Start something lovely between people. Build dating apps like Tinder, or Bumble.

The world has almost found a new way of loving each other. Finding a love partner through an online dating app is enjoying a wider reach. People make a basic profile; add photos and a bio make new friends or line updates. So, why do not you make the first move? Build your dating app and follow love backed digital revolution.

Idea2App holds an exceptional and dynamic ecosystem to build an online dating app like Tinder or Bumble. We nest your idea, nourish it, and develop it. Build a high interactive, competitive, and engaging app for any platform.

Today, dating apps are actively acceptable in people's lives. 84 percent of people using dating apps find their partner's goal through it. What does the number show? Better opportunity to focus on the latest trends in dating apps. Therefore, choose one among your best competitors and customize it.

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Online Dating
App Development Services

Rich user experience directly affects the engagement time of the user on the app. Dynamic features, latest technology, core functioning, and problem-solving architecture adds trust and time of the users.

Idea2App provides a custom app development platform, easing out to build a profiteering on-demand app for your business. Idea2App nourishes your idea into a reality and build an app.

High-end technology streamlines the app functioning for the user. Need to add partner match algorithm, AI matchmaking, virtual meetings, etc., to the online dating app. Well, we have everything to build a perfect dating app solution for you. Let’s hatch a solution, not just an app builder.

App builder grinds your expectation of a quality app. It turns your transforming idea into a regular motive with limited features.

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Billions of Industries

Online dating apps have swelled up to a multi billion industry.
Market trends suggest its exponential growth in coming years.  

3,241 Million USD

Market size value in 2021

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4,230 Million USD

Revenue forecast in 2025

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441.8 Million Users

Online Dating Users By 2024

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Key Players

Bumble, Tinder, OkCupid

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Features List

  • Matchmaking algorithm

    It allows dating app users to find their ideal partners.

  • Personal messages

    Allows an easy way communicate privately with each other.

  • Spam protection

    A secured profile feature to the users. It allows reporting spam to unwanted or dubious profiles and messages.

  • Geo location

    The user can search for their partners in current location or in proximity. An easy search tool.

  • Date plan

    Dating plans are ready here, users can fix their date. It allows them to plan their date.

  • Social media sign up and log in

    Allow easy signing up through email and social media accounts.

  • Profile management

    User can add, or edit his/her profile.  Get lucrative bio, likes and dislikes.

  • Swipe/wink

    Allows either request or reject the suggestions of partner. Find a suitable partner.

  • Real time chat or video call

    Easy instant messaging or video calling for users during online dating.

  • Social sharing

    Allows users an option to share their interested Gif, image or chat.

  • Gamification

    Keep it simple even after finding a match.  The user can enjoy as many searches as they like.

  • Search history

    Easy to scroll down last searches. Keep one or more again of these matches in your list.

  • Payment history

    Allows to track payments made by the users. Easy to see dating app plans, offers, and promos.

  • Push notifications

    A timely notification about partners search, location, offers, promos, updates etc.

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  • Face detection

    With the help of AI tool, face detection allows to prevent spamy profiles. It allows a secured dating platform for the users.

  • Credits

    Users can buy in-app offers, activities, prime membership, virtual gifts etc through credits. Allows users to buy and spend credits.

  • Customization

    Let users to customize their profile templates and dating app themes. Easy customization makes app more engaging for the users.

  • Upgrade membership

    Offers paid up gradation of membership for users. Allow different features to users from basic to prime.

  • Easy personification

    Dating app allows users to match partners with relevant keywords including interests,location, preferences etc.

  • Cloud fare Integration

    With improved functioning, performance and secured account. Users find it quick and easy to use.

  • Third party payment

    Multiple payment providers allow the users for in app purchases. Unlock more chances of user retention; integrate third party payment providers.

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  • Membership management

    Allows admin to manage membership of user from free to paid. The classification drives need of features updates.

  • Revenue tracking

    Track every detail about in app purchases by users. Make it easy to manage number of credits buy and spent by the users.

  • Profile management

    Allows admin to flag or reject any user profile. Enhance user security and trust.

  • Feature access management

    Timely modifications or new features in dating app are easy to manage.

  • Multi language support

    Multilanguage support addresses their problem and offer seamless app functioning.

  • Custom moderation

    Admin can make numerous changes in page content. Add custom widgets and extra content.

  • Moderators

    Allows content filtering for violence, nudity, spam, swear words , and other inappropriate content.

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  • Real time notifications

    Users get instant notifications of profile request, offers, virtual gifts, messages and other in app activities.

  • Chat requests

    Direct message request to other user for chat or date. Rich user experience adds more engagement.

  • Spam/block list

    Allow users to add spammy or inappropriate user profile. It ensures secured dating app experience

  • Private Gallery

    Users can add photos to their photo gallery. Allow them either to make it private or public in profile.

  • Geo location

    Let users allow adding location or search partner through location.

  • Winks and text messages

    Winks by both users allow them to communicate with each other.

  • Payment options

    Use to buy credits for in-app purchases.

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Enhance the app with New ideas

Online dating apps help to find a love partner for the users. Get unique features, changes, and experience you the users. Make their search for their partners a memorable one. Leverage your app with location-based search, AI-based search, Profile verification, Premium services, etc. Idea2App build your vision into a reality. 

Customize your idea

Customize your Web with new Features

Cherish the dating partner search for every user. Customize your online dating web app with the latest and competitive features. Get a qualitative analysis, dedicated support, user journey analysis, etc. 

Customize your idea

Benefits of building online dating app with Idea2App

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    Cost Control

    The cost factor depends on the features you add to the app.

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    Quality Check

    Idea2App stamps out the problems of custom app development.

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    Scalable capabilities

    Idea2Apps actively combines the features of app builder and custom app development...

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    Lightweight app

    You can build an optimized app that loads faster with.

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    Uninterrupted navigation

    Idea2App build smooth, streamlined and quick navigational apps.

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    Custom /Low code/ No code development

    No coding knowledge is required to build an app now.

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    Up to the minute features

    Idea2Apps leverages the customized apps with latest relevant features.

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    Prompt delivery

    Time bound app development transcripts the dedicated process.

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    High Efficiency

    You need a quality performance app to get best return on your investment.

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    Live testing of app on devices ensures quality development phases.

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    Competitive performance

    Idea2App builds finest on demand food delivery app, aggregate app, and market place.

Some similar Apps


The American geosocial online dating app, where user can anonymously like or dislike the profiles based upon common interest. Overall, a fantastic app for meeting new people. With 30 billion matches to date, Tinder® is the world's most popular app for meeting new people.


A USA based social media app which facilitates the communication between users. For heterosexual matches, only female can start the chat whereas in same gender, anyone of them can.


OkCupid is dedicated social media platform for helping people find the purposeful connection. It is originally owned by Match group that owns Tinder and other social media apps.

Frequently asked Questions

Idea2App has a customized app solution for your online dating app. The cost to develop an online dating app depends on the technological complexities you add. Every feature, technological upgrade, number of platforms, plug-ins, etc varies the total app development cost.

It depends on your need. We promise a time-bound delivery without compromising any features. Know us your requirements, and your timeline, we are utmost happy to serve you. 

Obviously, yes. Get a demo of the online dating app at any time you need. We offer you a customized app as per your need. Feel free to contact us for the demo of the online dating app.

Idea2App is a dedicated platform to provide end to end solution for customers. Get a post-deployment 24*7 dedicated support and maintenance. Leverage your app performance with analytics, quality check, timely upgrades, and much more. 

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