Serve the new trend. Build online delivery apps like door dash.

Hatch the changing trend, you will excel. Today people love to get food, medicine, clothes, furniture, etc everything at their door, without even stepping out. Build an online delivery ecosystem for them. Gone are the days of conventional cacophonous window shopping strategies.
People add their profile, choose products or services, order, and get it delivered at home. Let’s build a solution, build your online delivery app.

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Every solution holds an evolutionary decision, and you are here for it. We offer the finest solution to build an app but not just through an app builder.

It is too ordinary and conventional to use app builder in a competitive market. You need a rich and highly interactive platform to build your app. Take a decision; Build an app with more features, competitive performance, and promising results. 

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Contribute to billion dollar industry

Build the powerful selling platform like Amazon and grow the market base manifold times. Put a right set of strategy and improve your services in an innovative way.

$861.12 billion

Market size value in 2020

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$6.5 trillion

Revenue forecast in 2025

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735 Billion New users by 2023

Buying online

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Key Players

Amazon , and

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Features List

  • Sign up/Sign in

    Allow the users to sign up or sign in through email, social media account, and mobile number.

  • User profile management

    Simple interface to manage user profile. The users can edit or add their name, address, contact, payment information, etc to their profile. 

  • Vendor search

    Easy access to large data of vendors or service providers.

  • Quick order

    This allows the users to place orders without stepping out of the home.

  • Scheduling delivery

    Not just placing the order, the users can also schedule the delivery of the product and services at their home. 

  • In app payment options

    The users get several payment options paying for their orders.

  • Location tracking

    Allows the customers to find a service provider at their nearby location.

  • Live chat option

    Users get live messaging or chat options, helping them to respond instantly.

  • Push notifications

    Allows regular notification about new updates, an order placed, delivery, payment, etc to users. 

  • Ratings and reviews

    Allows regular notification about new updates, an order placed, delivery, payment, etc to users. 

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  • Order management

    The user manages to line up orders. It allows keeping updates about new orders, scheduled delivery, and canceled orders.

  • Product information

    Allows adding or editing every piece of information about the products and services.

  • Order status

    Easy to track the current status of all orders. Allows tracking pending, delivered, or canceled orders.

  • Live support

    It allows a quick response to customer queries or technical issues. Builds trust and retention of customers.

  • Stock management

    Inventory management helps in maintain a minimum or average stock balance.

  • Product pricing

    The user can update the price of every product at any time. It keeps business more competitive and scalable.

  • Payment channels

    Various payment channels allow receiving or paying the amount due on orders.

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  • Order Update

    No delay in order updates. Delivery partners can reject, accept, or hold the order request for order delivery.

  • Geolocation

    Allows tracking real-time location for timely and successful delivery.

  • Quick Response

    Live chat or communication allows delivery partners to address issues with customers or stores.

  • Order Status

    Every information about placed, delivered, returned, or cancel orders.

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  • Content Update

    Easy to edit or add content at any time to the app. It helps to make competitive app content for productive user engagement.

  • Order Management

    Allows managing orders. Admin can keep tracking order status from placing the order to delivery.

  • Real-time support

    Quick response to customers or delivery partner adds easy business operations.

  • Profile management

    Allows editing or adding user information to their profiles. Fresh user information helps in re-targeting customers.

  • Report management

    Manage order reports, account statements, customers response, etc.

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Level up your app, Cloning is no more cool

Leverage the app in larger market with additional features. Go for custom unique online store to bind the users and hit their mindset of crazy shopping.

Customize your idea

Build custom, Build unique

Make your online shopping app armed with future-based technologies. Scale up your app with Idea2App and influence the market differently. One of the latest integration is voice command, which is really cool in growing market.

Customize your idea

Benefits of building online store app with Idea2App

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    Cost Control

    Every new and unique feature adds customers’ engagement to your app.

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    Comparative features

    Competitive features scale your customer numbers.

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    Prompt delivery

    Time-bound delivery of developed apps shows authority, experience, and dedication.

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    Lightweight app

    You can build an optimized app that loads faster with.

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    Uninterrupted navigation

    Idea2App build smooth, streamlined, and quick navigational apps.

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    Custom /Low code/ No code development

    No coding knowledge is required to build an app now.

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    Updated recommendation

    Our AI-backed tools recommend various latest features for your app

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    Dedicated development

    Idea2App keeps a dedicated and promising development process.

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    Increase capability

    Idea2App integrates the features of custom app development and app builder.

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    Live testing of app on devices ensures quality development phases.

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    Competitive performance

    Idea2App builds the finest on demand food delivery app, aggregator app.

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Frequently asked Questions

Yes, you can call our technical sales executive for sharing the query and also for discussing the complex app requirements. 

Yes absolutely, you can develop any level of the app with Idea2App. Idea2App is not just an ordinary app builder, but the combination of app builder powered with the custom app development capabilities. 

You can develop an app for any platform. Or you can opt for cross-platform app development. Idea2App development team can handle any level of development needs. 

It's a great idea to develop a web app with a mobile app. Idea2App easily handles the request and offers a powerful app be it web or mobile

For the development of an online store app, Idea2App features several components and modules that you can integrate into the app. The cost of the app goes up and down according to the features.

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