupendous product. Start with an advanced process for app development, leaving ordinary app builders’ ecosystem. Integrate the latest features to your app.

Idea2App holds the best solution to build a medicine delivery solution. So, whether you want to develop a customized app or clone apps like Medscape or Onemg, we nest a dedicated solution for it.

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Billions of Industries

Technology has transformed the healthcare industry.
Now the online medicine delivery market is expected to rise exponentially. 

USD 45.0 billion

Market size value in 2020

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USD 109.2 billion

Revenue forecast in 2025

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7.4 Billion new users by 2022

Buying medicine online

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Key Players

Optum Rx Inc., Giant Eagle Inc., Rowlands Pharmacy.

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Features List

  • Multiple delivery orders

    Drivers are ready to manage multiple delivery orders through the app.

  • Route Navigation

    Easy to track quick and easy route for order delivery.

  • Push Notifications

    Regular notifications for every new order they receive.

  • Manage orders

    New orders can be either accepted or rejected.

  • Live tracking

    Easy real-time tracking of drivers.

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  • Web Interface

    Registered Pharmacist gets a dedicated web interface. It helps to manage orders and inventory.

  • Notification

    Get real-time information about every new order placed. Adds efficiency and timely delivery of orders.

  • Order Notification

    Receive complete information on all new orders in real-time and stay on top of things.

  • Quick Support

    Customer support helps vendors to address any query or technical issues of the customers.

  • Sign In/Up

    A quick way to register or login through email id, and social media accounts.

  • Profile Management

    Manage information about the business.

  • Inventory Management

    Manage inventory of products. Add new orders, previous orders, due date, etc.

  • Product Management

    Easy to add or edit products, price in the items list for the customers.

  • Order Management

    View and manage every order under process, incoming, or dispatched.

  • Track Payment 

    Get details of all pending and successful payments. Easy to track accounts settlements.

  • Manage Vendors Payment

    Easy to request and generate receipts from other vendors and manage receipts and payments.

  • Customer Details

    Get all the relevant information about the customer. It helps in successful order delivery.

  • Prompt Customer Support

    Register pharmacists can instantly respond to the customers. Solve their problems and build loyalty.

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  • Stock Management

    Manage the inventory list, and edit or update products’ price, quantity, orders, etc.

  • Order Status

    Real-time tracking of order status. Get information about the order in progress, pending orders, and orders delivered.

  • Customer Management

    Manage customer details about name, contact numbers, delivery address, etc.

  • Payment History And Offers

    Get easy payment details of orders, new discount offers, and performance of promos.

  • Discounts And Offers

    Build and manage attractive discounts and offers. Entice new customers.

  • Multiple Users’ Profile

    Build multiple users profile and give access to various functions. Ease the management of different user roles.

  • Vendor Payments And Commission

    Manage commission rates of partner pharmacists. Schedule vendor payment.

  • Manage Store

    It helps to manage the entire store with a dedicated interface.

  • Reports

    Generate a report from available data. Compare targets, costs, and take decisions.

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  • Multiple Languages

    Serve users in their native languages. Choice of multi-language interface ensures high scalability.

  • Store Geo Location

    Easy to map nearby medical store to customer location.

  • Customized Solution

    Easy to customize features according to the changing needs of the markets or clients.

  • Consultant Help

    The customers can book, and contact consultants for better help. Help the customers in a hard time

  • Doses Alert

    Get medicine reminders at fixed time, dose, and type of medicine.

  • Share Orders Or Prescriptions

    Helps the users to share the order details and prescriptions. Add social voice to your effort.

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Enhance the app with New ideas

The customers need unique products, so it’s good to leverage your app with new ideas. We help to add competitive features, rich user experience, the latest technological developments, and much more. Build your vision into an app, that’s all it takes to excel your business.

Customize your idea

Customize your Web with new Features

Add interactive solutions to your online medicine delivery web apps. Make it easy for the customers to search, add and order medicine. Get user analytics, Performance suggestions, and regular updates, etc to mobile or web apps. 

Customize your idea

Benefits of building medicine delivery app with Idea2App

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    Cost Customization

    More features add more cost to the entire development cost.

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    Latest Features

    Idea2App builds the customized apps laden with the latest competitive features.

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    Quality Test

    Idea2App whittles down the issues with custom app development.

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    Optimized App Development

    Build apps with quick functioning, rich UI/UX, and easy to customized according to business needs.

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    Quick Navigation

    Idea2App helps to develop quick, uninterrupted, and easy navigation for apps.

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    No Code

    With a more competitive market and economic cost, you need an effective way to develop the app.

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    Time-bound Delivery

    Every development process targets building quality products.

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    Features Scalability

    Idea2App efficiently integrates the latest features of app builder and custom app development. We combine features to build interactive, rich, and engaging apps. 

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    High Efficiency

    Every app fetches user engagement with better optimization, rich UX/UI, the latest features, etc.

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    Quick Check

    Idea2App tests the app on live devices. It ensures quality and a highly committed app development process.

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    Value Performance

    Idea2APP delivers exceptional online medicine delivery app, on-demand app, and the marketplace.

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    Easy and Quick Login

    Simple and quick login or registration through using social media accounts.

Some similar Apps

Net Meds App

The fully licensed medicine delivery platform offering medicine delivery services over authenticated prescription and OTC. Also consult with the doctor for extra consultation.

Smart Medics App

The interactive online doctor booking platform featuring the easiness of booking appointment with doctor and take prescription from your home.


The reliable telemedicine platform with free to use mobile app and website. User uploads prescription, whereupon he is provided with the free discount drug coupon.

Frequently asked Questions

The entire cost of developing an online medicine delivery app varies to the platforms, features, API, and technology. More features and complexities increase the cost of the app. Let’s discuss your need and get a custom quote instantly. 

It is easy for you to connect all your pharmacy stores on a web or mobile app. You can easily connect patients, doctors, and pharmacy stores. The location-based medicine delivery facility enables the customers to order medicine anytime at anywhere. 

Soon after launching the app in the market, we dedicate ourselves to monitor the performance of it. We identify the areas needed for updates, analytics, fixing bugs, new features, and user experience. Our moderated approach checks everything that needs to add value to your product. We offer an end-to-end app development solution. Leverage your performance of medicine delivery app with quality analysis, dedicated support, performance check, 24*7 maintenance. 

Idea2App eases out the procedure of app development. You need to select the type of app you want. You can select the features from the rich panel and build your app for any platform.  Idea2App relieves from both development overhead and post-development maintenance.

Yes, you can develop a custom business app with the integration of different competitive features. You can also make custom changes to the features, as you want.

You can integrate as many features as you want. Upload prescription is one of the features available in competitive apps. You enjoy huge flexibility for adding as many features as you want.

Obviously yes, we offer payments in a different currency and multi-language support. Your app will get different payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree, etc. We ensure you for security as well. 

Definitely yes! We offer unorthodox and strategic digital marketing to scale customers and revenue for your online medicine delivery app. You get premium support like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), App Store Optimization (APO), PPC, Email Marketing, user engagement, etc. 

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