Serve the new trend. Build online delivery apps like door dash.

Idea2App holds an effective and dynamic platform to develop an on-demand app. You need an efficient and exceptionally dynamic platform to build a high promising online delivery app.

It is not complicated to build a problem-solving, functional, dedicated app for any platform. Just keep an idea; we will build it into an exceptional product for you.

The busy hours stop people from drawing out free time to shop. So here, you need to grab this opportunity and make them available what they need. The latest trend allows you to fetch a potential market upbeat. So, let's build a customized app or clone app, we are dedicated to every role.

Idea2App integrates up to minute features, a rich user experience, and a dynamic interface to your app. The success of every app relies on a dedicated platform and development.

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Every solution holds an evolutionary decision, and you are here for it. We offer the finest solution to build an app but not just through an app builder.

It is too ordinary and conventional to use app builder in a competitive market. You need a rich and highly interactive platform to build your app.

Take a decision; Build an app with more features, competitive performance, and promising results.

Idea2App keeps the best resources to leverage online delivery app development. Every idea backed by a highly dedicated platform keeps more successful targets. So, either to build a clone customized app or just clone apps like doordash, Idea2App has a perfect solution for it. Start from scratch, keep your idea and we will grow it and build it into an app.

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Online delivery app with for scaling up the revenue

Leverage the supply chain with the most capable business model. Build your own online delivery app and aggregate it with the superlative features.

$85 Billion

Delivery Revenue

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25% Market

Delivery Industry

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23% Market

Download Revenue

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51% Market

Physical Revenue

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Features List

  • Sign up/Sign in

    Allow the users to sign up or sign in through email, social media account, and mobile number.

  • User profile management

    Simple interface to manage user profile. The users can edit or add their name, address, contact, payment information, etc to their profile. 

  • Vendor search

    Easy access to large data of vendors or service providers.

  • Quick order

    This allows the users to place orders without stepping out of the home.

  • Scheduling delivery

    Not just placing the order, the users can also schedule the delivery of the product and services at their home. 

  • In app payment options

    The users get several payment options paying for their orders.

  • Location tracking

    Allows the customers to find a service provider at their nearby location.

  • Live chat option

    Users get live messaging or chat options, helping them to respond instantly.

  • Push notifications

    Allows regular notification about new updates, an order placed, delivery, payment, etc to users. 

  • Ratings and reviews

    The users can give their reviews to the services or products.It builds trust and customer retention. 

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  • Order management

    An interactive dashboard allows quick order management. It helps the vendor to schedule, delivering, or canceled orders.

  • Product or service details

    The vendors become able to manage or update their products or services.

  • Live chat with customers

    Allows Instant response to customers and solving their order issues, payment channels glitch, etc.

  • Inventory management

    Managing inventory prevents the unavailability of products for the customers.

  • Price management

    Allows updating or adding prices of the products anytime.

  • Review management

    The vendors can easily manage reviews and ratings, and respond actively to the customer's view. 

  • Payment channels

    Allows the vendors to receive or pay due orders. It prevents pending payments with instant payment options.

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  • Accept or reject orders

    Delivery partners can either accept or reject their incoming orders.

  • Tracking live location

    Real-time tracking allows time-bound and successful delivery.

  • Live chat

    Easy to communicate with customers or service producers. Real-time communication helps to manage orders successfully. 

  • Order status

    Allows tracking orders delivered, pending, or successful. Order history helps to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly order delivery.

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  • Content management

    Allows adding, or editing app content at any time. Easy update to page contents glues the user interest. 

  • Order Management

    Admin can monitor and manage every order. Managing orders history, payment, and order status help in scalability and successful process.

  • Customer support

    Manage real-time support to app users.

  • Profile management

    Allows managing users or service provider profiles. Easy to add or update information. 

  • Generate Reports

    Managing accounts and statements and producing reports helps to maintain the delivery channel. 

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Work with the prime level of features to stomp the competition

Idea2App is a reliable platform to clone, build, customize and deploy the world-class online delivery app with optimum features and an entire range of scalability. The powerful app builder can build premium apps with the extreme possibilities of customization. Leave nutty solutions, embark upon Idea2App.

Customize your idea

Scale up the plans, rise with unique features

Your app can really make a unique facet for your business. Invest just a few minutes over the Idea2App platform and kick off all oddities of monotonous apps. Integrate the latest modules available in the market, and let the business follow you for the perfect online delivery model.

Customize your idea

Benefits of building online delivery app with Idea2App

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    Customized cost structure

    You need to integrate more advanced and latest features for the quality performance of your app.

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    Competitive features

    With the latest and competitive features, Idea2App helps in rich app customization.

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    Time-bound delivery

    A successful development of the app under a stipulated time frame shows a dedicated process.

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    High performing app

    Idea2App is a hybrid platform that keeps a dedicated development.

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    Idea2App integrates the latest technology to build navigation apps.

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    Competitive performance

    You need desperate measures to win customers.

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    AI recommendation

    Various latest features are yet to be utilized.

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    Quality development

    Idea2App vanishes off every issue of custom app development.

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    Increase capability

    It is exceptional to combine the features of custom app development and app builder, and Idea2App does it incredibly.

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    Lightweight app

    The finest source to build an app with a quick loading, elegant interfaces, and for customized business needs.

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    A dedicated testing phase before the completion of app development ensures its compatibility.

Some similar Apps

A pure online delivery app, where users can check for the merchants to pick up the order and provide delivery on the right time. Users can leave tip at the time of checkout.


Started from small whatsapp group and expanded to the hyper local market, Dunzo offers the online delivery and operating in Tier I cities in India to let you explore your city like never before.


Working on the Uber model, Postmates leverage the delivery of goods from the local store. Just like Uber driver, notification is received by delivery boys, where demand and supply balance is met meticulously.

Frequently asked Questions

If you want a clone app, it can be built in less time whereas if you want a customized app or the features to be customized, it takes a little more time.

You can know the exact cost of AI-based Idea2App tools, which features the flexibility to scale the app up or down which increases or decreases cost. Also, if you rent an app on pay per use model, the cost varies instead of the licensed app

Yes, you can build an MVP for trying the app in the market. The development of the app is too easy with Idea2App. You just need to tell the niche of the app, share some explicit features and themes of the app. The rest of the overhead is handled by the Idea2App development team.

Yes, the Idea2App app development platform lets you choose from the apps available on the panel to clone and integrate similar features. Although the panel is rich with the number of apps available apps, still if you cannot find your app, you can communicate with our technical salesperson.

Yes, you can build cross platform online delivery app with Idea2App. You can also build a separate web or mobile version if you want.

Idea2App eases the task of complex app development. Post-development, you need not worry about deployment and integration.

Yes, Idea2App relieves you from the development and post-development overhead. You just need to share your business idea and few important requirements such as app theme, list of features, etc.

Idea2App comes with an exclusive buyback offer. If you are not successful with your app, Idea2App guarantees to buyback on several terms.

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