Build a social media app that allows users to share views and connect with peers.

Social media apps are the viable medium for developing a community and sharing common opinion with your friends. Businesses are utilizing social media apps for varied business purposes.

Grow your business, and know your customers with an interactive social media app like Facebook.

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Billions of Industries

Build community with the same type of people or let your users, enjoy, share and surf what their friends are up to.

USD 61.4bn

Market size value in 2021

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Revenue forecast in 2021

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4.41 billion in 2025

Users (2021)

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Key Players

Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin

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Features List

  • Push Notifications

    The app features a suitable timer or the countdown clock for the exercise hours.

  • Profile management

    The user can create a profile and customize the name and other details.

  • Content Creation

    Users can post the content on social media and promote their favorability.

  • Privacy

    Ensure the safety of your profile with powerful authentication and advanced privacy control.

  • Real-time control

    Enhance the social media app experience with real-time interaction and messaging features.

  • Image edit

    Upload the social media photos with proper editing using handy tools.

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  • Search Filter

    Filter the search for getting content of your choice.

  • Search Optimization

    Optimize the searches, and promote your brand.

  • Product Search

    Let users reach the product of choice, regardless of the location product.

  • Quick Search

    Enable quick searches for the products and let users find out alternate options.

  • Image Searches

    Image searches allow the product easily.

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  • Create A Contest

    Create a contest and know your customers.

  • Contest Results

    Show results in real-time and attract more customers.

  • Social Media Sharing

    Share the contest on social media and join more customers.

  • Facebook Login

    Login with email or with Facebook credentials.

  • Play With Friends

    Let users join contests with friends.

  • Send Invitations

    Send invitations and invite more friends to the contest.

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  • Real-Time Contest

    Let users start the real-time contest and promote the message.

  • Multiple Categories

    Create categories and let people create categories according to choice.

  • Quiz Of The Day

    Give your users an interesting way to stay engaged.

  • Levels

    Make multiple levels of the quiz to keep users engaged.

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  • Better User Engagement

    The interactive social app ensures smart interaction with end-users. These apps utilize GPS, camera, and other features for making the interactive behavior of the app. The specialized features enhance the user experience, which increases user engagement.

  • Improved Business Reach

    The social Media platform is the best place to expand your business forward, increase overall reach, and extend the customer base for the business. Expanding the customer base is super easy with social media.

  • Social Branding And Reputation Building

    Social media apps are the preferred medium to extend public support for your brand. Social media apps allow businesses to showcase products and services on social media platforms. It becomes easy to propagate the brand and encourage the audience to put trust upon it.

  • Build Community

    Social media app can help you build a strong community which is a very powerful way of promoting the brand. Virtual Community brings people with similar interests together. A community can really help you in reaching out to potential customers. The huge brands of the world focus more on building the community.

  • Improved CRM

    Mobile phones are a part of life. Social media apps can be used for understanding user behavior and tracking the activities of choice. This makes business enterprises more capable with their CRM. CRM delivers better services and relevant to a particular user.

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Build a customized social media app

Bring your social media ideas to life with Idea2App. Idea2App ensures the powerful approach of building the fantastic fully-featured social media app that can flaunt as many features as you demand.

Customize your idea

Customize with the latest features

Social Media apps are not just app; these are the marketplace for human interaction. This marketplace needs to be updated and features advanced trends. Idea2App can integrate the latest modules to your app and that too comes with the secure buyback option.

Customize your idea

Benefits of developing Social Media app with Idea2App

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    Scalable Pricing

    The app development cost is scalable. It means you need not stick to any particular set of features.

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    Updated Features

    The app is privileged with the updated features.

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    Premium Quality

    Idea2App ensures the optimum quality app which is not possible with the app builder.

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    Speed Development

    The feature-rich social media app like Facebook can be built with super ease and can also be customized.

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    Smooth Functioning

    A highly interactive social media app like Twitter needs to be smooth and faster. Idea2App ensures it.

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    No Code

    With Idea2App, you no need to dive deep into tech know-how.

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    Strict Timeline

    With an appbuilder, it is possible to get a design, MVP, and final product within time.

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    Unlimited Features

    With the number of competitive apps on the interface, your app has the opportunity to grow beyond your idea.

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    Lightweight App

    Your idea turns into reality with amazing UI/UX and a list of fantastic features.

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    Testing is important for the proper functioning of the app. Test your app over different platforms.

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    Optimum Performance

    The apps build with the integration of features perform amazing because the feature is cloned from most popular apps and the flow is entirely built from a user’s perspective.

Some similar Apps


The number 1 social media platform with roughly more than 2.8 billions of users. Today, Facebook has gone beyond the limits of a platform to connect with family, friends and community.


The platform owned by Facebook for sharing photos, videos and communicates people with your stories. Show people your talent and communicate users with same likes.


An American micro blogging site to share posts up to 140 characters long, called as Tweets. Users can follow each other and read the tweets on the timeline.

Let’s take a quick answer to your prompt question

The app development cost cannot be determined beforehand. It entirely scales on the number of features you select to integrate. The development cost is also affected by the duration of development which in turn depends either on customer preference or the complexity of the app.

Yes, you can build any level of application with Idea2App. The Idea2App platform is the hybrid of app builder and custom app development. You can’t only build the app with several features; you can clone an existing app and customize the specific features too. Building an app like Facebook is really easy with Idea2App.

Yes, you can build cross platform app with Idea2App's social app builder. You can also build the web or mobile version if you want.

You can create a complex and rich application with Idea2App. You do not need to worry about the deployment. Our technical team takes care of that.

Yes, Idea2App relieves you from the development and post-development overhead. You just need to share your business idea and few important requirements such as app theme, list of features, etc.

Idea2App features an exclusive Buyback option. If your app does not succeed for your business plan, or if you don’t get success with your business, we ensure the buyback option for the app. We take your app back with few nominal conditions and reduce your loss.

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