Fitness is not a task,
it is a Lifestyle

The fitness industry is booming every single day. It is no more a unique thing to see people moving around in gym clothes. Attend your customers more interactively even while you are sleeping.

Get your app developed within a jiff, or customize the existing one. Embark upon the Idea2App platform and enjoy the app development like a pro, without even knowing technical skills. Get set and go with your idea. No barrage is there if you are building your app with Idea2App.

Make an AI-enabled powerful app to catch traction and attract customers from all over the world. Now your session is not limited to countable gym-goers. Expand your app, expand your business, grow your sessions, and gain more popularity. Let’s share your idea with Idea2App and stay connected to your customers.

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Online Fitness
App Development Services

Idea2App is a powerful platform for developing fantastic fitness apps like MyFitnessPal for your clients. The hybrid blend of app builder and custom app development services is loaded with a long catalogue of features which are assembled over the extensive research in the market.

Idea2App is specifically made capable to let you choose the set of features for integrating into your app. Make your app capable while integrating the simple features into your app. Enhance your app or switch the OS platforms.

Also, you can make your app run over multiple platforms, and build a cross platform version of your existing app. Integrating the right set of features is as easy as selecting or deselecting. Customize your design, pick the right wireframe, and get an MVP built.

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Billions of Industries

The fitness industry has grown to a billion dollars industry. Online fitness delivery apps
are more aggressively changing the fitness trends. Get going with it!

6,046 million USD

Market size value in 2019

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59,231Million USD

Revenue forecast in 2027s

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153.2 Million USD by 2024

Online Fitness Users

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Key Players

Charter Fitness Inc., ClassPass Inc., Conofitness

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Features List

A perfect app can integrate the proper nutrition, fitness, and efficient services for the clients, which makes it easier to give results.

  • Timer

    The app features a suitable timer or the countdown clock for the exercise hours.

  • Pre- Exercising routines

    Create your own exercise schedule. Also, select your exercise to make work more productive.

  • Live Streaming

    Make a live chat with the coach while exercising. Also, take suggestions for approval.

  • Food logging

    Keep track of your calorie intake. Calculate the quantity, and water you consume throughout the days.

  • Set targets

    Consistency is the key to fitness. Stay consistent with the workout schedules that keep on intensifying with your workout.

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  • Video And Tutorial

    Check videos and check fitness tutorials. When you perform some exercise, the right posture is too important. Check videos or follow them live.

  • Health Planner

    Set your goals and check fitness exercises for the same.

  • Health And Fitness Forum

    Socialize with your like partners. And discuss them for the right goals.

  • Activity Tracking

    Track our steps and all activity level for quantifying the calories burnt.

  • Push Notifications

    If you miss out on any activity or busy somewhere, the app can keep you enough engaged with push notifications.

  • Personalized Account

    Create a personalized account and set your profile.

  • Subscription

    Take subscription-based membership for hiring experts and take higher engagement into the app.

  • Wearable

    Switch on the Geolocation mode and find the location around you for a suitable activity level.

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  • Real-Time Feedbacks

    The app monitors all your activities, and provides a real-time suggestion for your exercise.

  • Social Network Integration

    Integrate your app with social media profiles or log in through social media apps. Share your success with your friends.

  • Barcode Scanner

    Integrate barcode scanner and share the authentic passes for gym and yoga classes.

  • Payment Integration

    Third-party payment integration allows for transacting and paying for the services. Admin can sell the products and receive an amount online for the services.

  • Track Vital Signs Of The User

    Track user activity in an advanced way. Know the calorie burn of the user for the whole day.

  • Video Tutorial

    Make video-based workout sequences and guide users online.

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Enhance the app with New ideas

The fitness industry is a much vibrant area to cater to customers. You need to follow every latest technology, features, plugins, etc to quench the customer demand. Idea2App lines up everything that lands you exactly what your users need. Pick unique ideas, build an app, and make it into reality

Customize your idea

Customize your Web with new Features

A quality ecosystem blends quality, dedication, performance, and satisfaction to users. Leverage your online fitness web apps with the latest interactive features. Make it easy for the trainers, and customers to connect. 

Customize your idea

Benefits of building an Online fitness app with Idea2App

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    Scalable Pricing

    Build a customized app with a long-range of features.

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    The Update Features

    Make a customized app with a feature-rich interface.

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    Quality Assurance

    Idea2App ensures the quality of the app which is otherwise compromised in the app builder.

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    Rapid Development

    If you want an online fitness app like My Fitness Pal, Idea2App is the best hybrid platform for unlimited capabilities.

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    Smooth Navigation

    Build a highly interactive fitness app with optimized features and smooth navigation.

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    No Code

    Idea2App is the perfect blend of no-code/low code development and custom development.

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    No Delay

    Every project is successful only when it comes at the right time.

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    Unlimited Features

    Idea2App gives the scope for unlimited features.

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    Lightweight App

    Get an optimized app with amazing UI/UX and custom features.

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    Test the performance of any app post-development.

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    Top performance

    Build Wearable apps, fitness tracker app, gym instruction app, or diet planning app.

Some similar Apps


One of the top apps for fitness, which works as a playlist of exercise for the people, who can’t go to gym because of busy schedule.

Nike Training Club

The online fitness app for training anywhere by expert Nike trainers. The app offers customizable workouts for beginners to intermediate.


One of the highest rated fitness app for beginners to reach 5 Km running stamina. App offers training plan for body conditioning in 8 weeks.

Frequently asked Questions

Yes. You get almost developed an app with the AI-enabled app development tool. You can easily customize it as per your needs. The online fitness app comes with live streaming, easy to upload videos, workouts, diet charts and guides, location-based services, instant notifications, etc. 

Obviously, yes. We are always committed to our customers’ satisfaction. Idea2App leverages the development of a rich app with the hybrid of app builder and custom app development. Alongside, we offer custom app development to delivering tailor made fitness apps. It ranges from Personal trainers app, Exercise app, Activity Tracking app, Logbook Apps, Running apps to many more. Our app can offer support for personal trainers, gym owners, and athletes.

Idea2App is a dedicated platform to provide exceptionally cost-effective and quality app development across the globe. We never compromise on the quality and dedication. The cost of developing a fitness app depends entirely upon the technology, platforms; plug-ins, payment channels, and more features you add. Everything is entirely flexible and scalable with Idea2App.

You can scale the features up and down, which also increases or decreases the duration of development. 

We are committed to providing end to end solutions to our customers. You get post-deployment support throughout 24*7, qualitative analysis, analytics, dedicated maintenance, performance analysis, and much more. We grow with your satisfaction. 

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