The Idea2App website T&C (Terms & Conditions) applies to all your access and usage of the site which include data, images, content, reports, pricing, voice, video, and text made available through any portion of the website. The content involves such elements as portions as well as individual items. Idea2App allows you (“User” or your or you) to refer to as a user. You, your, or the clients to have access to the site and the content which is subjected to these terms and conditions. When you access or use this website, it is considered that you have read and agree to all the terms mentioned here. If you agree on all these T&C on the behalf of any company or user entity, you need to follow a legal authority in order to bind it to these T&C, whereas terms such as you, you the client, or the user will be considered as the user entity. If you do not have legal authority that contractually binds you to this, do not agree to these terms and conditions. You should refrain to access or use the content of the site.

You can use Idea2App to assign or specify the project to the company. When both the parties will sign the contract/agreement that is referred to as the contract, the project assignment will be bonded. Once the agreement is signed, the company will be obligated to deliver the services as mentioned in the project agreement. These terms & conditions will govern all the project services and assignments undertaken by the business for the clients. We hold all the rights at the sole discretion to change or modify the terms and conditions at any time. Changes on the site will be posted and that will indicate the date that is last revised. You need to check the changes on this page periodically. You will be able to access or use the website after you accept the revised terms and conditions.

Access and Use/General Conditions:

Your access and use of this site are subject to your compliance with these terms and conditions as well as the provisions. Your access or use of the site and its content sole for avail of the services of Idea2App. You are only allowed to link to the site, its content, or any position as permitted by the company expressively in writing.


All the title, interest, and rights associated with the site along with content will remain exclusive to the idea2 app. You will not-

(1) Resell, sublicense, transfer, lease, rent, timeshare, assign or otherwise commercially exploit, and any content available at the site to any third party.

(2) Using the Site and Content in any unlawful way (without constraint any information, security or import/send out control laws) or in any way that disrupts the with or upsets the execution of the Site and Content or the associated aspects, including

(3)Making any fake, theoretical reservation or any reservation fully expecting request;
- Violate the limitations in any robot prohibition headers on the site or sidestep or check different estimates used to restrict the usage of the site;
- Take an action that may force disproportionately huge load on our company;
- Deep-link to any part of this site (including the rental way, without limitation for any self-storage-related details )for any purpose without our permission in writing.

Use any deep-link, page-scrape, robot, spider, or any other automatic program, algorithm, device, or methodology or any similar manual process to copy, access, or monitor any portion of the content or site.

Modify, hack or adapt the Content and Site to or try to access the restricted sections of the site or related networks or systems (like any encryption or any security measures, access to any source code or any underlying technology, and have access to any part of the site o content, services, product of the company that are not available to the general users)
You don’t have permission to copy, frame, repost, modify and publicly perform, reproduce, sell or create derivative works of the content and site, except that you may display, download and print one copy of the publicly available materials (the content that does not need an account name or password to access) or anything for your personal as well as commercial use. You cannot modify any material in any way and keep intact all the trademark, copyright, marks, and other proprietary notices. You agree not to use the content or the site by any means through the interface that is provided by the company to use the same. The company reserves the right to take all legal measures to prevent such activities.

Data Responsibility :

You are solely responsible for all the information, data, and other content, that you post, upload or otherwise provide or store in connection related to the site.

Reservation of Rights:

Idea2App, the Company own and retain all the right in and to all the company names, logos, copyrights, marks, trademarks, trade secrets, patents as well as the patent application which are embodied in or associated with the site or its content. The Company grants no licenses or rights whatsoever to these T&C.


In these terms and conditions, confidential details mean, any information about the common disclosed by Idea2App or vice-versa. No party is permitted to disclose the invoicing information and pricing details to any third party.

Intellectual Property Usage:

By publishing your information or any other content through or on the website, you agree that the company is non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, sublicensable, royalty-free, and fully-paid license to use that content for the sole purposes of offering you with the idea2app site, platform, and services.
Idea2App will not disperse your user content to any third party or anything except that which is offered you through Idea2App, platform, or service and will procure that such third party will follow all the terms of this agreement concerning your user content.
The company holds all the right to monitor the website and its content and user content. The company may disable or remove any user content for any reason or no reason and at any time.

Unsecured Transmission of User Content:

You understand and agree that the operation of this platform and site including user content, may involve the transmission to the hosting partners and third-party vendors to operate and maintain the site and content. Along with this, you acknowledge that you hold sole responsibility for adequate protection, security, and backup of user content, or any deletion, corruption, loss, or destruction of any user content.

Feedback :

You can submit suggestions, ideas, or comments (feedback) regarding the website and the content or the company’s business, services, or products. By submitting any comment, you agree that-

Your Warranties and Representations :

You warrant to the company that any of your activity of the site and the possession of the company and the usage of user content as mentioned in these terms will not misappropriate, violate or infringe any third party’s trademark, copyright, right of publicity, or privacy, or other proprietary right and does not contain any content that is unlawful, defamatory, obscene, tortious, abusive, harassing or offensive.


Idea2App service marks, trademarks, logos, and graphics used in connection with this website are registered trademarks of Idea2App or its partners. Other graphics, service marks, logos used in connection with the site may be the trademarks of other parties. Your access to the site does not grant you any right to regenerate or otherwise use third-party trademarks or Great Value Storage trademarks.

Promotional Offers and Discounts :

All the promotional offers run by Idea2App will be subjected to the user policy and Idea2App has full authority to revoke/extend such discounts, promotional offers, and pricing to its clients.

Termination of Access:

The Company may terminate your access to the site at any time without any prior notice if we found that you have violated the policies and terms of this agreement which is associated with the access or use of this website. Also, you agree that any violation by you of these terms and conditions may cause harm to the company, that monetary damages will be inadequate. Further, the company can terminate/block your access to the website for cause, including-

The site and content, and all network and server components, are provided on an “as available” and “as is” basis without any kind of warranties and the company disclaims warranties and representations, which involve any merchantability for the non-infringement and warranties or representations from the usage of trade or course of performance.
You acknowledge that the company does not warrant that your access to the site and content will be timely, uninterrupted, virus-free, or error-free and the company is not liable as to the result that may be available for the use of the site and the content, and no any advice, information or services obtained by you through the site or company will create any kind of warranty that is not stated in these terms and conditions. The company takes all the liability to do any of the following without any prior notice:

  1. To suspend, modify, or terminate access to the site or any specific section of the site.
  2. To change or modify the site for any reason.
  3. To interrupt the site operations, any portions, as it is important to perform site maintenance as well as error correction.

Limited Liability :

Idea2App does not charge any kind of fees to access or use the website and content as per these T&C. You also agree that the company will not liable to you for any indirect, incidental, punitive, special, or exemplary damages (which include damages for loss of profits or business) relating to this terms and conditions, including without limitation as well as your inability to use the platform, site, content, proprietary information, matching services or any disruption or interruption of such usage even if the company has expected of such damages.
Many states and jurisdictions do not allow the limitation of liability or the exclusion not implied warranties for consequential or incidental damages, which means some of the above terms do not apply to you. In such a case, the liability of the company will be limited to the greatest extent.

Dispute Resolution :

These terms and conditions, any additional edits, changes, or modifications made by the company along with the privacy policy, involves the agreement between the company and the parties without an account ID and password. Accessing the password-restricted sections of the website is associated with the agreement.

Entire Agreement :

This page of terms and conditions involves the exclusive and final agreement between the parties relating to this subject matter to all terms, whether contemporaneous or prior, oral or written, concerning such subject matter. These terms and conditions will be executed in counterparts through digital acceptance.

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