An app for women providing advice, information and articles on relationships, makeup, hairstyles, and eCommerce and discussion options. - Lets build more then POPXO LIKE APP.

Why build my own popxo like app ?

Many studies have shown that there are huge opportunities about an app like Popxo in major countries like Netherland, Australia, Canada, the USA, UK, France, Switzerland.

Market size 2021-2023

Expected 14% Increase

Revenue forecast 2021-2025

Grow 12%

Expected Users 2021-2024

Increase 16%


Basic Feature(s) for popxo like app

  • Audio & Music

    Basic controls for audio files: Play, pause, volume. Users can control their listening experience from inside the product, instead of having to exit and adjust the device.

  • Twitter Login

    Users can login using their Twitter account details. No need to remember usernames and passwords.

  • Targeted Feed

    Shows users a feed of activity based on their interests and what they engage in. Users get a relevant, personalised feed that uses analytics, ML and a recommendation system.

  • Share

    Users can take images, videos and content published within the product, and share them on their social media channels or by email. Makes it quicker and easier to reach new audiences who aren't using the product.

  • Search

    Enter search queries and see related results from your database. Users can click/tap on results to view the result in more detail.

  • RFID

    Enable the product to identify, track and trace tags attached to inventory items. Offers an alternative to using traditional barcodes.

  • Push Notifications

    Send notifications that users can receive and see - even when they're not inside your product. Useful for getting users to login, and for giving them important, relevant and new information.

  • Profile/Bio

    Users can create and edit basic profile information that's visible to other users. Good for building identities and helping users recognise each other.

  • Photo Library

    Users can manage photos they have stored inside the product. Includes options to delete and share photos with others inside the product.

  • Notifications

    A dashboard for users to view and manage (including reply, mark, delete) notifications of activity. Shows unread notifications to highlight what's recent and encourages users to open and see what's been received.

  • Login

    Users can login to your product using their email address or a username and password. Authenticates their identity and helps you track how many people are using your product.

  • Facebook Login

    Users can login using only their Facebook details. No need to remember usernames and passwords.

  • Email Notifications

    Email notifications to users, ability to unsubscribe to such emails.

  • Email Login

    Enable users to login with an email address and password. Authenticates their identity, and good for user experience (email addresses are easier to remember than usernames).

  • Dashboard

    See a summary of how the business is performing over different time periods. Uses two key metrics for deeper understanding, such as sales, cashflow, recent activity.

  • Content Moderation

    Analyses user-generated content to see if it breaches your pre-determined community rules. Flags up images, words and phrases, helping to save time when managing large numbers of submissions.

  • Content Flag

    Users can report content, for example as abusive, inappropriate, or off-topic. Promotes a sense of community and enables you to respond as soon as possible, rather than spending time manually checking content.

  • Comments

    Users can post and read comments on the content you have. They can also reply to specific comments in a thread, to boost conversations and interactions inside the product.

  • Videos

    Basic controls for uploaded video files: pause, play, volume control. Gives users more control over their videos without having to exit the product.

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How much does it cost to develop an app like popxo?

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