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or Youtube!

Video Streaming apps ensure the maximum revenue for online businesses. Idea2App is the AI-based App builder platform that helps you build a powerful app for every platform.

Live Video Streaming app development is the future with a low graph for the TV industry. Clone the choice of your video streaming app or choose several features from different apps. Idea2App lets you integrate distribute components into a single app with its custom development capabilities. This makes your app more competitive and more upbeat.

Ensuring the broadcast quality experience on every device is important. With Idea2App, you can build tailor-made video streaming solutions such as live broadcasting apps, Video-on-demand streaming apps, Audio streaming apps, and Live streaming apps to make sure your tune out the competition.

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Video Streaming
App Development Services

Idea2App is way powerful than App builder and far reliable than app development services. Scroll through the AI recommended features, or search for the demanding one.

Idea2App is a powerful platform to assemble all the features you want in your app. You can select the flow of the app, share your custom demands, change the wireframe, customize your existing apps, or whatever you wish.

Idea2App is for every kind of video streaming app demand. Build your own customized app, or clone the existing one, you get the app with no delay and a seamless product regardless of the complicacy of the project.

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Clone, customize or build the new
app like Twitch or YouTube

Offer customers the free or subscribed viewership with on demand video streaming solution. Offer high end capabilities for top=class video sharing experience.

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Perfect OTT platform for monetization

Over The Top platform for offering users best libraries of video and subscription based viewership. Your app can be the part of $130 billion industry. Why wait? Build now.

USD 59.14 billion

Market size value in 2021

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USD 223.98 billion

Revenue forecast in 2028

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Users (2021)

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Key Players

NetFlix, Amazon Prime, Disney

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Features List

  • Enter your details

    Entering details are inclusive of the personal detail to register for audio streaming.

  • Email

    You can enter email in the panel.

  • Enjoy streaming service

    Choose the genre of your choice to enjoy the music of your taste.

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  • Watchlist

    Users can add their favorite videos and TV series to the watch list and view the content later. This feature allows users to add as many videos to the watch list for viewing later

  • Profile settings

    Users are allowed to manage their profile settings by updating their membership, subscription details, plans, etc. The users can also view and manage their subscription details and payment.

  • Audio/ video selection

    The users of this solution can select their favorite audios and videos and customize the content. The users are allowed to select the audio and video by its name, title, or genre

  • Multi video

    Users are allowed to share their dubbed video content under various categories with other users and profiles.

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Timely notification builds user engagement and is crucial for keeping the app relevant to the user. It builds the habit of checking out what is the new update in the app.

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The list of subscribed channels, lets users stay updated to the like videos and channels of choice.

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Your app can assist live streaming and live video featured creation letting diverse streaming features available.

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Users can record the streaming and watch them later. This stops important shows from being missed out.

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AI-enabled tools to render the recommended channels and videos, exactly relevant to the taste of the user.

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The browser behavior can be tracked and analyzed over the user searches. This helps in suggesting the content.

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No need to watch alone. Share your favorite video content to peer instantly.

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You can watch the video even with the low bandwidth, enabled by the adaptive streaming.

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The streaming app can save videos locally, where users can access the videos while offline.

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It is the salient feature to watch content in your local language and according to the demography.

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Few membership plans can be published such as free version, paid membership, etc.

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Users can login and register through social media credentials. Also, they can share the videos.

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Users can review the videos and rate them with stars. This influences the popularity of the video.

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Build an OTT app like HULU and Netflix

Give viewers free access to videos or offer them on demand videos; you can integrate your app with real time analytics and recommendation algorithm. You can clone app like Twitch and offer customers different price tiers.

Customize your idea

Customize your Web with new Features

Leverage your OTT app with all competent features. Get advantage of big data transfer systems, DRM, CDN, CRM, and many other OVP solutions. Take your solution to the next level.

Customize your idea

Benefits of building Video Streaming App with Idea2App

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    Scalable Pricing

    You can build an app with as many features as you want.

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    Upbeat Features

    You get the recommended features from the most trending apps.

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    Quality Assurance

    You get the combined power of App builder and Custom app development services.

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    Faster Development

    App builder is a perfect blend of capable app builder and elegant custom app development services.

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    Easy Navigation

    Idea2App app builder hybrid platform is AI-based, highly interactive, and responsive for building smooth-running apps.

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    No Code

    User with no technical knowledge can build the app using Idea2App.

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    No Delay

    With AI-enabled Idea2Aapp you get the scalable timeline for your product. Change the app development timeline as per your requirements and get your app.

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    Unlimited Capabilities

    Idea2App is a powerful combination of App builder and Custom development services.

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    Lightweight apps

    Idea2App Live TV and Video Streaming App builder can help users create lightweight apps, which load faster.

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    Test Your App

    With Idea2App, you can test your app before releasing it live.

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    Top performance

    You can create live TV and video-on-demand streaming app with a remarkable appearance and work.

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Watch TV shows, movies and web series over the internet connected platforms. The subscription based streaming service to let users watch commercials online or download to watch later.

Amazon Prime

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Enjoy the unlimited access, and easy navigation to discover the content you like. User can browse the number of categories based on genres.

Frequently asked Questions

Over the Top (OTT) platform is the video distribution model, which distributes the content over the internet. Usually, the access to OTP is free and user can access libraries using pay per use model, whereas VOD can be accessed and played as per user’s convenience.

Both platforms are almost same and different at the same time. The streaming differs for both modes. The basic difference between VOD and OTT is the pricing model. Its upto you to decide the app type and if still you are confused then you can consult with our tech sales executive.

Idea2App is a feature dependent platform. Features can be added or removed for the app. Also, the development cost is greatly affected by features.

Check whether you are planning VOD/Streaming Services/IPTV or anything else. Video Streaming services can be scaled up as high as possible, which in turn increases the timeline.

VOD works with the consumption model, whereas OTT works as the distribution model. Both have their own pros and cons. You can choose your business earning model. But if you are confused, you can take suggestion from our tech sales executive.

Yes, you can order a MVP from Idea2App.

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