Make an educational app

Online learning is here for the long term. The new web, desktop, or mobile app will make it easier for students to learn. You can save time and money by using the admin tools and don't even need to know any code or tech skills.

Why should you choose our educational app development services?

Your students will learn more easily if you make it easy for them. Positive learning environments and personalized journeys will improve the experience. It's more than just learning. It's easy to manage the entire curriculum and student experience. No-code solutions make it easy to create the tools that you need. It is quick and affordable.

What are my options?

We build it. We develop educational apps for schools, both iOS, and Android. All your learning materials can be hosted on an education website, or Progressive Web App (PWA). You can even completely overhaul your institution's system with custom Windows and macOS apps. It is built quickly and comes with a fixed price.

Make educational apps for children

Learning should be enjoyable. Add gamification to your app to keep kids engaged - think badges and awards, and the ability for them to level up. Online classes can be run with powerful interactive video features. You can record them so that your students can watch them again later. You can also automatically grade and issue online quizzes to check their progress.

Make educational apps for students

You can integrate with online courses offered by the top providers, such as Coursera, edX, and Khan Academy. You can track your progress and design personalized learning paths. Intelligent AI combines online and campus courses to create a personalized curriculum that students love. It is free to try for potential students.

Make educational apps for teachers

Teachers spend a lot of their time doing admin tasks. This is no longer the case. Smart dashboards simplify everything. It allows you to identify trends and optimize the learning process. You can see how your classes are doing and narrow down on a student to get more information. Do you want to remind your student about homework? You don't have to worry about it, push notifications are built-in.

Easy e-learning app builder

Do you want to make your own online course? It doesn't have to be difficult to create educational apps. It's easy and quick to create the app you desire using our user-friendly process. You can either start from scratch or use an existing app as a template. You can personalize it to make it your own. It's easy to order pizza.

Make an educational website

Are you unsure if an app is necessary? Maybe you want a website? We've got you covered. To build a website that has all the modern functionality you expect, you don't have to be a techie. We can create any idea.

All user data are protected

Privacy and data protection are of paramount importance, especially for children. With your app, you don't have to worry about this. Everything is protected by cloud security and secure encryption. We know that users are the biggest security threat. Therefore, we have built-in permissions to make it easy for you to share who has access to what.

How to build education software

Our founders realized that approximately 500 features power around 80% of all software. These features were transformed by our engineers into Lego-like blocks. These blocks are used by our AI to quickly build your app. Our team of experts ensures everything works perfectly. What is the result? Your app will be delivered 6x faster and 70% less.


Offline mode

Record your classes and upload them. Students can review the material at their own pace. Students will be able to repeat the material until they get it right. These scales are superior to 1-on-1.

Safe social network

You can create a social media ring for your school using your app. Your mobile app can have share features that increase user engagement and help people learn more.

Powerful AR

Augmented reality makes mobile learning real. To increase engagement, project models into the classroom - what's better than an under-siege castle at your teacher's desk!

School management

You need to keep track of your attendance, grades, and class schedules. All information is in one place, so you can access it all. All you need to do is click a button to contact parents.

Monetize your app

You have many ways to make money with your app. You can offer a subscription to additional learning materials, run ads, or open a small bookstore selling stationery and books.

Guaranteed Price Upfront

It can be costly to build an app. We are different. We do things differently. We provide an estimate of your delivery date and lock in a fixed price. You pay less if it is built quicker!

The platform is required

There are many learning styles. Your app must be cross-platform to provide the best user experience. We offer support for mobile, desktop, and web.

Transform your business today

We have a free prototyping tool. You can quickly assemble your educational app, and then you will be able to click through it as though it were a finished app. To see how your product will look, you can quickly create a mockup in under 10 minutes. You can tweak the flow and layout until it is perfect. Share it with your friends, students, or investors to get feedback.


Software created specifically for your business - delivered 6x quicker


AI calculates a price guarantee and the timings.


Fully managed project management to relieve pressure from your internal resources