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The high-speed world and the ever-increasing business requirements apparently demand perfect video conferencing apps. Business demands the fast exchange of information and compatibility with internal changes. Build a strong communication network with a video conferencing app and secure the potential information. Video chat is the inevitable requirement of business and therefore becoming increasingly popular. Around 80 percent of the ideas are being presented as videos. Idea2App is the trustworthy platform to get a perfect video conferencing app like zoom for social chat and enterprises, business conferencing, and telecommunication.

Build your awesome tool for leveraging the business services and refining video communication. Manage employees on remote and schedule the work for better results. Boost your sales, and rev up the business with a user-friendly and trendy video conferencing app or clone of Google Duo. Almost everything is possible with a video conferencing app.

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Video Conferencing
App Development Services

Idea2App is the potential app builder platform with a complete scope for customization and development. You can build your clone video conferencing app or aggregate different features for building the new one.

Connect with our sales assistant for customizing the features or build the app with the integration of high-end features. Idea2App leverages the simple, convenient, and group chat or one-to-one video chat with the accuracy of communications and real time support.

You can also demand the native video conferencing app for different platforms and grab more audience, enhance the flexibility, shorten time to market, and reduce the operational cost. The appealing functional interface can be scale up or down as per the budget or hurry to market.

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Know About App

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Outnumbering opportunities of monetisation

If you business demand the real time communication, online conferencing app is now more effective than ever. Integrate app with IoT and drive the growth better way.

$5.32 billion

Market size value in 2019

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$10.92 Billion

Revenue forecast in 2027

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1.1 Billion users

Users online

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Key Players

Zoom, Google Meet and Skype

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Features List

  • Registration

    Users can register a new profile and also through social media.

  • Profile management

    User can make his profile; set his profile picture and preferences to show.

  • Friends’ connectivity

    Connect with your friends and check whom you chatted last. This also shows contacts, which are using the same app and can be communicated.

  • Video calling

    Communicate with your employees or peers through video calling. Make P2P communication or call others for group chat.

  • Voice message

    Build the RTC (real-time communication) or leave a message in unavailability. Communicate more effectively by leaving video messages.

  • Voice call

    You can keep your video screen off, but still can communicate with the audio calls. Audio calls are amazing for low bandwidth networks and come out handy when you can’t respond through video on.

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  • Messaging

    Leave a message and leverage the potential of the messaging service. Not every time you are ready to start the video call. At that time, messaging is a really great service.

  • Screen sharing

    Share screen with your connections. It’s useful for business and training purposes.

  • Media sharing

    Share media files, official videos, learning materials to your employees, all through a single interface. Send large files without unnecessary delay.

  • Virtual background

    Create a new background when your original background is messy. Choose from the number of backdrops according to your conferencing purpose.

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  • Noise cancellation

    Noise disturbs the voice quality. Reduce the noise of your background when things are not quite behind. This feature separates other voices from the user’s voice.

  • Virtual hand-raising

    Raise your hand virtually in a noisy and crowded session. This is a really handy tool for educations conference rooms and professional conferences.

  • Suitable for every industry

    Video conferencing app is suitable for industries such as education, customer service, healthcare, and telemedicine.

  • End to end encryption

    Encrypt your messages and save your chat from eavesdropping and hacking in between.

  • Cloud synchronization

    The synchronization with cloud is must for saving data from missing. If system crashes, cloud synchronized data can save your data from losing.

  • Direct communication

    Restaurants can respond to feedback. Build loyalty of the customers.

  • Promos and discounts

    Allows restaurants to run various deals, promos, or discounts for customers.

  • Useful insights

    Actionable insights of business performance help to grow customers.

  • Customer information

    Partnering restaurants get relevant data on online customer base.

  • Help and support

    Real-time support enables restaurants to fix issues when customers find it difficult to place orders.

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Increase the productivity with new generation features

Customize the regular app with new ideas and integrate the next world features. Pick the latest trend such as video banking and IoT to make your app stand generations ahead.

Customize your idea

Step ahead with engaging features

Get the fantastic ideas from Idea2App’s rich platform or order some new set of features. The experts at Idea2App will assess your requirements and build a strong app for you in most flawless way.

Customize your idea

Benefits of Video Conferencing App Development with Idea2App

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    Cost determination

    You can customize video conferencing app costs and add features as per your requirements.

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    Most upbeat features

    Idea2App offers the choice of features taken from all competitive apps in the market. Also, you can demand additional features, if not available on the dashboard.

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    Customizable feature

    Idea2App offers customized apps with the desired design and flow of applications. Also, get your existing features customized.

  • Benefit Icon

    Fast development

    Build and launch your video conferencing apps faster with the number of features.

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    Smooth navigation

    Navigate fast and enjoy the smooth app experience.

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    Idea2App leverages the features of multiple apps, which offers powerful performance. Users can also change the workflow of the app.

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    Time to market

    Order your app early or launch the app as per market trends. Hit your app in the market on time, which is a key to success.

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    Push notification

    You can integrate push notification to your app for getting update for messages.

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    Lighter apps

    Turn your idea into a feature-rich app that can work on every platform.

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    Test your app on multiple platforms and ensure a smooth experience over any device.

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    No Code/Low Code/Custom Development

    Idea2App is the powerful blend of app builder capability and customization flexibility. The platform offers the customization available to the app features which is otherwise not available on app builders.

Some similar Apps


A reliable online conferencing platform, which allows conducting a secure meeting with instant screen sharing and cross platform messaging feature.

Google Meet

Arrange a random meeting with Google Meet, where you can share desktop, show presentations to teammates and many more with flawless video chat.


The most reliable online calling and most widely used platform professionally for affordable calls and instant online meetings.

Frequently asked Questions

There are many powerful video chat apps available in the market. Idea2App lets you integrate almost every competitive feature into your application. These apps are Zoom, Skype, Google Duo, Discord, and FaceTime.

You can make the video chat app with Idea2App using the following steps: 

  • Go to Idea2App.
  • Share your app idea with us and choose the befitting template.
  • Pick desired features. Idea2App has a huge library of features. 
  • Scale the features up and down as per your requirements. 
  • You can choose whether you want an instant prototype or a full build. 
  • Finish a few formalities and get your app with stunning features and functionality. 

The cost of an app is entirely feature-dependent. To develop a video conferencing app you get to select the competitive features from the number of apps, where the number of apps, duration of video conferencing.

Idea2App allows cross-platform app development along with the choice of native app development. 

Yes, you can promote the app the way you want. You can distribute the app as freeware or can monetize the app with the premium plan. 

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